Paul Friedman’s Complete Marriage System

Hi, my name is Paul Friedman. I founded
The Marriage Foundation and I’ve been working with couples and individuals
with their marriages for over 15 years. I have worked with professional athletes.
We’ve worked with movie stars and screenwriters but most of the people who
we help are people just like you, and just like me. People who want to have a
marriage that is not beating them up all the time but a marriage that is helping
them live in the kind of love and happiness that they thought they would
have when they first got married. You just want a happy marriage and you know
deep inside that you deserve it. We show you step-by-step how to have
that. We get into the details of how your mind works, how your heart is connected,
how it all comes together. You’ll find that our program creates results. Why? Why
our program? Because our approach is very very different. The Marriage Foundation
approaches your marriage in a very simple way. We want you to understand
your marriage. We want you to understand how your mind works.
We explain the principles for communication, where it comes from, what’s
inside of you that forces you to say things that maybe you didn’t want to say,
that gets you to react to things that you didn’t even want to react to. It’s
all cause and effect, and a lot of it is derived from principles of biology. We
get into the drive to survive, the drive to procreate. You’ll understand yourself.
We show you how it all comes together. Most important is you’ll understand what
you can do in a positive systematic way that will bring the happiness into your
marriage that you’re seeking. We also show you what the ultimate marriage
looks like so you have a vision of the direction in which to go, and the steps
you have to take. You have to take to get where you’re going. We want you to take
this course the reason why is because we want to see a better world
and if your marriage is happy we will have a better world. And most important
to me is that you’ll have a happy marriage . We have coaches that understand
our teachings from the bottom to the top so that when you have a question you can
reach out and we’ll help you. Review our testimonials. see what people have said,
how they have been helped. We just want to help you too.

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