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[Music] hi guys will do like do a salad today I have full party souvenirs for you so maybe you’re having a party soon and you know what to do what to give update so don’t worry that when I’m here today to bring you some ideas so let’s start with the video the first idea is an invitation and it cuts opening at the same time so it’s very fresh now so this is a glass bottle and inside it has small blue stones a small blue cloth with two flowers on it a white one and a blue one a little bit smaller and this is a butterfly and here goes the name of the person whom you’re going to give this so we just open it and here we have our invitation so beautiful the second option is simple but very elegant it’s a fragrance so it has a medium brown coat around it with a bow on it and a little orange flower the third option is maybe if you have in a party or a wedding with the thematic of this thing so if you can give this beautiful pad souvenir it is a jar with sand some shields on it and also the small root stones and as you can see it has two little hearts so there you can put your pictures at last but no less important we have a participant need with candies or sweets I recommend this mofo party fortunate cuz they love this and these have a car on it so that you can write the birthday boy name or the first name and the lead I recommend that is white because the sweets are very comfort so that’s all for today thanks for joining me let me know in the comment section below which is your favorite one and if you like this video don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and share it with your friends with your family and I see us week bye this is my favorite part [Music]

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