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  1. Totally understand! I’ve been doing the party princess thing for about 5 years. Ive done some parties with companies but mostly I work by myself. I’ve never had anything super crazy happen but you get your fair share of entitled kids and parents.

    Most of the time the parents are just as excited as the kids to see you, so I don’t have that many problems.

    It’s a hard business though, so hats off to you ladies!

  2. literally every original princess has a horror story before they end up living happily ever after. (that's probably being paid and getting a tip at the end of the day in real life lol)

  3. The last story was very heartwarming. Though you know it's bad when the adults act more like children than the children do.

  4. Never do an event without having the contract signed first, even charity gigs. Saves you the hassle and they have a copy if there's a dispute.

  5. If you want to be a party princes you have to :

    Be good at singing
    Be good at face painting
    Be good at making and dressing up
    (Be pretty)
    Make magic tricks and stuff like that
    Be good at singing
    Have good communication skills

    That’s a lot of qualities you gotta have for this job so my highest respect goes out to the people who do this💞🥰

  6. These stories make me so mad at people, especially Connie's story with that crazy woman. Adults like this old hag need to be hanged. How can one be so rude to these innocent princesses? Maybe they are jealous cause they will never be as pretty and kind. I just had to rant

  7. I used to work at a children's museum and having dealt with so many kids parties, and entertainers, and parents…hands down, the parents are the worst. Occasionally you get some horrible children, but usually not far behind is their horrible parents. I don't know what it is but they expect you to be their slaves and often demand things not on contract and then want refunds. I was listening to that one story, like this woman actually sued you??? Like took time out of her day and using her money to sue party princesses….like that shows you how absolutely little is going on in that ladies life. YOU KNOW she's going to see this and then sue again for emotional distress at having to hear the story as not told by her about how it "really went down." LOL

  8. This video is such a mood. I have had similar experiences to every single one of these stories. We did a Ball with 8 characters once that we all still refer to as the Apocalypse event; There were over 40 cases of a stomach virus reported from that ball. It hospitalized two of my girls and 7 of the eight characters caught the virus.

  9. Connie’s story really reminds me why I have absolutely no patience with kids and their annoying entitled parents. Idk how anyone can deal with people like that. If it were me I would have rage quit just out of spite.

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