Party of Five Season 1, Episode 7 | Sneak Peek: Beto Makes a Deal | Freeform

I make hundreds of decisions every day. I assess something’s worth in microseconds. It’s a skill. So, I feel confident in my assessment of you. Based on one time? Based on the effect you’re having on my daughter. I don’t know where she is most nights. Every conversation with her is like warfare. Her grades are down. God knows her mother is absolutely no help. This girl needs special minding. And you’re not making it any better. Or, maybe I could? I’m not great at school, but I’m actually a very responsible kid. Prove it. By making sure she’s occasionally home for dinner. In bed before 2am. That she’s going to class. That she’s pulled up her grades. You want my respect? You’re gonna have to earn it.

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  1. While I hate the father I have to admit he is clever, the father probably finally realize the more he acts like he hates Beto the more his daughter would want Beto, he he develop this plan to get his daughter to hate Beto. If I were Beto I wouldn't care what Ella's dad thinks of me but for some reason Beto does care and sadly wants approval(and he's never going to get approval, the father is trying to encourage the illusion of approval). If Beto acts like the father it would cause Ella to break up with Beto. Beto isn't stupid his just a kid and the dad knows this and hoping Beto would over act towards Ella.

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