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– Brandon Larracuente, I
have a question for you. The cult classic ‘Party
of Five’ is coming back, but there’s a new 2020 twist on it. Can you tell me a little bit about how it’s different
from the original? – Well it’s similar in many
ways, but it is different because in the original ‘Party of Five,’ the parents are killed in a car accident. And in the reboot, they’re still alive and they’re still as much
as part of the entire series as the siblings are, So they’re communicating
through either Skype or FaceTime or phone calls. So they’re still involved in the series just in a different aspect. – And they’re deported to Mexico, correct? – [Brandon] They are. in the pilot. – [Hunter] Which is so
incredibly affecting and moving and deeply timely with everything
that’s going on right now. Was that a draw for you for this project? – I think it was one
element of what drew me in, but I think more so it was the writing and the meaningfulness behind the script and what Amy and Chris had created. And I play Emilio Acosta and the eldest of the five siblings. And due to his parent’s
sudden deportation, now he has to step up and
become the father figure to these kids that he had no intentions of ever really taking care of. And we see throughout season
one, Emilio, the layers of him and the understanding
of how important it is to be there for siblings
who have no parents. So we really start to watch Emilio and the layers of his onion unfold. It’s a beautiful thing. Same with the other characters. – I love the ‘Shrek’ reference. (laughter) The layers. – Thank you for catching it, thank you. – Of course, of course. Do you find parts of yourself in Emilio? Is that important for you as an actor, to relate to a character? Or do you kind of like taking
someone whose experiences are so different from your own? – I think naturally we
play into our strengths. And I try to find things that I can use that I’ve been affected
with in my own personal life But for the most part, no, Emilio and I are very, very different. – I am kind of interested in what you said about the obstacles in your own life that you have used as
a reference for this. What are some of those challenges that you’ve had to overcome
to get to where you are today? – I think there have been many, but the ones that come to mind now are I’ve been told to pinch my ears back because my ears stick out too far. So, there are just so many things that I look back on now that I’m glad I didn’t listen to them
and I kept on with the help of close peers and my family members I was able to be persistent and continue on this long, treacherous
journey that’s gotten me here. – Thinking back to when somebody tells you to change your last name to now be on a show that is so important for the community that
your last name represents. How does that feel? – Well I hope what it does
is it creates a positivity and it inspires people out
there who may not have come from this country but
your dreams are no bigger or little than mine just
because you’re not born in America or no matter where you’re from, you can still pursue your dreams no matter how big they seem. If somebody tells you
you can’t do something, hopefully I’m proof that you can. – If someone like your character
Emilio, a DACA recipient, is watching this show and
they’re just feeling discouraged and defeated given
everything that’s going on in the world right now
and our political climate, what would be your message to that person? And that your dreams and aspirations are just as important
to us as anybody else. – And when I think
about your body of work, we look back to ’13 Reasons
Why’ and now ‘Party of Five,’ they all have these very,
very poignant, relevant topics that they’re addressing. Is that something important
for you as an actor to take on these projects that
have such profound meaning to what the world is
currently experiencing? – Absolutely. I think both projects, ‘Party
of Five’ and ’13 Reasons Why,’ they were topics that So I’m very fortunate to have
been a part of two projects that weren’t afraid to push the envelope and to create these conversations. But at the same time, I feel
like there’s no propaganda, there was nothing done
for some sort of reaction. – Do you think art and
television, movies, film have the power to change
culture and society? – Absolutely. Being able to look on screen now and with so much diversity
that’s happening now on screen. To any little boy or
girl who is sitting there and looking at the screen saying, Now more than ever is the
perfect time to be inspired, to create art, to have
big dreams and aspirations because there are so
many people nowadays who are getting equal opportunity and I think we have so
much more ground to cover. But I’m happy and delighted to
see that we’ve made progress.

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