Party of Five Season 1, Episode 6 | Lucia Tries To Get Matthew A Date | Freeform

Where did you learn to do that? My dad. Though we don’t play as often as we used to. Sorry, Matt. I’m gonna miss at some point, I promise. There you go. So, you’re friends with Matt. Huh? Did you meet at school? Church. We bonded over atheism. What’s he like? Does he have a girlfriend? He’s not much of a talker. Oh, yeah. You’re definitely my favorite. Way better than Drew. Drew, Mr. Over Promise and Underdeliver. Then there was Graham. She broke up with him on their one month anniversary. No, girl. She dumped him because he forgot their one month anniversary. Right. He was oblivious and planned nothing. When’s yours? It’s tomorrow. Should I have planned something? [Matt] Seven. Corner pocket. Cardigan and Sex Pistols t-shirt. Look, but don’t look. Hm? Do you think she’s cute? I don’t know, Luce. You’d rather play pool than talk to a cute girl who’s vibing you? This, I know how to do. That? Oh. Come on! At least go say hi. And then what? She says, “Tell me a little about yourself.” And where would I start? Undocumented? Or homeless? Yes, but putting all that aside for a second— I can’t put that aside. Right. But putting aside that you can’t put it aside … Come on, Matt. You’re up. Acostas in the kitchen. Now.

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