Party of Five Season 1, Episode 6 | Javier Is Worried Emilio Is Hiding Something | Freeform

♫ Los pollitos dicen. Pio, pio, pio. Cuando tienen hambre. Cuando tienen frio. ♫ Pobrecitos are cold. [Ringing] Hello? Hello. Excuse me. Who are you? I’m Natalia. And you are? I’m Rafa’s father. Where’s Emilio? He’s working out front. I’ll get him for you, sir. Papi! Hey. Hey. You’re not answering your phone. I turned the ringer off while I was out on the floor. You hired a babysitter? Why isn’t Rafa at daycare? Uh. Inez is having plumbing problems. And Natalia’s just helping out in the meantime. You didn’t tell us any of this. Not me, not your mother. You know, I— I didn’t wanna worry you. Well, what makes us worry is not knowing things. Your mother has it in her mind something’s happened with Rafa. Something you’re not telling us. Because there were a few days you didn’t put him on the phone. You saw him yourself. He’s fine. Your mother is not sleeping, son. Well, I’m taking care of him. Okay? I’m taking care of everyone. Everything. I know you’re taking care of everything. Thank you, but tell me. Don’t leave anything out. When your mom gets home tonight, I want to be able to tell her everything. So that she can rest at night.

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  1. I love this show so much and am so glad Party of Five has more to add to its franchise. I loved the 90s show and its books and now this show. I'm always watching for easter eggs to the 90s show but am glad this show is doing its own thing.

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