Party of Five Season 1, Episode 7 | Xoco Moraza Performs “Fandango En San Miguel” | Freeform

Xoco Moraza! I can do veggie, just not vegan. Is that okay? You could have given me a heads up that you were gonna invite Avery. I didn’t invite her. Then what’s she doing here? She said she was on the restorative justice team at her school. Maybe these are her people. Should I go talk to her? Hey, you asked me to stay out of your personal life, and I am. I learned my lesson. Seriously? The one time I could use a push? I think I might need something stronger. Don’t you do open mics all the time? Yes. And it’s always terrifying. How about you? I’ve got butterflies. It’s less about them and more about the guys. Hey. We need some more drink wristbands for the door. [Ella] Have you seen Beto anywhere? Yeah, he’s right there. Amanda? Psst. Amanda!

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