Party Planning : Planning a Beach-Themed Party

So you are looking to throw a beach themed
party and you’re not sure where to begin. Well my name is Lori Randall with Simply Devine
Events and I’m going to tell you how to throw a beach themed party. First things you’re
going to want to do is set your date and go through guest lists and decide on a location.
Once you have done those things you want to start getting into the planning. You are going
to want to send out your invitations and a cute idea for invitations that I think is
actually getting the small little mini beach balls, kind of, you know, you can find something
this size, like a little beach ball maybe a little bit larger and deflating that and
then writing the party information on the beach ball and then mailing that off to your
guests or hand delivering it to your guests putting it in a cute little box with maybe
some sand in it, and that way they can blow it up and then they can have all the party
information on the beach ball and they can even bring that to the party and then that
adds to the fun when they get to the party with all the beach balls. Then once you have
all your invitations sent out, you want to to start planning your party and coming up
with your activities you’re going to have there as well as your menu and your decor.
If you’re having it at your house you might want to think about getting some cute little
lanterns here, some like Chinese hanging lanterns to add some color, and it’s kind of round
like a little beach ball and you know gives you the whole summer feel, and then you might
also want to think about having some beach towels and laying those out and throughout
the yard with maybe some little picnic baskets. Make sure that you have some punch and some
lemonade, thinking about all of your summer drinks on hand as well as maybe cooler of
water or beer for the adults who are going to be there. For the kids you might want to
think about for favors giving them little sand buckets with some sand toys for your
shovels and your rakes, maybe even some little, some beach balls they can play with in the
pool. Think about putting that together for them for their little favors to come into
the party. And then also have a sand box set up for the kids, so they can really feel like
they’re at the beach and playing in the sand, putting some trucks and cars they can drive
through there. Maybe even think about doing a small little sand castle contest. Another
idea maybe when the guests are arriving, they’re kind of waiting for everyone to get here you
might want to do some sand art, getting some different colored sand and doing some sand
art, putting them in little tubes and people can take that away as a favor as well. If
you don’t have a pool at your home and you want to add some water to it, think about
having a sprinkler for the kids or a slip-and-slide, and just really making it festive and fun
and beachy. So, best of luck on your party planning and I’ll happy planning.

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