Party of Five Season 1, Episode 8 | Val Runs Away | Freeform

Emilio! A bunch of clothes are
missing from her drawer, and I think she took her backpack. When was the last time you saw her? I knocked on her door last night,
but she wasn’t answering me. You sure she was in there? Yeah. Yeah, it was locked. So, yeah. And later, when you got home? I didn’t come home. You didn’t? Where were you? Where were you? Look. Okay. So, it’s been at least
10 hours since anyone’s seen her. We need to call the police. We can’t do that. They’ll
call the social worker. So what? Val’s missing. The more people trying to
find her, the better. No, no, no. The social worker thinks I’m
not taking care of her. Then she ran away— Worry about that after
we find her and know she’s safe. Well, I doubt she ran away. She’s probably at a friend’s place.
She’s trying to make you worry. No. No, she wouldn’t do that. Well, if she’s trying to
punish you guys, she might. What? No. She has a point. I mean, she was pretty pissed at me. For what? What did you do to her? What does it matter, Lucia? She’s gone. Okay, maybe she’s at a friend’s house. Who are even her friends
from school these days? Uh, uh. There was Cassidy, right? Cassidy? And wasn’t there a Brittany? But she doesn’t mention them anymore. I don’t think she’s hung with
any of them since Mami and Papi— Okay. Well, I know she likes the
girls from her dance troupe. No. Trust me, she isn’t with any of them. Maybe we should just call Mami. That’s who Val calls when she’s upset. Maybe it’d help to know when the
last time they were in touch was. Okay. Try her. But you can’t let her know Val’s missing. You think I’m an idiot? What is it, mi amor? Just calling to see how
it’s going down there. Can I call you a little bit later? There’s been an accident. Remember I told you about the
woman who lives above us, Jacinta? She— She cut herself cooking. And she’s here.
And it’s very deep. Uh, well. That sounds, um … You go deal with that. Uh, just— Have you spoken to Val at all? Like, last night or this morning? No. Why? She just said she was gonna call you. Tell her this afternoon would
be a better time, okay? I have to go, mi amor. Wait. Emilio got a call. Where is it? It’s always here. Isn’t this
where Mami kept it? Why do we even need it?
Shouldn’t we just go get her? No. The guy said we need two forms of ID. That’s the only way they’ll release her to us. Luce, anything? [Lucia] Still looking. It’s
not anywhere downstairs. Wait, the officer didn’t let you talk to her? No. She wouldn’t talk to me. Look, we’ll deal with that later, okay? She’s fine. She’s safe. The guy said they got someone waiting with her in the
facility down there, so … It was under her bed. She took her’s with her. Sure. She needed it to cross the border. Get the baby and let’s go.

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