Party on the streets at night Medellin Colombia Lleras Park 2020

At this place people gather to have fun at night on weekends There are many musical groups everywhere On the streets you can have something to eat and drink No one judge or is judged Diversity of food in many kinds of restaurants subscribe

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  3. Merci, à cause de vos vidéos j'ai visité Medellin 2 fois et, j'ai l'intention de revenir une 3eme fois

  4. I'm gonna have to go here one day…….but probably I'm gonna have to learn how to dance.
    Food and beautiful women, my kind of town.

  5. Very very very beautiful, keep doing ur videos I been in Colombian many times this past 7 years and I never took videos but urs make me feel like I'm back in Medellin back in the Colombian culture and lifestyle which I love so much

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