Pause Challenge! Kids Fun TV VS Shot of the Yeagers! Team Up Overseas in Hawaii!

Guys we’re so close to the treasure. Only 10 paces that way. Let’s go. Guys look X marks the spot. There it is. There it is right there.
Look the treasure. Almost there you guys. We actually found real treasure. I can’t wait to find out
how much money’s inside. I got it! We’re gonna be rich! What? What? A remote!? We did all this just to get a remote? Wait, guys have you seen the
pause challenge on YouTube? Yeah. Maybe this is the remote! Yeah my favorite pause challenge is on the Shot of the Yeagers. Yeah, me too! Yeah, lets try this thing out. Let’s see what this button does. Whoa, we’re at the
Polynesian Cultural Center. Whoa, this remote must be magic. Hey, I have an idea. Let’s see if we can get the
shot of the Yeagers here. Whoa! The remote actually worked. No way, you guys are here, too? We brought you here with our magic remote. I wish for another remote. No way, another remote. I have an idea, let’s do a pause challenge. Yep, good idea. Okay, fun squad who’s
going to get more pauses? Us or the Yeagers? Who’s our first victim? I know. I’m going to pause Parker. Pause. Unpause. Pause! Unpause! Pause! Unpause! Man, I was frozen for a second. Haha I got you good. You ruined my act. Pause. Sleep. Ha, that’s so funny, it worked. She’s sleeping! We got her good. Let’s go get Stephen. Pause. Unpause. Hey, get back here. Hey. Pause! He got me good, but now it’s my turn to get him while he’s getting a tattoo. Pause. Unpause. Pause. Watch out, I’ll get you again. Who just paused me? Was it Parker? They’re playing a game! Let’s pause them! Good idea Kyler! Let’s pause them. Pause! Unpause. Pause. Unpause. Hold on. Unpause. Pause, Kalia. Unpause. Pause. Unpause. Pause. Oh, yeah. Oh no! I don’t know if I can hold it that long. Know what, I just kind of
want to just leave you there. No! Fine, come down. Rewind. Back forward. Mute. [Crickets chirping] Pause. Pause. Pause! Oh, fudge. Dang it. Parker, hit the button for me. Come here, unpause. Unpause.
Freedom! Pause. I’m gonna get ’em. Pause. Oh no. Please unpause me, please unpause me! Unpause. I thought I was going to be stuck forever. I’m going to get her. Pause. Unpause. Pause. Unpause. Unpause. Someone’s been pausing us all
day, and I don’t know who.! Pause. Kaden, it’s you? Give me five minutes. No, no, no, I really have a bad itch! Unpause. Kaden!
Give me information. Slow mo! Kaden! Kaden! I’m gonna pause the dancers. Pause. Haha, that’s so funny! Should I unpause them? Unpause. Pause. Unpause. Make him sleep. Sleep. Oh, he’s already sleeping. [Snoring] Pause. Guys, I’m in Fiji, and I’m
gonna get another tattoo. Nice. Guys, I got a tattoo on my… Unpause. Face. The fish are eating. Pause. Unpause. The fishy ate it but it
didn’t get on the hook. Pause. One. Pause. Unpause. Pause. Unpause. Unpause. Pause. Unpause. Pause. Unpause. Someone’s been pausing us
all day and I don’t know who! Hey Parker, pause Kalia. Pause. Unpause. Ha ha ha ha ha! Pause! Really, Derek? Man it’s been so much fun
pausing these kids all day! I thought you were on our side Derek? It was their Uncle Derek! It was Uncle Derek! Uncle Derek! That stinker! Their Uncle Derek has
been pausing us all day! Let’s get him good. Pause. Unpause. Pause. Haha, I got their Uncle Derek. Pay back! Hey, you want a cracker? Make sure to like and subscribe below! And check out the pause challenge we did on Shot of the Yeagers! Share this video with all of your friends! Thanks so much to the
Polynesian Cultural Center for letting us come and film
at their awesome location! This is one of our favorite
places to visit in Hawaii. Check you their website in the link in the description below! Aloha! And pause!

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