Party Planning : Planning an Adult Pirate-Themed Party

So you are looking to throw a pirate theme
party and you are not sure where to begin. Well my is Lori Randall with Simply Divine
Events and I’m going to tell you how to throw a pirate themed party of adults. The first
thing you are going to want to do is set your date and then come up with your guest list
and decide who you are inviting. And the next thing you are going to want to do is decide
on a location, where you are going to be having this event. It can either be as easy and casual
as at your home, or it could be maybe you are renting out a venue or a space to have
your party if you are having quite a few people coming. Then you are going to want to send
your invitations and a cute idea to do when you are doing your invitations is kind of
you know you can get like the brown paper bags or any kind of like scrapbook brown paper
and wrinkle it up and make it into a scroll and tie a nice ribbon around it, and like
ahoy matie you know, captain shark tooth is having you know their party and just kind
of make it into the whole theme of the pirate and make it kind of look like map, you can
even burn the edges if you want and make it kind of look like it’s real you know rustic
and old, like a pirate map. You are also going to want to maybe let the guest know as well,
like to dress up and maybe have a costume party. A lot of the guys like to come in the
old pirate gear, you know the kind of more grungy look and the scarves and the eye patches
and the big hoop earrings. And the girls might want to be the wenches, the more like sexy
pirate look. You also if you are really looking to get maybe a little more extravagant with
your party, think about hiring some actors and characters to come out, like pirates.
And they can actually be there at the entrance greeting your guests,they might even be able
to do like a little skit or theme. Maybe even do like a little number, well like swashbuckling
pirates, you know swapping the deck that sort of thing. You also want to think about doing
some decor maybe putting this on a table around your buffet your food. You know have your
little, your gold coins your treasures out. Just making it a little fun in keeping with
the whole you know party. If you are casual at your home, and you know adults are just
like big kids, go ahead and grab a pi?ata, you know do that at the end. And you might
even want to do a treasure hunt and have all your adults and all your guests go out and
search for their treasure at the end of the party and kind of like their farewell. So
I hope I gave you a few ideas on planning your pirate theme party for adults and I wish
you the best of luck and have a great time.

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  1. lol yes, we all have our old pirate gear laying around from when i was a pirate so many years ago

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