Party Outfit Ideas 2018 | Sexy & Extra Lookbook 2018

Hola hermosas! Bienvenidas de vuelta a mi canal o Bienvenida/o
si eres nueva/o. Hoy les voy a estar mostrando algunos outfits
para fiestas y tambien para año nuevo. Espero que les gusten. Les quiero agradecer a todas/s ustedes que
compartieron todo este año conmigo y tantos momentos. Muchas gracias. No puedo esperar a que este nuevo año venga
para compartir mas momentos con ustedes. Gracias nuevamente, disfruta el video y que tengas un feliz año nuevo

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  1. Maybe you could make a video about online shopping tips and your favorite online shops?
    But only if you want to 😛

  2. Pure Rihanna look in this video. So sexy. There's not another chick on youtube who would look so good as you do in all those outfits. Love the thigh boots. Happy new year

  3. Like always you look so good in anything.My my favorite ones are number 2 and number 8 especially the last one. You look so amazing! Beautiful Jarisa Happy new year 2018 and many 😇blessings 😇and success to you.

  4. Hola hermosas denle click a los subtitulos en español! 🙂
    Hey, Cuties! I decided to make this video for Inspiration purposes. Don't feel like that you have to buy these exact things to wear a similar look. Is all about combining what you already have in your wardrobe to get the style's vibe. Have a Happy New Year! 🙂

  5. Gosh you look stunning! loved all the outfits!! Great job on the video, the editing was great and the music choices are great! -Timothy

  6. My fav was the Gold & the white outfits. Thanx Chicka your outfits really inspired me to create my own style

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