Party Planning : Planning a Home Holiday Party

So you’re looking to throw a holiday party
at your home and you’re not sure where to begin. Well my name is Lori Randall with Simply
Divine Events and I’m going to tell you how to throw a holiday party at your home. First
thing that you want to do is set a date around the holiday times. I know its kind of hard
because everyone’s so busy in attending all different parties, so you might want to think
about maybe doing it earlier in December that way people once its right around like Christmas,
Christmas Eve, people are usually with their families. You might want to do it a little
bit earlier so you can get all your friends and family together or you can think about
doing more of a later evening/night party as well. First thing that you’re going to
want to do is pull out all your Christmas decor that you have and really deck out your
home. You’re doing a holiday party, you want to kind of just get the whole festive atmosphere
in it. When you’re setting out your decor, make sure that you’re kind of decorating all
aspects of your home even if its at your bar. You might want to throw like a little sleigh
with some nice Christmas balls out there. You might want to put some red candles around,
pull out some of your little like small end tables and make those kind of like little
cocktail tables and make it to people can actually roam throughout your home. Maybe
you have your living room, family room, kitchen, make sure that everyone just kind of flows
and make it more like a cocktail atmosphere where everyone’s mingling and talking. You
might want to even get a little candy bar set out. Do some candies. Some fun festive
candies. You got some licorice here, some mints. Also maybe at your entrance of your
door, you might want to think about doing some cone trees. You can get some nice silver
or gold cone trees and line that and just make it a little bit different so you’re not
just your typical Christmas tree. You can make it a little more festive. And then you’re
going to want to make sure that you have your bar as well. Which is important during the
holiday time. Everyone likes to kind of relax and get all the stress off so make sure that
you have all the necessary liquors that are available for the bar. You want to have your
rums, your whiskey, your vodkas and basically just have a great time and relax and make
it fun and festive. So again My name is Lori Randall with Simply Divine Events and I wish
you the best of luck and happy holidays.

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