Party of Five Trailer | Brandon Larracuente Stars as Emilio | Freeform

We’re here for you and your wife. Don’t take them! Valentina, Lucia, Beto, Emilio, I’m sorry. We have no other family here. Besides my parents, it’s just me. Being a musician, we can’t afford that right now. I don’t wanna be like Mami and Papi! Neither do I. You have to be strong. Are these children being parented? I’ll take care of things. I’m just trying to protect the family. That’s all. They’re gonna split us up. No one is going to split us up.

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  1. I seriously can't wait to this! I watched the first couple of episodes of the original show, but then it went off of Netflix. So, I am very excited to see what they do with the remake!

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