Party Princess Teaser

Okay, let’s go over the game plan. We’re students who are looking for work and– –we want to be princesses. We love
everything to do with princesses. We are princesses. You have to be able to say it. I will. I just…I feel kind of barfy. There is no time to be barfy, Teio. The party princess world is corrupt to its core. If
we don’t do something to protect little girls from this outdated portrayal of
women then clearly nobody else will. I know. I loved the demo that you sent me.
You sounded very nice together and I’m so glad you can play the guitar, Tio. Am i
pronouncing your name right? No, actually it’s pronounced– –I’ve actually been looking for a powwow princess. I’m sorry, a what now? You’re a bit fair-skinned for a native… No, but I think we can make it work. Let’s schedule a fitting ASAP. By
the way, the brown of your guitar resting on the faux buckskin costume will look
delish. That does sound delish, don’t you think Teio? I actually have a good feeling with the two of you. So, I just need to check the schedule and I’ll
give you a call in a couple of days with your first gig! Amazing. Oh, do you know any black girls? I beg your pardon? There are a lot of black families whose
aesthetic preferences aren’t being met by the party princess world and I’m
looking to accommodate that. Well, uh, if we think of anybody we’ll let you know. Amazing. Come on. Oh that’s um… Oh yeah. Ok. Welcome to Party Princess!

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  1. I was told to comment, this is the best thing ever, couldn't be bestier. looks off camera Can i go now?


  2. This is great. Really fun premise – we need to shine a light on the Party Princess world and it's dirty secrets. Love the performances in this trailer. Now I need the series! Exciting to see such creative and original CANADIAN content.

  3. hahaha this was great! tbh i know nothing about the party princess world, so this would be a really interesting series to watch. very smart premise, and great tagline: "Feminism's never been so sparkly"

    would love to watch this! good luck with IPF 🙂

    we also have a trailer up, give it a watch when you have a sec!

  4. Leave a comment below letting us know your take on the princess parties!
    You for?
    Should Belle have chosen Gaston?

  5. As someone who's an irl party princess and raging feminist, I am so intrigued. Cannot wait to see where this goes.

    The princess community is a total toss up, sometimes it means you meet the most badass, empowering female entrepreneurs ever and sometimes it is this worst-case scenario of just pure nastiness in a Barbie-like shell. Consider my interest peaked.

    P.S. Hit me up if you ever want some insider tea!

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