Party of Five Season 1, Episode 9 | Gloria Asks For a Separation | Freeform

It’s Beto. What is it, mi amor? Hey. I was just calling to
see how it’s going down there. Uh. Can I call you a little later? There’s been an accident. Remember Jacinta? The women I’ve told you about. The one who lives above us. She cut herself cooking and she’s here. And it’s very deep. You go take care of that. Just, have you spoken to Val? Last night, or this morning? No. Why? She just said she was gonna call you. Tell her this afternoon would
be a better time, okay? I really have to go, mi amor.

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  1. NO decent person "wants" to see ANY family separated. However, the fictional Acostas could be TOGETHER, LEGALLY, in Mexico. They are, clearly, hard-working, resourceful & industrious enough to help create prosperity in their own homeland. My long time volunteer organizations provide the tools for tens of millions around the world to do just that. There are hundreds of millions of others in need. Please, mass migration is NOT the "answer" to widespread poverty.

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