Party Planner: Time to Grow Birthday Party

Hi, I’m Kim Stoegbauer, Party Stylist and Founder
of the TomKat Studio, and I’m here with Pottery Barn Kids today,
sharing a great idea for a summer birthday party. Today we’re giving you ideas for a gardening-themed party.
This is a great party for the summer, because you can get the kids outdoors, create great
desserts, food, snack items, lots of fun decorating ideas, and lots of activities for the kids. Where’s the garden? To start, I decided to use Pottery Barn Kids’ outdoor furniture. It’s the perfect size for kids and works great
for our three stations for our party. Today we set up a food and dessert table,
the table for the kids to sit at, and also a potting station for an activity for the kids. For the food and dessert table, we wanted to create a mixture of
healthy snacks and yummy desserts. We filled the buckets with a healthy wrap, granola bars,
and fruit for the kids to enjoy. We then took the buckets, and set them on top of a plate,
on top of a grass placemat. It was a fun addition, perfect for the garden theme. One of the fun desserts we made were chocolate-layered pudding cups. The kids love these because what looks like layered dirt
is actually crushed chocolate cookies. Cake and cupcakes are a must for every birthday party. For this party, we decided to make carrot cake cupcakes. To dress up the cupcakes, we made cupcake toppers
using our printable template that you can download at We also labeled the snacks and desserts using another template I designed. One of my favorite elements of this party is the invitation. I designed a unique template that you can download and print, it’s an actual seed packet, that you can fill with seeds,
put in an envelope, and mail to your guests. Paper pinwheels are easy to make and make your party fun and festive. You can make them in different sizes, using different paper
and patterns, to coordinate with your party. After the kids pot their flowers, a good idea is to
let them hand-stamp wooden sticks with their names so that they know which plant is theirs to take home. I really love how this gardening party turned out. It really is the perfect for a summer outdoor birthday party. For more decorating and party ideas,
visit, or

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