Party of Five Season 1, Episode 8 | Sully Inspires Lucia | Freeform

One oat milk latte and
$6,000 of liquid justice. All the cash we raised last night. You didn’t have to bring this here. But thank you. And thank you. Uh, I wanted to check in about
what happened last night. It’s definitely gonna be
an evening to remember. Isn’t that stuff you see all
the time in the front lines? Punches getting thrown. People
yelling insults at each other. I’m not talking about what
happened with your brother. I’m talking about you. That speech of yours. Oh. Well, there was a
lot there to inspire me. No. Just sit with that for a second. You really came into your own, Lucia. And you’re gonna learn
how to take a compliment before I’m done with you. So, what’s next? Another event? No. After every fundraiser, we
have a follow-up dinner to discuss distribution of funds. Have you ever planned a meal for activists? Vegan, gluten-free, paleo … And you’re a vegetarian. Yeah. But that’s mostly
’cause of climate change. Twist my arm, and I’ll eat a double-double. Well, if there’s anyway I can help. Maybe you don’t know this about me. Really, why would you? But I love to cook. Huh.

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