Party Planning Tips : How to Throw a Lego Party

So you are planning a Lego party for your
child and you’re wondering how you’re going to pull this off. Well my name is Lori Randall
with Simply Divine Events. And I’m going to tell you how to throw a Lego party. First
thing that you’re going to want to do is start with your invitations. A fun cute idea would
be getting them just any simple box and sticking some Lego’s in here. Actually I already put
some Lego’s in here. You might want to cover it with some nice construction paper. You
could do just red, blue or green; yellow any primary colors you want to think about doing.
And you can either hand deliver those to your child’s friends or you could put a nice stamp
on it and send it out, might be a little more costly that way. The way that you’re sticking
with your theme is sticking your Lego’s in there and you might want to put a little note
in there and say “build your Lego before the party starts and bring it to the party” and
then you can do a contest on who did the most creative or whatever you want your contest
to be. So you could put little pieces in there. If your child doesn’t have a lot of Lego’s
already you might want to think about ordering some. You can order in some from some of the
Lego catalogs and you can order some of your Lego pieces that are just kind of a variety
pack. You don’t want stick with just like say your, this one here is your battle pack.
You want to think of something’s that a little more variety so there’s a bit for everyone
because if you get just like one particular thing here all the kids are probably going
to fight over that. So another way to decorate your Lego party would be coming up with a
center piece. You might want to have this truck center piece in the middle of the table.
You can have just a little house center piece just too kind of keep your whole Lego theme
together. For your food actually Lego has some really cool things that you can do. They
had actually ice containers like you can put ice into here and freeze it so it’s your ice
molds. It’s actually a Lego block which is really cool you can put in the drinks. They
also have like the cake molds as well that are Lego’s. And you can buy those out of the
Lego catalog or you could might be able to purchase them at your local craft store as
well. So you could do your the even which they even have which is kind of cool is like
little Lego block timers. And you could do like building contests and that sort of thing,
and incorporate; scatter these all at tables. Let kids get creative. You can even put them
in little different bags, around. You might want to put the red the blue and the green
together at one table, and just make sure all the kids are, have a variety of everything.
That one table is just one theme. And the other tables another. Make sure you kind of
intermix them all together. So those are some ideas to throw a Lego themed party. And I
wish you the best of luck. And have a great time.

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  1. i have to say…she is a dumbfuck…. first of all, like Tewi1 says, its not lago its lego!!! second, THAT COSTS ALOT OF MONEY EVEN FOR 100 PIECES!!

  2. no creative ides on how to make a lego party….I need creative CHEAP ideas on how to throw a Lego party. Of course if I was rich I would use real Legos, but I am not!

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