parul’son || Birthday, they celebrated their friends birthday by sharing happiness

Fardin, today is Fahads birthday You know that through facebook I know that before Any party plan ? No plan. He cant even hear the word BIRTHDAY You know that right. I know that, but Listen Yesterday I had a controversy on that topic with Fahad I dont want to mess with him again Okay
Leave it. Do you have any class now ? No Okay then sit here, I have a class now Go Fardin, can you remember something ? What ? Someday Fahad got 20$ on the road and
bought some foods for the kids Remember that ? Yes I can remember. Then what. I have an idea. What idea. You are thinking the same as I am right ? Yes. Lets goo ! You have a class test today ! Forget everything for now.
Have to get ready for the afternoon. Yeah lets go ! What do you think, what would be better to buy? Since it is winter
some warm cloths would be better Are you mad ? How we will manage this much of money? I know we are beggar, but still
have to manage I want to surprise him. We can also think about non-priviliged.
Not only him. I have only 6$ I have 7$. Enough We can buy 2 jackets easily. Jacket Okay Okay then. Lets inform them. Yeah, lets go. Sohel, Kawser.
You both seems mood off. Whats the matter. No no brother, We are fine. Okay listen. Today is Fahad’s birthday.
We planned to do something this afternoon. Lets buy those jackets first.
Then we will call Fahad. Yeah. We are ready right ? Yeah ready Okay then I am calling Fahad. Yeah. Make the call. Hello Fahad. Yeah Fardin am hearing Come to the campus ASAP.
I got one to work on the project GRAVITY Okay okay. I am coming.
Don’t let him go. Where is he ? Fahad listen, I lied.
I had to lie otherwise you would not come here. But still I know, lie is bad. Why did you call me? Birthday Wish.
[Claps] Sohel Kawser.
Thank both of you. You know I don’t like these activities.
Why you brought me from home for no reason. Fahad, listen, Don’t get angry This birthday celebration is little different. No cakes for you nor any gift. But, try to imagine something. I and Fardin bought two jackets for you
as a gift. Just imagine man. And those jacket we gifted Sohel Kawser instead of you. They don’t need a cut off from the salary to buy new jacket You will feel good inside. And we are also feeling better by doing a good work. Isn’t it great ? I am really fascinated. I am feeling very much good. Fardin, If people starts celebrating birthday like this. How lovely it would be right? We share gift with anybody or not. It doesnt matter. Matter is sharing happiness. At least they will feel they are one of us. Sohel
Kawser Yes brother.
You are no different from us. You are one of us. Understand ?
Yes brother. Yes brother. No no, why are you crying. Don’t cry dont cry. Don’t cry.
Don’t cry. Excuse me evrybody. Yes I was watching your activities. I felt really good. Aah.. Actually I want to share something. What ? Tomorrow is my birthday.

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  1. মামুন রে একবার Fardeen একবার Sadaf

    মামুন এর সাথের টারে আবার Fardeen.

    মানে!!!! , বেশি উল্টা পাল্টা হয়ে গেলো নাহ??
    next time please do this carefully!
    Best of Luck!

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