Party of Five Season 1, Episode 9 | Sneak Peek: Acosta Sibling Secrets | Freeform

What other secrets have you been keeping from us? Yes. You, Lucia, are a warrior. We’re so proud of you, mi amor. The work, it’s making you happy? She didn’t seem so happy on the way down here. Shut up, Be. I told you to mind your own business. Hey, hey, hey. You told about Ella. Uh-uh. Val told! No. I said that he wasn’t a boy anymore and you said— And why is this a secret anyways? It’s not like you two aren’t constantly making out in public. [Valentina] It’s gross!
[Lucia] She’s got a point. Just ’cause that’s what happened once. That’s all you do! [Beto] That’s not true.
[Valentina] Stop making out in public. No, no, no, no. Come on, come on. Javi, let them be. Please don’t. Let them be. I miss this. All your noise. I dreamed of it. It’s like a song I haven’t heard in so long.

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