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What is this? Biscuit! What for? Enter password! Password?! Password?! Invalid password! Invalid password! Hey, what is the name
of our principal’s wife? Katrinalahu! Katrinalahu.. Invalid password Shit! Shit!
– Try the name of his lover. It’s our software Susheela. Software.. Access granted. Yes! Yes! Oh, yes! Yeah! Throw the biscuit and come. I ate it. Then run! This is the question paper, sir. All of them? – Yes, all of them. Would our debts will be cleared
with this? – Hey, drive on! Hey, they are your debts.
Why did you involve me in this crime? For friendship! – Ah?! Yes! Yeah! Get ready, students! Start! Stop it. Mr. Invisilator!
Collect those question papers.. ..and give these
question papers to them. Hey, what is happening? Ramu! Please, come out. Listen, Ramu!
The person who entered my room.. ..logged in into my computer.. ..and haked my personal files.. download the question
papers is none other than you. You and I know it for sure. Sir, actually.. No explanations. How do you know my computer password? That is an open secret, sir. Hey, say it loudly. Everyone in the college
knows that you have an affair.. ..with software Susheela madam. How could you keep her name
as your computer password, sir? Will you stop it and sit down I say,
Mr. Subbarao? Sushee! Sushee! Hey, who else is involved
with you in this? If you don’t say it.. ..they will write the exams
happily but you will be debarred. If you reveal their names.. can go and write the exams. What do you say? Get out! – Don’t push! Hey, get out! We found the stamp paper Babji, boss. Where did you find him? We found him in
Kolkatta while chatting. Chatting?! We entered the chatting with a girl’s
name and he revealed his address. We got him. How dare you think of living
happily after cheating me? Boss! I don’t know anything.
I am sorry. Please forgive me. Hey, on the stamp
paper that you sold.. father wrote his will and died. But I came to know
that after his death. That will is invalid since
that stamp paper was forgery. That is why his entire
property went to my step mother. I was deeply depressed. Boss! I really don’t know anything. That is why I gave
those forgery stamp papers. Whatever it is, you have cheated me. The person who cheats me.. ..will lose their little finger. Oh, no! Please, sir! Don’t do that. Oh, no! Boss! Question paper party. Hey, I gave you loan
whenever you asked. I gave you the idea
to repay that debt. Yes. How could you cheat me
by selling duplicate papers? We gave you the correct
question papers, sir. But the principal changed the
question papers in the last minute. Hey, I don’t care who did it. I have supplied those wrong
question papers throughout the state. And then I was forced to repay 1crore. Who will pay me that money now? Any person who cheats me
should lose his little finger. Sir! Please, don’t!
Don’t do that, please! Please leave me.
Please, don’t do that. We will give you that amount. How are you going to pay me that? Nani’s dad owns hundred
acres land at Rajamundry. We will sell it off
and pay you the money. Hey, I am giving you one month time. You must give me one crore rupees. Don’t try to runaway. Your time starts now. This is Hyderabad city. Big city of opportunies. Capital city for
Information Technology. Many famous IT companies
have branches here. Software for Bill Gates is made here. And also the sports-ware
for Bill Clinton. Every person here can
say one thing proudly. More than the famous companies.. ..there is one IT company
that tops all others. The name of that company is Underware. I don’t know why a hardware and
software company was named like that.. ..but after working
hard day and night.. ..the person who brought that
company to number one position is.. ..the chairman of the company.. Dr. Rajendraprasad. Good morning, sir!
– Good morning, sir. Morning! Yeah! Hello! Good morning, sir! – Hi! Sushma! – Yes, sir? Did you call the doctor?
– He is waiting inside, sir. Good morning, doctor!
– Good morning, sir. Sorry, sir. It’s okay. Don’t move, sir.
I will miss the spot. – Okay. Oh! – Thank you. What is this, sir? If you want your sugar levels to be
in control, you should be in control. I take that medicine
so that I can drink this. Whatever! Sir.. – Yes? Everyone is waiting for you. Coming. Welcome to Teja news. In the history of
software world today.. written in golden letters. In Underware software
and hardware company.. in few minutes.. ..most advanced
computer in the world.. going to be introduced. Now let us go live
to Underware headquarters. Thank you, Swati! The atmosphere here
is high in spirits. In a few moments.. ..super computer demonstration
is going to take place. To watch it personally.. ..Bill Gates has sent
his special representative.. ..Mr. Norman Mills. Mr. Mills! Can you tell
us why are you here today? I am here to witness
the demonstration of.. ..the new super computer. Mr. Bill Gates is very
interested in Underware. If the demonstration is a success.. ..Mr. Gates is willing to invest.. million dollors in Underware. Mr. Bill Gates has special interest.. ..on Underware company. After this demonstration 45000crores.. ..he wants to invest
in this Underware. This is Bhanu with cameraman Raghu. Ladies and Gentlemen!
Ladies and Gentlemen! May I have your attention, please? Kindly take your seats
and make yourselves comfortable. Thank you! Thank you very much! Let me begin by telling you that.. ..every employee in Underware.. ..worked hard day
and night for six years.. build this super computer. Till now no company in this world.. ..has build such a computer. This is a miracle of
modern science and technology. Now, without wasting
anymore time of yours.. ..may I call upon
our honorable chairman.. ..Mr. Rajendraprasad
to come on to the dias.. ..and inaugurate this computer. Sir. Congrats, sir. – Thank you. Please! Wonderful! Fantastic! Great! Super duper fantastic! Gentlemen!
Item number one of our plan.. ..has been implimented successfully. Now to manifacture a new product.. ..he doesn’t have time or money. Mr. Piriday! – Yes, sir? In the next board meeting
that will be held in your company.. place a proposal that.. ..the company should be sold.. ..for the financial problems.. ..of the company.. be resolved. Rajendraprasad will
never agree to that. Then make all the board members.. against him
and force him to agree. It is very difficult to
make all the board members.. vote against him, sir. No excuses.
I don’t know how you will do it. I want Underware. I want that company. I want Underware. I want Underware. I want Underware. Underware is mine.
I will not sell it to anyone. Mr. Chairman!
We don’t have any other option. One billion dollars that we expected
from Bill Gates is not coming. To build some new product.. ..we don’t know how
many years it will take.. ..and how much amount we will need. Let us invent a new product. But how would be the
market after we built it? What will be the position
of this software business.. ..can be known only to the God. So I think, the best option is
to sell our Underware to Wonderware. No! I don’t mind whether software
is used in this world or not.. ..but Underware will remain forever. No one can separate Underware
from me till I am alive. If you have any new ideas, give me.
If you cannot.. ..then I will decide
what should be done. Every person is interested
in software job. Listen, chairman sir! Don’t be tensed. Be cool, chairman!
Have some water, chairman! – Move! Hello! Mr. Mills! This is Rajendraprasad! Hello, Mr.
Prasad! How are you? – Did you see.. people tried to supress
me by blasting my super computer? Yes. – You don’t worry. By the end of this month.. ..I will build a better
computer than that. – Okay. I am in India till
the end of this month. Show me something special. I will show you. I will show you a special
product by the end of this month. I know what to do. Okay! Goodluck! Mr. James? Yes? I am Rajendraprasad.
Owner of Underware. This underwear is mine. I am not speaking about that. I am the chairman of a hardware
and software company named Underware. So the chairman of Underware!
What can I do for you? I thought that you
are a professional killer. But what I see is a kitten
and you feeding it. Why? Yes, I am a professional killer. But I kill only humans. I love the animals. Your face doesn’t look like that. I think I came to
the wrong place. – Stop! My name is James! Don’t play games. Okay, I understood your nature. I thought that you were
just professional killer. But you like thrill
people like Michel Jackson. I want you to kill a person. Is it human? Why do you doubt? I will kill only humans. I cannot tolerate if
something happens to animals. Okay. You have to kill a man.
How much will you charge? 25lakhs! Half amount now and rest
after completing the work. Done! Take this. Thank you. By the way whom should I kill? Me. – What? Yes, me. Don’t, sir! Please! I couldn’t sleep
because of nightmares. Why are you watching movies happily? To avoid nightmares.. ..I am trying not to sleep. Don’t be tensed and watch this. Alas! How can a goat speak? Strange?! Yes, it is strange. Make it speak. I want to hear. – Okay. My dear goat! What is the name
of the month that comes after April? O God! It is really talking. Do you want to buy it?
– Give it to me, sir. Make it talk again. Dear goat!
Which month comes before June? Wow! Wow! Do you want to sell
talking goat to earn money? No, talking computer. Good morning, gentlemen! I
know that you came to see this demo.. ..leaving all the
work at your offices. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed. Please meet Buchibabu007. Seventh generation,
voice recognition.. ..and talk back computer. That means you can
talk to your computer.. ..and it will speak with you. Unbelievable! Is it true? Is it possible? Yes, it’s possible. Mr. Kamesh! Why don’t you say something? Just speak with it. Me?! – Yes, you. Please come forward. Please meet Buchibabu007! Nice to meet you, Buchibabu! Hello, Mr.
Kamesh! Voice recognition complete. Do you know some
kids rhymes in Telugu? Not only Telugu, any language is okay. Our Buchibabu knows all the languages. Can I say it in Tamil?
– Sure! Go ahead. Thank you! Fantastic! I don’t believe this. I want 25 computers immediately. Sorry, Mr. Kamesh! Too many bookings. We cannot deliver any
systems till six months. I don’t know what you will do. I want 25 computers urgently.
That’s all. In that case, if you can
pay ten percent immediately.. ..I’ll try to do something. I will see that you will
get some systems next week. Checkbook! Thank you. Thank you! Thanks! “Little parrot” “Did your mom scold you?” “Went to the garden?”
– “Brought a fruit?” “Kept it in the nest?” “Or did you eat it?” Thank you. Thank you! What is the collection? We got 90lakhs. Our problem will be solved
if we get 10lakhs more. – Okay. Hello, madam. Like everyone is saying.. ..would your computer really talk? I can guarentee that. You can speak to it, if you want. If you can prove it.. ..I have two thousand
computers in my company. I will replace all of them with these. No problem.
Say hello to our Buchibabu. Hello, Buchibabu. Hello! – How are you? What do you mean by “How are you?” You will say “How
are you?” for your work.. ..or else you will say “Who are you?” What is it talking? – Hey! Stop speaking in English. How dare you go with other
person just because I came late? Buchibabu! Mind your tongue! Buchibabu! Who is that with you?
Is he your mate for tonight? I will bash up both of you. What nonsense?!
– Buchibabu! Please control yourself. Why are you shouting? Is there
any original part in your body? Silicon in front
and nylon in the back. Hey, aren’t there any more customers? Catch them! Come on! Don’t let them go! Hey, have this cool drink!
It will cool your brain. My brain is burning hot. We got 90lakhs. Had you been patient for ten minutes.. ..we would have got 10lakhs
and our problem would have solved. Don’t feel bad that
our old plan is a flop. Have some cool drink
and think a new idea. Fool! We were in this situation.. ..because of your madness for women. Do you mean I am the only
one who took and spent the money? And you were calm and innocent.
Isn’t it? Shut up. Past is past. Leave it. What is past? – Breakfast! Hey, why did you put
a paper wait on the Dosa? It is paper dosa, sir. I kept the paper wait so
that it won’t be blown away by wind. I can bring a pen too if you want. You can do drawing on the dosa. It’s very interesting.
– Yeah, of course! Hey! I had many dreams for my life. Wearing neat and ironed clothes.. ..tie and polished shoes.. ..with a laptop bag
and cell phone in hand.. ..going to Hightech city to do my job. With salary in five digits
and a beautiful secretary.. But all my dreams shattered. Your coffee, sir. – Thank you. Oh, no! What are you doing? What is this?
What are you going to do? Torture number one:
Violence with volume. Let’s party. And now torture number two.. Torture number two?
– Yeah! – What do you mean? Bashing up without letting you sneeze. What does that mean? – Here! Come on! Oh! Raise your head. There you go! There! Hey, let me sneeze or bash me up. I don’t like this torture. Just let me go. I have an urgent work. Every one is waiting
for me in Underware. What?! Is everyone is waiting
for you in underwear? – Yes. Yes, I have to go and give
a presentation in Underware. What?! Everyone is waiting
for you in underwear.. ..and you will go in underwear
to give the presentation? Hey, let me see your underwear first. I don’t mean this. Hardware and software company. I got a job there.
I am joining there today. I have to go and give a presentation
about new product there. You got the two of
us debared from college.. ..and wrote the exam happily. We are roaming on streets
to repay Velu’s money.. ..and you are enjoying
your life in AC rooms.. ..working with your laptop? Is it proper for you to
hurt your friends like this? Hey, I got an idea. – What is it? How were you selected for this job? I was selected through
phone interview. Didn’t you go there personally?
– No, I didn’t. Hold him tightly. Save me! Save me! – Hey! What if he dies because
of thirst before evening? What if he flood
our house with his piss? Enjoy! Good luck! Thank you! Good morning, madam. – Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. – Good morning. Good morning. – Good morning. Good morning. – Good morning. Good morning. – Good morning. Good morning. – Good morning. Good morning. – Good morning. Good morning. – Crazy! Can’t you think anything except
‘good morning’ to talk to her? What else can we say in the morning? What if you meet her in the evening? I will say ‘good evening’. Is this Ramu’s room? What is written here? K. Ramu! May be! I don’t know English. Hey, you sit on that chair. Sit down now. Put your hand stylishly like this. Look up! smile a little. Take this pen and play with it. Now turn around two
times in that chair. Yes! Yes! You look like the
chairman of this company. In this happy mood call the
reception and ask for two cups of tea. Good morning. Reception! Two cups tea! With sugar or without, sir? With sugar or without sugar? We are not sugar patients.
Of course with sugar. Yes, with sugar.
– What else do you want, sir? Do you want anything else? Yes, one plate fried snacks. Yeah, one plate fried snacks.
– You mindless fellow! This is software company.. ..and not some cheap mess. Hang up. I said hang up. What happened? What happened?!
Hey, why did you bring me here? What is your idea? There is no big idea. Since two days you were dreaming.. ..about wearing neat dress
and working in software company. That is why I brought you
here so that you will be happy. Idiot! Isn’t the problems
we already have enough? You.. How dare you spoil my pink shirt? Idiot! You! – Hey! Excuse me! Who is Ramu here? He is the one. Sorry! Am I disturbing you? Everyone is waiting for
your presentation at board room. Please come immediately. Presentation?! Yeah! Our chairman sir send a memo.. ..asking us to develop
some new product urgently. Nonsense! So, what do you propose Mr. Phiraday? We sell Underware. What? Selling Underwear? That’s right Mr. Panday! Since many days Wonderware
chairman Lingaraju.. ..wanting to buy our Underware. If you are support me,
we can convince our chairman.. ..and sell Underware to Wonderware. Mr. Phiraday! As our chairman said.. ..why can’t we start the
research on some new product? New product! What new product?
Just give me some idea. Mr. Panday! Can you give me some idea? Nonsense! What is this, Mr. Gomango? Mr. Phiraday! They came here.. ..from our new product
development team. They are going to give
presentation about a new product. New product? Really? What is that? – Buchibabu007. Bujjibabu007?! Who is he? Not ‘he’.
It is the world’s most advanced.. ..seventh generation,
voice recognition and.. back computer. You mean, if we talk to a computer.. ..will it talk back to us? Bullshit! Fantastic! I like your concept a lot. Talking computer. Who is he? He is Ramu! Our new employee, sir. Oh, I am Rajendraprasad. Chairman of Underware. – Hello, sir. Of course,
your concept is very good but.. Can you show me practically
how your computer works? When will you be able to show me?
– Whenever you say, sir. Okay. Are you okay? – Yes, sir. Let us discuss in my office. Come on. Come on! You are wonderful! – Yes we are, sir. I like your shirt designs. Is this some new concept? – Yes, sir. What is it’s name? Ink on pink, sir. – Ink on pink! Who is the designer? Manish Malhotra, sir. Manish Malhotra?! Sushma! – Yes, sir? Ink on pink!
Four sets! Urgent! – Yes, sir. Come on, guys! Let’s go in. Hi, daddy! – Hi, baby! Here! Here! Here! It’s enough, dear. Here! Here! I missed you so much! Me too! Did your America seminar go well? Wonderful! My daughter! Hello! – Hi! Here.. – Hello! Hello! – They joined
in our office for new product. Oh, I see? Daddy, here is the
guest list for your birthday party. Take a look and tell
me if anyone is left out. Is that all? Okay, my child. Okay, daddy. – Bye! Bye, daddy! – Take care. Take care. – Bye. Hi! – Hi! God promise, sir. You were our hero when
we were studying software. Don’t call me sir.
Call me Raja. We are friends. Hey, Raja! Fill the glass. Raja is okay. ‘Hey, Raja!’ is too much.
– Sorry, sir. Are you surpirsed to see me
drinking in the office and during day? This is also new concept
like your shirts. What is that name again? Ink on pink! Ink on pink! Okay. Let’s have a drink. Cheers! – Cheers!
– You are a big comedian, sir. You crack nice jokes. I like jokes. Tell me a good joke if you know some. It was raining heavily one day. The road is flooded with water. A person is walking in the water. An open manhole is
present on that road. That person came walking.. ..and fell in the open manhole. That is the joke, sir. Very good joke. Very good joke. Nicely told. Jokes aside. See, boys! You should take this
Bujjibabu007 project seriously. If you give me demo quickly,
I will give you anything you ask for. Go to lab and start working. Okay, sir. – Please, wait. If you feel or hear anything funny,
come and tell me. Okay? – Okay, sir. Go ahead. Touch me! Feel my body! Touch me! Feel the heaven! Kiss me! – Sir, Mr.
Phiraday is on the line. Oh! Mr. Phiraday! – Yes, sir? What happened?
How did our plan progress? It is troublesome to convince
all the board members, sir. But.. – Don’t worry. I will tell you another plan
to takeover the Underware company. I have bought all the Underware
shares that are in the market. But to takeover this company.. ..I need ten percent more shares. Those shares are owned by people.. ..who are very close
to Rajendraprasad. Who are they and what are their names? You should find out
their addresses too. If we buy those shares too.. ..then whether he agrees.. ..or not.. ..I will own his Underware. Underware would be mine. I want Underware! I want Underware! I want Underware! Let us go away. Just because
that crazy fellow trusted us.. ..if we take it as advantage,
we might be in bigger problem. Hey, stop fearing. And think how we are going
to get 1crore from this office. Hey! Did you eat goldfish fry ever? Oh, no! I don’t like fish. Hey, put Jayalalitha down. Jayalalitha?! Where? In your hand. Oh, the name of this
fish is Jayalalitha? Yes, put it down.
By the way who are you? Who are you? I am the incharge of this lab.
Who are you? We are your inchargers. No matter who you are,
put my Jayalalitha down first. Come on, put her down.
– You are talking too much. I am asking you nicely. My Jayalalitha! – Hey! If you talk too much,
I will make him kill her. I cannot live without her.
Please give it to me. Sorry, Jayalalitha!
I will not leave you alone again. Do you want to have some chips? – No! Hello! This is microchip speaking.
Who is there? I am.. – Don’t tell the name.
Just tell me the code. Potato chip speaking. I want you to do
something immediately. What is it? Who is it? Chairman hid the list of important
share holders in a secret place. I want that. Where can I find that list? Fool! You should find out that. Then you have to pay me.
– Hey, what is it? How much do you want? 1crore! Too much! The matter you are asking is also big. Okay, you proceed. I will be in touch with you. What is this? Who was talking? If we find and give secret
share holders list from chairman.. ..that person is willing
to pay 1crore. – What?! Hey, we are very lucky. We came to the correct place. That is luck. Give me five! James?! Hey, James! My horse will be scared
if you shout like that. I don’t know about your horse.. ..but why did you
change your appearence? That is my style. You cannot see me
in the same style twice. You have a lot of angles. Are you a joker or
a professional killer? Are you going to sing again?
– Yes, you called me a joker! Hey, I don’t have patience
or time to hear your song. Tell me how you are going to kill me. Since you are the
one who wants to die.. ..choose the way you want to die.
– What do you mean? Are you shocked? There are 2000 guns here. You can select any gun. If you don’t like any of them.. ..then I have canon too. Do you want to die by a small bullet.. ..or a big cannon ball? Choose now. I don’t want guns or canon. Here, you should kill me
with this poison injection. – What? Yes. I will tell you the place and time. You should kill me using
this poison injection. After I die, take my deadbody to.. ..the railway tracks
in the city outskirts.. ..and call this number.
My men will come and collect my body. By the way do you know
the golf court near Gachibowli? Yeah! Hello, Raja! – Oh! Why are you here on weekday? Mr. CID officer! – Yes? I came here to play
golf for a couple of days. I didn’t know that you will be here. Good joke! Can you smell something here? Yes, I can smell the green grass. No, I smell newly died corpse. What do you mean? How can you smell
a corpse in golf course? Don’t be silly. – No. I am a CID. My nose is very sharp.
It will never deceive me. There should be a corpse nearby. I will find out.
This is a strong smell. Did you see? My nose is very sharp. My nose will never deceive me. Did you see how I found the corpse? No! No! No! No! No! No! – Why are
you crying like someone died? A cat died. Yes, when I came to
the golf court to kill you.. jumped in front of
my gun and committed suicide. A cat committed suicide? Now I understood how foolish you are. Someone should come and
commit suicide by your gun.. ..but you cannot kill someone. Give me my money back. I will kill you if you start the song. Stop! Stop! Stop! Take this. Wipe the tears. Sir! Please give me another chance. I will definitely kill, sir. – Okay. Wait for my phone call. Okay, sir. Thank you, sir. – Idiot! Always chatting? Can’t we meet? I too am waiting for that. Really? Today, 8pm, cozy couples park. You got mail! E-mail?! Who might it be? Hey, Velu sent a mail.
He wants to cutoff our little finger. Let it be. Just a finger. You idiot! Actually.. Actually.. Actually.. Yes? Actually.. Actually.. My grandma is ill. – What? Hey, why did you push me in?
– Why not? I came there to tell
you about Velu’s e-mail. But you were wooing at her seriously. Did you like her so much? Yes, I do like her. What did you tell her? I didn’t understand what to say. So, I said my grandma is ill. Why did you say that? You came to say something.. ..but told something
else and went away. Why is that? Actually.. your friend was with you.
So I couldn’t say it. Then tell me now. Now.. My friend is here. Okay, then shall we go out somewhere? Okay. Then come to my house and pick me up. Okay. Is 8 o’clock okay? It’s okay. It’s okay. Okay! Okay! Okay! See you later! Bye! Wow! Did you see that? God is helping us nicely. God will always help the good people. I am not speaking about that. He is showing us the
way to earn 1crore rupees. Showing us the way?! You can make her fall in
love and become dearer to her dad.. ..and find out the
share holders list.. ..and then give it to
that microchip and take 1crore. If we deliver that money to Velu,
our problems will be solved. Sorry! I cannot cheat her. I will beat your face into pulp! You didn’t even convey your
love and thinking about cheating. May be! But I cannot
mix crime and love. Do you like coke with rum?
– Of course I do. Then go and bring me
a drink and chips packet. Hey! I cannot handle you. So, now are you going
to love and marry her? – Yes. Hey, if we don’t pay
1crore to Velu in ten days.. will not have
your little finger.. hold on to her little
finger in the marriage ceremony. What do you want me to do then? Is Miss. Anju at home? Yes, please come in. Have a seat. Madam is getting ready.
What do you want to have? A glass of water. Ice water! – Okay. We welcome you to “Sukhibhava”.
In today’s program.. ..emergency first aid. If some person become
unconscious suddenly.. should let that
person on the floor.. ..and send air into his
lungs through your mouth. Now the second method.. ..when someone swallows something.. ..and if it stuck in the middle.. should press.. ..hardly with your
hands on their chest. With that the swallowed
item will come out. Take it, sir. Oh, no! Sorry, sir. It’s alright. – I will bring a towel. Madam will scold me. Madam! Madam! O my God! Excuse me! Hello! Hello! Hey! Oh, no! Don’t, madam. Grandma! – Mom-in-law.
– What is this? What happened? Mom-in-law! What happened? Hey, come out. Please don’t. Ramu?! What? Who is he? – Ramu. What is he doing in
our house without clothes? He came here for me.
I called him. – What for? Because I like him. You were very bold while chatting
and scared to take a flower. Take it. Look, we meet daily like this.. ..and talk for hours in the park.. ..and talking by cell
phone when not together.. ..and crying when the bill comes.. some event and
a romantic moment.. ..holding hands together.. ..looking into each other’s eyes.. ..we will commit. This is a huge process. It might take six months or a year. We cannot say that.
It’s just waste of time. That is why I want to
come straight to the point. Hey, dear! Can I kiss you, baby? Why are you hiding your lips? Didn’t anyone kiss you before? Yes, they did. – Who? My mom, dad and Baburao. Baburao?! Who is he? My puppy! – Puppy?! Didn’t you find any
nice name for your dog? Anyway.. listen.. Kissing isn’t a complicated process. It is just having
a shakehand with lips. You don’t have to do anything. Close your eyes.. your mouth a little.. ..and bring your tongue a little out. I will take care of the rest. Okay? Okay. Why did you open your mouth like that? This is gents toilet. Don’t you
know Jayalalitha is not allowed here? When Jayalalitha is not saying
anything, why do you bother? Stop it. That share holder’s list.. ..I found that he hid
it in ICICI bank locker. I see! What is the bank locker code? I don’t know. – What should I do then? You should immediately see.. ..Rajendraprasad’s naked body.
– What?! Yes. I found that he had
that code tattooed.. some secret location on his body. Tattoo?! – You should
find that out somehow.. ..and give me that
share holder’s list. If you err,
I will throw you into water.. ..and remove your
Jayalalitha from water.. ..and kill both of you. You should brush your teeth daily. Hello! – James? Yes. Do you wake up early in the morning? What for? I will go to jog in the park tomorrow. Okay? – Okay. No! No! No! No! Which animal commited
suicide this time? A dog. – A dog?! Why is that these animals
want to commit suicide.. ..with your gun when
you are about to kill me? I too don’t understand that, sir. I think all these animals belong.. some suicide squad, sir.
– Shut up! It is my mistake to hire
a fool like you to this work. You cannot kill me outdoors. Indoor, at my office.. ..I will sit still in my chair. Can you kill me with
that injection then? I hope no animal will come there. Not even mosquito is allowed. Then I will kill you
for sure this time, sir. Wait for my phone call. – Okay, sir. I don’t want to see
you in stupid getups again. Be careful! Foolish fellow. The bell is ringing.
– I think it’s door bell. You heard it well.
Why don’t you open the door? Why don’t you do that? I am watching TV. So am I. Shall we ask Ramu to open it? He is also watching TV. Hey, fools! You have ordered for food
and now not opening the door. Who ordered for food? – Me. Then go and open it. – Won’t you eat? Hey, why don’t you feed him something?
– Why don’t you? I have to remove
the tape to feed this. I have to push it through
the tape to feed this. That is better. Push into his mouth. He doesn’t want it. Then eat it yourself. Why did you reach so much?
Just a dummy finger. Hey! If you don’t pay
me 1crore in seven days.. ..both of you will
be left with nine fingers. The person who brough
the food is one of Velu’s men. Hey, do you want some pizza? This is a horrible plan
than ‘mission impossible’. No! Nothing doing. I want you
to settle your love matter by evening. Your marriage should be fixed in
two days and get married by fouth day. By the seventh day.. ..we should steal 1crore from
her father. – What about first night? Hey, do you want first night
or your little finger? – Hey! Are you out of your mind? Engagement in a couple
of days and marriage by weekend? Are you mad? I am not mad but Velu is Bad. How do you want me to ask
her about marriage directly? Who asked you to ask directly?
Give her this ring. Where did you get this? I stole it from receptionist Rosy. How do you plan to
give this ring to her? What is this?
– I want to give it stylishly. You do not have any imagination. I will tell you how
to give this ring. Listen. Okay, sir! Okay. – Excuse me. Yes? – I have a table
reservation by the name Nani. One minute. Okay, sir. Come in. Please! Thanks, sir. What happened, sir? Hey! Would you do me a favour?
– What is it, sir? What is today’s special?
– Goat cheeze. Goat cheeze?! Yes, something special. With my food order.. ..I want you to bring
two plates goat cheeze. – Okay. In one of the plates.. ..put this ring at the bottom. Do you want me to
put it in cheeze? – Yes. And the girl sitting
with me should get it. Okay? – Okay, sir. Hi! – Why were you late? Traffic! – By the way.. ..why did you scare
my grandma yesterday? I was about to iron
my pant and shirt.. ..but your grandma
attacked me with the gun. Why did you come to
my house without clothes? I wore clothes. But your maid.. – Anyways forget it. I am hungry. Let’s order something. Okay. Okay. Shall we have fish? You like fish? No, I don’t like fish. I hate it. Why is that? Fish urinate in water and live in that water only. Very dirty. – What?! Kids will also urinate
in swimming pool. But we don’t eat kids, right? Anyways! You place the order. Excuse me! Where is my table? What is your name?
– Hey, boss Velu and madam Alivelu. That side, sir. Hey, you go and sit there.
– Okay, boss. What’s special today?
– Goat cheeze, sir. Goat cheeze?! – Yes, sir. Did you eat it ever? – No. Bring two plates. – Okay, sir. You place the order.
I will be back in a moment. Thank you, sir. Actually what I wanted
to tell you is.. Tell me.. – ..I was.. It is really romantic.
Isn’t it? – Yeah! When will they stop this? When we give them the tip. Okay. Take it. Generally I never thought of tip..
– One rupee.. One rupee?! – I will give
them what I pick up from my pocket. Thank you, sir. Enjoy! Enjoy! I was used to that from my childhood. Sorry, sir! Sorry! – Idiot! Are you blind?
Get lost! – Sorry, sir! Sorry! Sorry! Are you okay? – I am okay. But my dress is wet. Can you adjust for a while? Yes, I can. It is completely wet. I am feeling cold. I will go to washroom and come.
– Okay. Please! It would have been nice
if this shirt was long. Sir! Sir! We made a mistake, sir.
– What happened? You asked me to put the ring on
cheeze plate and send to your table. But that cup has been
served to another table. It’s alright. Bring it here. And keep it on our table.
– It is not possible, sir. – Why? That lady ate all the cheeze. The ring is stuck in her throat. She is about to die, sir. See there. Sis-in-law! Sis-in-law! What happened? Sir? Hey, stop it! We can talk later. Something is stuck in her throat.
I am trying to take it out. Okay, then do it. Do it. Do it. Hit hardly! Hit correctly. Hit her! Hit her! Hit her! Hit her! Hey! – Hit her! How dare you? Hey! Ramu! Hey! Hey, Bujji! I am Bajji! Come here. What is it, Bujji?
You spoke boldly in chatting.. ..but why are you afraid
to give me the flower? Look, we meet daily like this.. ..speaking for hours in the park.. ..talking by cell phone.. ..and crying after seeing the bill.. ..on some event.. a romantic moment,
looking into each other’s eyes.. ..holding hands we will commit. This is very long process. It may take six months or one year. So time waste. That is why I am coming
to the point directly. Can I kiss you, baby? Why did you hide your lips? Didn’t anyone kiss you before? Who is it? – My mom, dad and Baburao. Baburao?! That means you are.. Baburao is not human, it’s my dog. Dog?! – Yes.
– Kissing isn’t a hard thing. Just like giving shakehand
with your lips. That’s it. Close your eyes.. your mouth a little.. ..and bring out the tongue.
I will take care of the rest. Okay? Why did you open your mouth like that? My mouth opens automatically
when I am scared. Why are you afraid now? Any person will be scared
when he sees an elephant in closeup. Hey, listen to me. – Nothing doing. We have decided earlier. If you fail in love,
we must choose crime. Hey, just missed.
I want to try again. – No. We are going into his room
and mixing these tablets in his drink. He will fall asleep.
We will find the tattoo. We will tell that to microchip
and he will pay us 1crore. Problem solved. – Listen to me. Please listen to me. – No! No! Hey, Bujji! – Nothing doing.
– Let us plan something else. This idea isn’t good. – I’ll take
care of everything. – Listen to me. Be silent. – Please, Bujji! Hey, do you both work in this office? Yes, we are friends. Okay! Okay! – Who are they? I will tell you later. Come with me. Good morning, sir. Good morning. How is your Jayalalitha? – Fine, sir. This is the project
report you asked for. Sorry, sir. Sorry, sir! It’s okay. Did you give me specs and estimates?
– Yes, sir. Why did you take
so much time for this? Good morning, sir!
– Good morning, sir! Why did you come here? Nothing, sir. I remembered a joke.
I wanted to share it with you. Joke?! Come on.
Sit down and tell me. You can go now. The project report is urgent.. We can talk about project later.
You can go now. Come and sit down. Take Jayalalitha carefully with you. Take your seat. – Thank you, sir. What is the joke. Come on tell me. Subbarao entered into his house. The house is very dark. Subbarao switched on the light. Light was on. That is the joke, sir. Sir?! Sir! Sir! Sir? Sir? Hey, his pulse is very low. How many times should I tell you? Not to tell such worst jokes to him.
See what happened. What should we do now? Doctor! Carefully, sir! Slow! Easy, daddy! My dear! What happened to you?
– I am okay. Shut up! Nothing has happened to me. Sir, let me help you, sir.
– Me too. – My dear! I told you it’s alright, bro. Let us meet at the office
by 7 o’clock tomorrow. We can discuss about Bujjibabu. I am perfectly alright.
– Okay, sir. – Okay? My dear! – My son! – Listen to me. My dear! – Shut up! Thanks for the lift. Bye! – Bye! Ramu! There is a saying that good
things happens to good people. My dad is a very nice person. That is why when my company
was facing problems.. have joined like God
himself sent you for our help. You saved my father today. You are really God-sent. Thank you. My dad like you both a lot. Like you saved my dad’s life.. ..with your computer save my company.. ..from loses. I wish so. Good night! – Good night! Good night! Okay! Bye! I can’t do this. I cannot do it. Falling in love with her.. ..and cheating her father. What would have happened if we
added our tablets in his drink today? He is sugar patient. He would have died and
we would have ended up in jail. I can’t do this anymore. Hey, you are really selfish. You are thinking only about your love. Do you have any feeling
for the little finger? Hey, no matter whether
Velu cuts your finger or mine.. ..I cannot cheat the girl I love. You can get hundreds
of girls if she is gone. But you won’t get another
finger if you lose it. It is not nail to think
that it will grow again. I don’t mind even if I die. He said that he is coming
to the office early tomorrow. Staff won’t be there. Let us tell him the truth
and say sorry and leave that place. Hello? James! I am going to the office. Okay. Sir! – Please come in. Yes, sir. Yes, sir? Who are you? I am Sushma’s sister. She is not well today. She sent me. Oh! Did you call the doctor? He is already here. Send him in. Yes, sir. Good morning. – Good morning.
Find the spot correctly. If I miss from this distance.. is waste to do my job, sir. You did well. Hello! Operation success,
patient dead. Good! Take the body
to the railway track. Success! Hey, sixteen countries.. Sixteen disguises.. You are the king of crime world. I will get 50crores
reward if I catch you. Hey, John Abrahim! You are a genius, I say. You are a great genius. I love you! I love you! I love you! You are not genius. I am the one. I did sixteen times
plastic surgery on you.. ..and made you look exactly.. the person
you wanted to look like. I did a perfect work. I am the genius. You are ablolutely right, doctor. You are free from
that tiresome work now. This my last scam.
After finishing everything here.. ..make me look like real John Abraham. I will settle happily
with my darling. Okay? Forget about your settling.
What about me? For the plastic surgery
operations I did till now.. didn’t even pay
at least the consultation fees. You have hundreds of thousands
rupees in Swiss bank. From the amount you robbed till now.. ..give me fifty percent as my fees. Otherwise for your
next plastic surgery.. have to search
for another doctor. Even I was thinking the same thing,
doctor. – About my settlement? No. I will look for another
dorctor for my next plastic surgery. What?! Foolish fellow! What is the color of
the suit he is wearing today? Hey, no! Please listen to me.
– No, I will tell him today. Are you out of your mind? Whatever you say,
I am going to tell him. – Listen. Why? – Because I feel guilty. Sir! I want to tell you a truth, sir. We told you lies
to join in your company. Sir? Sir? Sir? – Sir? Hey, whenever we come to his room,
something happens to him. We didn’t tell him any joke yet. Sir? Hey, he is not breathing this time. Hey, stethoscope! Syringe! Hey, there is no pulse at all. That means.. – Is he dead? Good morning, sir. Your photo was printed
as cover page in Business today. We need your photo
for the annual report, sir. Thank you, sir. Thank God! What should we do now?
– Let us runaway. Hey, something happens
to him when we come here. And that photographer saw us. Everyone will think
that we killed him. If we want to be safe.. ..he should be alive for a while.
– But how? I got an idea. Make him stand. Sorry, sir! Sorry, sir!
– Hey, he is already dead. Come on. What is it? – Search for two cables. Sorry, sir. Give me one more chance. I will definitely kill you.
Definitely. Hey, what should we do with these?
– Turn him around. I’ll tell you. I will not miss this time. I didn’t think that
James is such an idiot. I will sell off Rajendraprasad’s
entire property in half an hour.. ..and transfer that
amount to Swiss bank. Meanwhile book two
tickets to US for us. All the best. Hi, daddy! Daddy! Okay! Okay! Okay! Okay, baby! Okay! Why did you come early
to the office, daddy? If you take rest today.. will look fresh in the party.
– Party?! What party? Your birthday party. Did you forget? Sir! Excuse me, sir. – Yes? Everyone is waiting
for you in the board room. Oh, let’s go. Today we must take a decision. Are we selling Underware
to Wonderware or not? Yes or no? Yes or no? Yes. Good. – Good morning,
ladies and gentlemen. Good morning, sir. Sit down. Mr. Chairman! All the board
member’s have come to a decision. Without delay let us
sell Underware to Wonderware. We have passed a resolution. What will be my share
if I sell this company? After paying the debts on the company,
you will get 20crores. Done! Tell me where I have to sign. Daddy! What are you saying?
You worked so hard.. bring this company
to this position. Did you forget? Very soon Ramu and his friend.. ..will make a talking
computer. Please! Forget it, sir. They are fools. How can we believe their words? Just put a signature here
and you will get 20crores. Just a minute. Hello? – Hello!
Sir, this is James speaking. What is it? I cannot kill you, sir. Why? – I gave poison
injection to your stomach. Still you are alive.
How am I going to kill you now? What?! – What? What? – What? What? What? Sorry, sir. Hey, useless fellow! What I want is good news. And not the bad news. Finish
the work somehow and call my men. Okay? – Okay. Sir! Please sign here. – I will not. Why is that, sir? You said you will. I got my own problems.
If I stay here signing these papers.. Yes! Yeah! Hey, untie the ropes. Hey, though he is short.. ..very heavy to carry him.
– What should we do with him? Hey, bell is rining.
– I think it is door bell. I can hear that. Go and open it. What if the police is here? No one knows about his
death except you and me. How can they know that?
Go and open the door. Hi! Hey, Anju. – Anju?! You just manage for a while.
I will see what to do. Okay. Hi! Why did you close the door?
– I am always like that. I close and open the
door four or five times. Hey! Is it okay? – Okay. If your opening and closing of
door is over, I want to come inside. Yes, it’s over. Please come inside. Thank you. What is this? Something was sharp. The cusion of that sofa is bad.
Please sit hee. It’s okay. Why didn’t
you come to the office today? Today is Sunday. – Yes, sunday. Today isn’t Sunday. – Is it not? Today is Friday. Hey, I told you last
year to change the calender. Hey, I told you not
to look at that calender. Hey, why didn’t you change it?
– Why did you look? – Hello! Why did you? – Hey, Ramu! Will you stop it? My daddy’s birthday is tomorrow. Every year our office
staff come with their families. All of us will party
for the entire day and enjoy. I came here to invite you two. Will your father come to that party? Very funny. What do you mean? Why wouldn’t he attend
his birthday party? Anyway, I have a lot of work to do.
I have to leave. Bye! You should definitely come.
I want to.. ..tell him about us tomorrow. I will not miss this time. Promise me that you will come. Yes, of course. Okay, bye! See you! – See you! Hey, the same syringe again. Hey, the window. Hey, can you see anything? No, it is very dark there. That fellow is trying
to kill him again means.. ..he thinks that this
person is still alive. That means he will come
to kill him again for sure. We should pretend as if he is alive. Then we must take him to the party. That killer will definitely come
to the party. We can catch him there. Then we will not be
blamed for this crime. Hey, will you attend
your birthday party? Silly fellow! Cheers! Any problem? – All the
guests are having drinks, madam. I think we have to order more drinks. Don’t worry. Order 200 cases more. We should receive only
compliments and not complaints. Okay, madam. – Okay. Where is dad? I don’t know. Did you see, mom-in-law? How can he come late
for his birthday party? He is not that kind of person.
He might be here already. Search for him. Don’t worry. Come on, let us look for him.
– Okay. – Come on. Waiter! – Yes, sir? What is it, sir? – No one should
be seen without glass in the party. If you see someone like that,
give him a glass. Okay, sir. – Okay? Okay. Happy birthday, chairman sir. Happy birthday, chairman sir. Happy birthday, chairman sir. He seems to be over drunk already. Knocked out already. Chairman sir! Chairman sir! Happy birthday, chairman sir. Don’t smile like that, chairman sir!
I feel shy, chairman sir. I am talking to you.
Please don’t smile like that. Chairman sir! Chairman sir! Bye, chairman sir. Hey, it is dangerous to stay here.
We might be caught for sure. Hey, I will be back in a moment. Hey, wear your sari properly. Who is he? Why is he looking at you? He is our chairman.
This is his birthday party. He might be your chairman.
But how dare he woos at my wife? Why is he calling you? Did you see? He is calling you again. I will kill you. What are you waiting for?
Come on, let us go. Hey, let us take him
away from here. Come on. Hey, this is the secret code. Where is it? Hey, forget about the code.
We must catch the killer first. You continue. – Okay. Did you see? – Yes, sir. Foolish fellow! He is celebrating
this function grandly. It will be nice if
James kills him soon. Otherwise I will go
and kill both of them. I will go to Rajendraprasad’s place.. ..and cut the cake.
You take care of your work. Okay? – Okay, sir. Hi, Raja! Happy birthday. I smell some corpse here. Can you smell anything? Do you smell that? – Oh, corpse smell? It might be scotch’s smell.
– Yes, sir. – Hey! Do you know who I am?
I am a CID officer. This is CID nose.
My nose is very sharp. My nose will never deceive me. There is a corpse
somewhere around for sure. I will find out. Thank you. Hey, come on. Hey, in the middle of so many people.. ..that killer will
not attempt to kill him. Yes, before that CID officer
comes back talking about corpses.. ..we should move him from here.. somewhere that killer
can attack him. – Okay. Excuse me! Good morning, chairman sir. Happy birthday. Bye! Hey, let us go to the swimming pool. Hey, let us put him on
this and leave it in the pool. Then killer will see that
he is alone and attacks him for sure. Come on, let us go and hide somewhere. Mr.Domingo!
Did you see my dad anywhere? Just now he went to
swimming pool with Ramu. Oh! Okay, thank you. James! Yes? Didn’t I tell you
not to disguise yourself? Why did you put that
cross mark on your face? This isn’t some disguise. I was injured when
I fell down the other day. Fool! I will be waiting
at the swimming pool. Come and kill me there.
If you miss this time.. ..not only me but you too will die. I will appoint another
killer for that. Okay? Okay. Hey! Come on, let us play. Good shot, chairman sir. Oh, no! Hey, syringe! That means he is around here. – Come. Come on, let us sit there. The music inside is loud. Yes. Your chairman will
not come here at least. Did you see how your
chairman is following you? He is going to die by my hands today. Hey! Bloody chairman! – My dear! Hey, it is difficult to carry
him around and search for killer. Let us settle him somewhere.
That side. Where are you? Hey! Hey! Oh, no! Come on, let us go. Hey, bloody chairman! Hey, what is this?
– I will not leave you. How dare you try to woo at my wife?
– My dear! He is not such man. Hey, you! – Why would I woo her, sir? Just leave him. – Hey, you! Please leave him! Please! He is a nice person. Please leave him.
– Come on, let us go. Carry him. What is this? You came to
the party but running away from me. No, I was searching for you. I heard that daddy was with you.
Where is he? He was with us till now.
Just now he went to washroom. Yes, to the washroom. Didn’t I tell you that
there is a person in this party.. ..who will not sneeze even
if we put a straw in his nose? – Yes. If you want me to
show you that trick.. should give
me fifty rupees. – Here! Okay, come. Hey, didn’t I tell you
that he won’t sneeze? Yeah! Don’t go anywhere. We should talk
with my parents after cake cutting. Bye! – Bye! Idiot! Look there. Hey, look now.
I am going to put a burning.. Hey! Hey!
– Even then he will not.. – You! Hey, let us runaway. – Come on! Let us take him inside. I did my job nicely! Shut up! Why did you
shout like that? – Sir! I shot the injection at you just now. Why were you dead yet? What do you mean
by injection and death? Why are you not able to kill me?
– Sir, I am killing you properly. But you are the one who is not dying. Okay! Okay, sir!
I will kill you now. – No. Not now. You should kill
me when I give you the signal. Sir, is this not proper. When I am near you,
you say not to kill you. But you are not dying when I
shoot you from far. – That’s my wish. I am paying you money. You should kill me only
when I give you the signal. Wait till then. Okay, sir. – Fool! You became a donar to the almighty. Nani and Bujji escaped
but we caught this fellow. Where are they? They went to the party. Party?! It is very hard to carry him around. Hey, injection. That means that killer
was at dance floor. Chairman sir? Chairman sir! Chairman sir! Don’t smile like that, sir.
I feel shy. Come on! Come on! How long will you take. Do it quickly. There is no code on his body. But it is stinking a lot.
Do you want it? – Shut up! That code must be on his body.
Look properly. Do it quickly. How long will you take? It’s not here. Not here! And here too. I have searched his entire body.
Nothing is on it. – Not there?! Come on! Madam! Madam! Don’t! Chairman sir! – He is sleeping, madam. He asked me to come.
– Later! Please go now. What’s all this? What the hell is going on? Where are my clothes? Don’t shout! Don’t shout! – My dear! Hey, bloody chairman! How dare you touch my wife? Hey, it’s Velu. Why are you looking at me like that? Turn that side. Hey, I told you not
to look at me like that. Turn that side. Why are you laughing at me? Is my face bad? Turn that side. Hey, didn’t I tell you to
stop laughing and turn that side? Turn that side. Why are you looking like that? Why are you laughing? This is bad. I will cut your finger.
– Boss, don’t do it. No! Let us search for
Nani and Bujji, boss. Come on, boss! Come. Chairman sir! Let’s dance. Yes? – I will be on the dance floor!
Come and kill me. Okay. Hey, let us take him upstairs. Okay, come on. My dear! Happy birthday. What is this? You are hiding from us.. ..since this morning.
– Actually.. I was.. Shall we dance? – Dance?! Me?! I saw you. You were dancing with the ladies here. A nice song has just began.
Please come. No! No! Not to the dance floor!
I won’t come. Come. – I won’t come. Hey, not now! Shoot me when I give you the signal.
Please! – Stay still. Why don’t you go away. Not now. Just wait! – Don’t do it. Oh, no! No! Signal cancel! Signal cancel! I am finished. O God! Stand properly! My God! Please save me. Hey, see there. I think he is the killer. Yes, he has a injection in his hand. Hey! Hey! – Hey, who are you? Leave me!
– Catch him. – Hey, leave me I say. Hey, I will kill you. Hey, I will kill you both.
My name is James. Don’t play games. Hey, is the information
that they are here right? Correct, boss. There he is. He poured drink on me.. ..and see how he is laughing. Hey, I will kill you. I will cut your little finger. Hey, you are dead today.
Come on, let us go. Come on, catch him. Hey, my name is James. Don’t play games. Where is he? Catch him. How dare you pour drink on my head?
– Boss! Nani and Bujji. Hey! Hey, catch them. I will cut their little fingers.
– Little finger!? Oh, no! Hey, stop there. Hey, who is he? We were bringing money to pay you. But he snatched our money and ranaway.
– My money? Hey, come on! Let us catch him. Excuse me! Daddy! Happy birthday, daddy. Why were you late
to your birthday party? I wasn’t late. I came here early only. Daddy, which peg is it? This is first peg. Don’t lie, daddy!
Okay, it is time to cut the cake. You stay here. – Okay. You go and make arrangements. – Okay. Doctor! Doctor! Hello, baby! Nice party. Thank you!
Did you give injection to daddy today? Not yet! I brought injection with me.
But where is he? Do it quickly.
He is drinking a lot since morning. I will do it immediately.
Where is this birthday boy? My name is James. Don’t play games. Hey, he will not move even
if I put this cigerette in his ear. I will bet fifty rupees. Here is my fifty!
– This is mine. – My fifty. Ahh! Hot! What? – Run! Thank you! – Welcome, sir. Injection! Come on! Let us go. – Okay. Hello, doctor! Hello, CID sir!
– Do you smell any corpse nearby? Corpse! May be this one. I am asking about human
and not cooked chicken. Stop it, sir. Why would corpse come to the party,
sir? – Nonsense! My nose is very sharp.
It will never decieve me. There is a corpse in this hall.
I will find out. Hey! I want that gun. This isn’t a toy gun for you to play.
This is for elders. Go and play. Hey, are you going
to give the gun or not? Hey, my name is James.
Don’t play games. I will kill all of you. – Hey! Get lost! – Hey,
are you going to give it or not? No, this is my gun.
– Hey, beat him up. Hey, leave me. – Don’t beat me. Hey, I got it. Foolish fellow! Hey! Hey! Since it is birthday.. Hey, fool! – Yes, sir? Sir! In your party adults
are better than kids. What happened? I was preparing gun for you. But they
bashed me up and took the gun. – What? Sir! But I have
protected the injection. Now tell me where I should kill you.
I will do it. Bloody fools! It is confirmed that
you are good for nothing. You cannot kill me. I will kill myself
and stay in some room. Take my deadbody to the railway track. Sir! Please give me another chance.
– Impossible! Don’t talk. Look for my dead body
in all the rooms and take it. Excuse me! Hello, sir! I am coming. Excuse me! Bloody fools! Good morning, sir. – Good morning. Happy birthday, sir. Now you can drink as much as you want. Sir? Sir? Hey! Fools! Fools! If he is Rajendraprasad,
then who is he? Forget about who he is.
We should hide this fellow first. Otherwise we will be in danger. Party is very nice. Isn’t it? Do you smell anything? – No, sir. Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! – Hey! Hey! Sir! Sir! Sir! Hey! – Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir? Sir? O my God! He is dead. It has been very
long since he is dead. Hey! If this phone is with him,
then who will take the body? Hey, I am asking
you for the last time. Why did you do all these murders? Who is behind you? Tell me the truth. Really, sir.
We don’t know anything, sir. Promise, sir. – This isn’t enough. Hey, leave us, sir. We are innocent.
– Leave me. Take their photos. Send them to Tihar jail. Let us deal this next year.
– Sir! Sir! Please, sir. Sir! Sir! Hey, what does he mean by next year? Are we going to be
in Tihar jail for one year? If I stay there for one year.. ..Anju will be married
to some other person. Idiot! Thinking about Anju?
We are blamed for her dad’s murder. Why are you thinking about her? – Hey! But we didn’t kill her father. Hey, see this. Did you see?
Lingaraju tookover Underware somehow. Tomorrow he is taking over. I am talking about Anju and
you are talking about Underware. Anju is selling the company
after her father died. That means.. ..she is in a lot of pain right now.
– What should we do now? If you want to marry Anju.. ..we should save her company.
– But how? Yes, first we should escape from here.
– Escape?! Hey, stand near that wall. I am telling you. Go there. Stand near the wall. Move aside! Not there. Stand in the middle. In the middle. Move! Move a little more. Okay! Ready! You said that we should escape. What is the plan? – There is no plan.
We should think something now. What?! – Steady! Steady! Steady! Don’t move. Hey, he is asking to stand still. Face this side and not that side. Look at the lens. Here! Hey, turn that side. Hey, do you have any plan? Steady! – He said steady! When I say steady, you should
look at the lens. Here, look here. Hey, look at the lens. Okay, good one. Why did you love her
when you didn’t have a plan? I said steady! How is that related to this? Steady, idiot! – He said steady again. Steady means.. Look there. Hey, steady! You should look at
the lens when I say steady! Hey, look there. Steady! – Look there and not here. Steady guys! Steady means.. Lens! Okay? Hey, he is scolding because
you are looking at me. Okay then.. Why is he crying? Because you are not steady! It’s you and not me. – No, you. Sir! Steady means.. Like him. Just look at him. Did you see how his look
is fixed in one direction. Stand like him. Stand still. Steady, please! Hey, where is that dummy looking? It is looking at the wall behind us. That means we should
also look at the wall. Hey! You will not change. You can stand as you like
and I will take as I like. Come on! Very good! Super! That is what I want! Fools! Correct! Then went in half an hour back. Why aren’t they back.
– Let us check inside. Hey, How long are you going to take? Over, sir! Just the finishing touch! Finish it quickly and come out. Hey! – Sir! – Where is Nani and Bujji? They went to toilet, sir. When they are inside,
what are you doing here, idiots? How long it has beem? Half an hour, sir. – Half an hour? Hey, Nani! – Hey, Bujji! It has been fifteen
minutes since they went. Why aren’t they out?
Come on, let us check. Sir?! Sir?! Breaking news! The main
accused persons in the murder of.. ..chairman of Underware
software and hardware company.. ..Mr. G. Rajendraprasad.. ..who were arrested.. ..Totakura Kishorebabu alias Nani.. ..Katuri Rameshchandra alias Bujji.. ..has escaped from CID custody. They ran away.
Investigations revealed that.. ..they used poison
injection to kill him. To earn money within
short period of time.. ..Nani and Bujji.. ..entered the company falsely
and implimented their plan.. Hey! – Since they have escaped.. ..the police are searching
for them everywhere. – Hey! You are.. – What happened? Are you afraid that
we came to your house? Hey, I don’t care how you came here.
First put my Jayalalitha down. Hey, we knew every wrong deeds.. did in the Underware.. ..along with microchip, Mr.
potatochip. If you don’t want our
Ramu to harm your Jayalalitha.. should do as we say. Hey, don’t harm my Jayalalitha. I cannot tolerate if something happens
to it. Please stay away from her. Please leave me. Hey, please! Please! Why did you come here? I want some money urgently. Money?! Why should I give you money? Since I have done all the
wrong things that you asked.. ..risking my life and job for you. What risk did you take? Did you do any one work properly? Okay. I will see you when I get by. Thanks. Bye! Take me to hightech city. Yes, sir. Mr. Mills? Nani! Bujji! – Oh! Please come in, Mr. Mills! Please! Please take your seat. Listen! You bet it will be good? You will love it. Trust me. Okay. Mr. Mills! You are about to witness.. ..the worlds most advanced.. ..seventh generation.. ..voice recognition
and talk back computer. Seventh generation?! I haven’t even heard the
fifth generation computer yet. Where did this come from?
– We invented it, sir. It’s called Bujjibabu007. Why don’t you tell
him a nursary rhyme? Nursary rhyme? Johny? Johny? – Yes. Like Johny! Johny! – Okay. Johny! Johny! – Yes, papa! Eating sugar? – No, papa! Fantastic! That’s amazing. What a wonderful piece of equipment? How did you guys do that? Anju! Sign here. Just a minute, madam.
– Yes, Mr. Gomango? Sorry, Mr. Phiraday! Madam! I am coming straight
from our company lawyer. Chairman sir wrote in his will.. ..that his speach should
be played to the board. Hey, what’s all this? Let us finish the signing process.
Let us hear it later. Mr. Gomango! – Madam? I want to hear my dad’s last words.
– Definitely, madam. No problem, Mr. Phiraday! I have waited five
years for Underware. Can’t I wait five more minutes? Let him play it. Mr. Afridi! – Yes, Mr. Gomango? Please play the vedio!
– Okay, Mr. Gomango. No! No! Please! – Then play it. Our software engineers foolishly.. ..worked hard for
six years to develop.. ..super computer, but I blasted it. I am the one who took care that.. ..there will not be any backup files
for it. – What is this, Mr. Gomango? I am the one who found the place.. ..where Rajendraprasad kept
his secret share holder’s list. I am the one who found that..’s code was tattooed on his body. What is this, madam?
What is he saying? I am the one who manipulated markets
so that our share values goes down. I am the one who told you what to mix
in his drink so that he goes to coma. I planed to kill him if needed.. Hey, if someone try to move.. ..I will kill everyone.
Anju! Sign those papers. Come on, sign them. Come on! Hey, please don’t do it.
– I cannot tolerate this. I will tell him.
– Hey, please! Don’t do it. Babu! Please! – Listen to me. – Hey! Please don’t! – No, I will tell him. Please listen to me. – Stop it. Hey, what is this nuisense? Please don’t tell them. – No, I will tell him. I was coming here to
tell you an important thing. But he is stopping me. Hey, don’t tell him.
– Hey, shut your mouth. You say it. I am going to say. – Okay, say it. Nothing, sir. You were roaming in the office
with your pant zip open since morning. I was coming here to tell
you that but he was stopping me. What? Leave me. Oh! My Jayalalitha. Leave me! Leave me! – Get lost. Miss Anju Prasad! Good or bad! Let bygones be bygones! Whether you sell this
company to me or not.. ..I have purchased all
the shares of your company.. ..a long time back. From tomorrow in front of you.. ..I will be sitting as a
board member in this board room. Whether you like it or not.. ..I will takeover
this company for sure. Is this drama necessary? That is why better
to sign those papers.. ..and give me the
Underware that I wanted. Sorry, Mr.
Lingaraju! You don’t have that chance. With the advance that Mr.
Bill Gates gave us.. ..we have purchased all
the shares of your company. Not only that,
we spoke with your banks.. ..and took your company
assets into our control. What?! Sorry, Mr.
Lingaraju! Underware is not for sale. You are not buying our company.
We are buying your company. No! No! No! No! No! No! Thank you, sir.
– No! I want Underware! Sir! – What is it? You were asking since many days. I don’t understand whether
I should give it to you or not. What is that? Here, sir! This is mine, sir. You can wash it and use it. Idiot! How dare you! Hey! I want Underware! I want Underware! I want Underware!
– This is mine, sir. You can take it. Anju! This is your company’s
secret share holder’s list. Now this company is under
your control. It’s all yours. We have joined your
company to cheat you. But we didn’t commit any crime. Just shut up! You have joined
our company with false name. Whatever you said to
me till now are all lies. No, Anju!
I am the one who planned this crime. He didn’t do anything wrong. He tried to tell you
the truth many times. But when he dared, it was too late. Hey, are you supporting him? Both of you just get
out of the building. – Anju? Anju! Don’t show your face to me again. Anju! I am sorry, Anju! I didn’t mean..
– What are you waiting for? Go! Anju! Anju, please! Anju! Anju! Please wait. Anju! Anju! I really love you. But if you love me back.. ..if you too love me,
I want to marry you. I will give you all the happiness.
I will come to your house if you want. I will make all your friends
as my sister as soon as I marry you. I will see your face after
waking up early in the morning. I will take care that
you won’t see my face. I will open the car door for you.. ..and I will get in only after you. I will become the driver
and cleaner of your car. No matter how bad your cooking taste.. ..I will eat it happily. I will tell my friends
that you are a wonderful cook. When you watch TV serial.. ..I will not fight with
you for sports channel. I will give the remote control to you. God promise! I will not eat the chocolates
that you hide in the fridge. I will take your grandma
to dentist every week. When you return home
tired from the office.. ..I will invite you with a cup of tea. I will massage your
legs till you sleep. If your mom sends me
to the market for vegetables.. ..I will not take any
commission from that money. If you are in good mood.. ..I will not try to spoil it.. silly excuses. If we have a daughter,
she will be named after your mom.. ..and if it is a boy,
he will be named after your dad. I will not fight with you
to name them after my parents. I cannot buy AC cars
or huge buildings for you. But I can give you a rose every day.. ..hug you and say I love you. Nani! I love you. Nani! I love you. Nani! I love you. Nani! I love you. Nani! I love you. Nani! I love you. Nani! I love you. Nani! I love you. I love you. I really love you. I love you! – I love you! I love you! – I love you! We are finished. Sir! We are innocent, sir. We didn’t kill anyone, sir.
– Yes, sir. I know that you didn’t do it. Anju! I found out
who killed your father. We found his deadbody near railway
track today. – Who is he, uncle? John Abraham! He is an international criminal. With the help of plastic surgery.. ..he transforms himself to look
like the person he is targetting.. ..and then he will get them killed. After that he goes into their
place and sell their properties. If he is the one who was
behind Anju’s father’s murder.. ..then who killed him? Who is the person who
killed people in this party? My name is James. Don’t play games. This is not a game, Mr. James. You don’t have a leg.
How are you going to kill people? Listen mister! I don’t kill people.. ..with my legs or hands. I use my brain for it. Okay. You should kill someone.
– Is it human? Why did you ask that?
– I will kill only people. I cannot tolerate if
something happens to animals. You have to kill a person. But you should kill him with this. With this? – Yes. With this poison injetion. Okay. After killing him.. should carry his body to the
railway tracks in the city outskirts. After that.. – After that.. I have to call the
number on this card. Then someone will
come to collect the body. Is that all? Yes, that’s it. And the person whom I should
kill is you. Is it right? – Yes. How did you know? You must kill me. Hey, what do you think of me? Ah! Every person comes here, pays money.. ..shows the injection
and asks me to kill him. I am a professional killer.
What do you think of me? Have you decided firmly? Yes. – You are the
one whom I should kill. Yes.

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