Party Planning : Planning a Train-Themed Birthday Party

All aboard! So you’re going to be having your
child’s train party and you’re not really sure where to begin. Well, my name is Lori
Randall with Simply Devine events and I’m going to tell you how to throw a train birthday
party for your child. The first thing that you’re going to want to do is set your date,
and then you’re also going to want to come up with your guest list and decide where you’re
going to be having your train party. You might be wanting to have it just at your home. It’s
probably the best and easiest place to have it, or if you have like a train museum or
something, or like a park that might have like a little train track or something like
that, you might want to think about hosting your party there as well. And you want to
send out your invitations and set the tone with your invitations doing like a little
maybe caboose invitation or all aboard, you know, so and so is having their birthday party
at track number four, which maybe they’re turning four years old, you might be having
it at a Randall Station or Randall Railways basically this is kind of what we did here.
Is we came up and did like a little railroad crossing sign at the front door and then Randall
Station track number two, he was turning two years old, and make some train tracks. You
can do this with just construction paper, make some tracks and kind of setting the tone
for the party as they’re entering in. When they get there you could go ahead and hand
out a little conductor hat so they can dress up. Give them maybe a little bandanna to put
around their necks and maybe like a train whistle. You might want to have your child’s,
their probably already, if they’re having a train party they probably love trains and
already have trains, so have the train sets out, the train tables out so the children
can go around and just kind of explore with the trains. A fun activity you might want
to do is having a construction paper like a train, train engine and they can just go
ahead and decorate their train anyway that they wanted to do it. You can even get wooden
trains that are just plain wooden trains and have some paint out that kids can paint their
train that way. Another idea is having your cake go with your whole theme as well and
here we did a train and then we did like a little carts as well and then the caboose
at the end and did the train that way for the child. A cute idea for favors would be
doing little cookies and putting all the guests initials on there and then you can have the
little train baskets to kind of go with your theme as well. So those are some cute ideas,
some cute trips for your train party and I wish you the best of luck in planning it and
happy planning.

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