Party of Five | Season One Official Trailer | Freeform

[Phone ringing] Ignore it. We’re celebrating. Cómo? You know the drill. Move! Salgan! Let’s go. All my employees have papers. We’re not here for your
employees, Mr. Acosta. We’re here for you. I don’t have any papers. Alright, cuff them. Okay. Please turn around, sir. No! Don’t take them! Please! All we ever wanted was for
them to be proud of us. I still need them. The law is limited to truly
exceptional situations. Unfortunately, heartbreak is anything
but uncommon in these cases. Your Honor, please. Don’t punish our children for
something I did 23 years ago. The law is clear. I’m so proud of you. Can you be brave? I’ll be strong for you, Mami.

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  1. Freeform always coming thru with the great shows like I’m so excited to watch this and I know I’m about to cry the whole show

  2. At first I was confused why he would admit he didn’t have papers in front of ICE but he did it to save his employees

  3. The younger daughter has to be the best actor out of all the actors in the show. She is amazing! Like if you agree

  4. Yeah, how about hiring LEGAL employees and using the 33 years to become a legal citizen? You can’t normalize illegal immigration.

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