Patrick Mahomes on Kansas City, Bachelor Party & Crazy Fans

JIMMY KIMMEL: Well, it’s
good to have you here. When did you get in? Did you feel the earthquake?
PATRICK MAHOMES: I did not. Luckily. Hopefully I don’t have to
feel it until the ESPYs. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, hopefully. PATRICK MAHOMES: Hopefully
can get past that. But I got in today. So I flew in this morning,
and got here, no earthquakes, so going good so far. JIMMY KIMMEL: You were at a
bachelor party in Nashville this weekend? PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah, a
bachelor party in Nashville. The voice, which is
already kind of hoarse, is kind of going back
and forth with me, so– JIMMY KIMMEL: OK. PATRICK MAHOMES: It was one
of my buddies from back home, and we went to Nashville. And I had the cowboy hat on. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, you did? PATRICK MAHOMES: And
I was kind of just walking down the street, no one
was even noticing it was me. JIMMY KIMMEL: That disguised
you, with the cowboy hat. Now with your old friends, if
you go to a bachelor party, you know, whatever, are you– does everyone have
to behave themselves because you’re there now? PATRICK MAHOMES: I mean,
they’re supposed to. JIMMY KIMMEL: They’re
supposed to, but they don’t? PATRICK MAHOMES: It doesn’t
happen all the time, no. JIMMY KIMMEL: Do you have
to pay for everything, since you are the NFL player? PATRICK MAHOMES: I do
sometimes, but they try– like, they always
get real mad if I do. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, they do? PATRICK MAHOMES:
They’re cool like that. They don’t want to seem like
they’re trying to use me now, now that I’m in the NFL. They want to kind of
treat me exactly the same as they did when we were back
in middle school together. JIMMY KIMMEL: Is
the wedding going to be during the
football season, or will you be able to attend? PATRICK MAHOMES:
Yeah, this year– I’m not going to make this one. So he’s having it in August. I told him, I’m in the
middle of training camp. And he was like, yeah,
but you have off days. I was like, yeah,
but I’m not going to fly to Texas on my off
day to go to a wedding. So it’s definitely–
it’s in August so I’m not going to get to make
it, but I was glad I got to make the bachelor party. JIMMY KIMMEL: Well,
I’m glad you did, too. You had some season last–
you deserve a bachelor party. I mean, really. An unbelievable season . And you are– you have
a very powerful arm. Are both your arms
powerful, or just the one? PATRICK MAHOMES: I think both
my arms, and both my legs, too. JIMMY KIMMEL: Your dad
is a former major league baseball player, which has
got to be the greatest. PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: Is it great to
have a dad who played baseball? PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah.
It was awesome. And I grew– I played baseball growing
up my entire life, and so– JIMMY KIMMEL: You were drafted
by, what, the Tigers, right? PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah. Very late, but I was drafted. And I remember, they actually
called me and they said, we know you’re not coming.
We’ll see you in three years. And that’s all they
said on the phone. I said, all right. And I went to college. JIMMY KIMMEL: Was your
dad disappointed that you chose football over baseball? PATRICK MAHOMES: My dad and mom,
neither one were disappointed. They always told me whatever I
do, just be the best you can, and do the best you can at it. And so whenever I was choosing
football and baseball, which one I was going with, they
told me to make my decision and run with it. When I was younger,
my dad wanted me to be a baseball player for sure. But as I got older, I knew he
felt how much I loved football, and how much I wanted
to follow that dream. JIMMY KIMMEL: We have some video
which is pretty unbelievable. You’re eight years old. Let’s roll that video. You’re playing basketball. And there you are, and you– Now, that– that tied
the game, that shot? PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: So it’s– that’s unbelievable. PATRICK MAHOMES: It’s
a real funny story. We were in a basketball camp,
and I was kind of playing up with the older kids. And since it was, like,
camp, and we were, like, eight, nine years
old, they’d said there was no three pointers. So I thought when I hit it
I won that game, because we were down two points. But we actually went
to overtime after that. JIMMY KIMMEL: You got
cheated out of the point. PATRICK MAHOMES:
That’s what I said. I mean– JIMMY KIMMEL: Who won
the game in overtime? PATRICK MAHOMES:
They did, of course. Like, we already had celebrated. It was all over after that. JIMMY KIMMEL: So you’re
living in Kansas City now. Do you love Kansas City?
PATRICK MAHOMES: I love it. I honestly do. I mean, look, we got
the Chiefs fans– Chiefs Kingdom right here. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. [APPLAUSE] One of these guys
came out from– are you both– by the way– I don’t want to alarm you,
but I learned a bit– a tidbit about the gentleman in the– actually, well, I know a lot
about both of these guys, but a little more about
the guy in the red shirt. Stand up– would
you mind showing us what you have
emblazoned on your body? This is the kind of loyalty that
you’ve already inspired there. PATRICK MAHOMES: Oh, my gosh. That is awesome. That is awesome. AUDIENCE: So I’m from
Raytown, Missouri, and I bet my hometown– I’ve been out here 11 years. I’m a pizza driver in Burbank.
that we would never draft a franchise quarterback. We’ve been through
a lot of hard years, and I bet them two years
ago we wouldn’t draft you. And when I came home for
Christmas last Christmas, my brother, Logan Shackleford– he– 16 hours, one session,
for the first ever champ stamp, man.
appreciate that, man. That’s awesome. AUDIENCE: But It’s not– PATRICK MAHOMES: Uh-oh. AUDIENCE: I know
they’ve been tweeting you and tagging you, man. It’s not complete
unless you sign it. PATRICK MAHOMES: Oh, yeah.
Well– AUDIENCE: Later. JIMMY KIMMEL: We’ll do
that– well, we’ll see. If you want to.
AUDIENCE: If you want to. PATRICK MAHOMES: We’ll
get it at the end. We’ll get it at the end.
AUDIENCE: I love you, man. JIMMY KIMMEL: When
you deliver a pizza, do you ever pull the shirt up
and show it to the customers? AUDIENCE: All the time. I’ve been out here 11 years,
and I caught my big break with the champ stamp. PATRICK MAHOMES: I got you.
Yeah. AUDIENCE: Yeah, hometown
celebrity now, man. JIMMY KIMMEL: Now you’ve
got to win, by the way, because it says
champ stamp on his– this is going to be
the saddest thing ever if you don’t win a Super Bowl.
You realize that? PATRICK MAHOMES: Hopefully
we can get a couple of them. AUDIENCE: Yeah.
get a couple of tattoos after that, too. JIMMY KIMMEL: Might
get a couple tattoos. And then maybe you
get a tattoo of him? [LAUGHTER] All right, sit
down, champ stamp. Wow, that’s pretty crazy. PATRICK MAHOMES: That is.
That’s amazing. JIMMY KIMMEL: That’s
got to be strange. I know people just assume
that this is what you’re used to because you’re in
the NFL, but you know, you’re just a guy,
and now there’s another guy with you on him. PATRICK MAHOMES: No, yeah,
it’s definitely crazy. But at the same time,
I mean, you love it. And like you said, Kansas
City is such an amazing city, and they’ve really
embraced me coming there. And I love being
there, and I love being a part of the community,
and part of that organization. JIMMY KIMMEL: You ever
have that Z-Man sandwich? PATRICK MAHOMES: Oh, 100%.
I get it, like, Postmated to me. So I get it probably,
like, once every two weeks. JIMMY KIMMEL: This
is a sandwich at– it used to be called Oklahoma
Joe’s, and now it’s called– what? PATRICK MAHOMES:
Kansas City Joe’s. JIMMY KIMMEL: Kansas City Joe’s.
Yeah. It’s a great sandwich. PATRICK MAHOMES:
It’s a gas station that you just walk
up to and it’s, like, a little, like,
side restaurant. It’s pretty– it’s
pretty amazing. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. Here you can’t eat
at the gas station. Because you will die. Yeah. So you’re goin to the ESPYs. You’re nominated
in two categories. One of them is
best male athlete. PATRICK MAHOMES: Yes, sir. JIMMY KIMMEL: The other
is best football player. PATRICK MAHOMES: Yes, sir. JIMMY KIMMEL: Which
I feel like you’ve already won best
football player, haven’t you, as
MVP of the league? PATRICK MAHOMES:
Yeah, but it’s still– it’s a different stage. So been at the ESPYs and being
nominated for the best football player, and also the
best male athlete, I feel like it’s a
tremendous honor. JIMMY KIMMEL: It’s cool. And you should wait on the
best male athlete thing, but when they start
reading the nominees for best football player, just
walk up there and take it. [LAUGHTER] PATRICK MAHOMES: There’s
some good dudes nominated. JIMMY KIMMEL: Who are you
taking to the ESPYs with you? PATRICK MAHOMES: So
I’ve got my girlfriend, who’s here with me right now.
Somewhere backstage. And then I have– my mom is coming with me, too. Whenever I was in college,
she said if I make the ESPYs, or if I get to go there,
that she wants to be my date. JIMMY KIMMEL: Is
there an athlete she wants to meet at the ESPYs? PATRICK MAHOMES: Yes. She’s meeting me. [LAUGHTER] JIMMY KIMMEL: Well, it
was great to have you. Congratulations, and I wish
you a lot of luck on Wednesday. PATRICK MAHOMES:
I appreciate it. JIMMY KIMMEL: Not
that you will need it. PATRICK MAHOMES: Yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: But
congratulations. Patrick Mahomes, everybody. The Chiefs start the
season September 8th against the Jaguars. We’ll be right back. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my goodness. Thanks to Patrick Mahomes.

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  1. I live in kc and I'm a denver fan but boy of boy ol patric makes it hard to not like the cheifs I might make the switch this year! I also worked for a time at that Joe's kc bbq it was lit

  2. As a die hard Bronco Fan I hate this guy!
    Slowly having a change of opinion…..not yet! go Broncos!
    Flacco can play with da frog

  3. Patrick was pissed when he asked does your mom have any athlete she wants to meet. Pat seems like the nice guy who’s quite but if you mention his mom he turns into Norman Bates.

  4. 47th and Mission in Kansas City, KS if you want the best BBQ sandwich in the midwest. Z-man and fries and you won't be disappointed

  5. It’s kind of weird hearing about the chiefs on in mainstream media. We’ve been such a die hard underground fan base I feel.

  6. I like that he’s not humble, he brags about his throwing ability and challenging coaches to test him to fail and admits he can throw better than anyone in the NFL. He is also likable and not yet just about business and image.

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