Party Planning : Planning a Cars-Themed Birthday Party

So you are planning a Cars theme party for
your child. You’re not sure where to begin. Well my name is Lori Randall with Simply Divine
Events and I’m going to tell you how to throw Cars theme birthday party. First thing that
you’re going to want is set your date and to come up your guest list and decide who
you’re going to be inviting. And then you’re going to want to decide on where you’re having
the party, if it’s just going to be at your home or if it’s going to be at a friend’s
house or a park and then you’re going to want to start getting into the party planning.
The first thing that you’re going to want to do is send out your invitations and let
the guests know when and where the party is. In doing your invitations, you might want
to stick with your theme which I always suggest having your invitations go along with your
theme and setting the tone for the party. A cute idea that you could do is you can print
it on your computer or you can just get like a little post card and put, you know, “speed
on over to, you know, Sarah’s third birthday party”. And just kind of make it like real
cute and do some clip art and put some little cars on that. Then what you’re going to want
to do is come up with a menu what you’re going to be serving at your party. And you’re going
to want to stick with your theme again, maybe you can do little soup bowls and have like
little pin wheels, anything like wheels, like the wheely soup, it could be. Or you can have
like a nice bread, bread loaf and put some cucumbers at the end of it to make it look
like wheels and maybe like a cherry tomatoes, the nose and eyes, and kind of cut it out
and make it look little bit like a car, just to kind of stick with your theme. You’re also
going to want to put some cars set out and get some, get some decor on your buffet tables
and your little centerpieces. Another cute idea for snacks and favors would be doing
this little brownie lollipop here. Basically, you’re just making a little like a brownie
cookie, getting some chocolate, some chocolate coco powder and then put your little M &
M’s or any chocolate candies on here and making a little cute traffic light, which is like
kind of another cute idea. You’re going to want to come up with your cake and stick it
with your little theme. This one they’re actually cars like the movie and they did their cake
that way or you can just get any little trinkets or cars or trucks that you want to put on
your cake, you can do that. Another fun activity for the kids is you can purchase these at
most any craft stores where it’s just like a wooden car and then you, they have wheels
and everything, they can really sit there, down there and assemble it. Put some paints
out there, some stickers so the kids can go ahead and decorate their cars as well. You
can have little, a mat, you can place out kind of like where it’s little car racing
mat and then put a bunch of cars out there so the kids can play with that. so there’s
lot of fun ideas and just really look into things that you might have at home that you
can utilize and put out, stick with your Cars theme. So best of luck on your planning.

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