Pause Challenge! Ninja Kidz TV VS Kids Fun TV! Team Up Overseas in Hawaii!

Shhh! We’re playing a trick on Jazzy. She’s doing her homework, and we’re gonna throw
a water balloon! Yeah, totally! [Jack] Oh yeah, this is gonna be so funny! [Adventure music] Go! What? What! Boys! You’re not gonna get away with this! Ahhhh! [Boys running] Ahh! The remote.
Perfect! Nah nah nah nah nah! Bet you can’t get me! You wanna bet? [Remote clicks] Ha ha. Whoa, where am I? Whoa, where’d you come from? Who’s that? Where’d he go? Guys, have you seen my sister? I’m trying to hide. Guys, Jazzy got the remote! I think she’s trying to get me. Whoa, where am I? [Polynesian drumming] Maybe I’m in Samoa? Maybe I’m in Fiji? I got to hide. I think she’s gonna get me! What in the world? Where’d they go? Only one way to find out, I guess. [Remote clicks] Whoa! I thought about the Polynesian Islands and it actually brought me here! This remote must be magic or something?! I bet the others are here too! I’m gonna pause them in Polynesia. Come on! Oh shoot, here she comes! Hey guys, have you seen
Kaden? I’m after him! Found you! Pause! [Remote clicks twice] Hey what is this? It’s a giant remote. Hey Dad, what you doing? Oh nothing, just working on my phone. Look what I found! What’s that? A giant remote? Yeah! Let’s see if this works? Nooo! PAUSE!
[Remote clicks] Hey! Hey! [Kalia laughs] [Dad] Not funny! Not funny! Unpause me. [Kalia] Unpause!
[Dad] Oh thank you! Never do that again! Let’s push a button together! Whoa! [Laughs] All right, which one should we push? The play one? Push play.
[Remote clicks] Whoa! Where are we?
Where’d we go? What the? What’s this? Hawaii? Tahiti? Snack bar? [Laughing]
Where are we? Where are we?
What button did you push? The remote came with us. Maybe we can pause some people. Hold on guys. Which way should I go? I think I’ll go this way! [Footsteps running] Kalia, what are you doing here? I don’t know, but I think
we’re in New Zealand? Hey, what are you doing? Giving stamps. Can I have one?
[Man] Yep! [Jazzy] Pause!
[Remote clicks] Unpause!
[Remote clicks] Whoa, so cool! Pause!
[Remote clicks] Unpause!
[Remote clicks] Whoa, what happened to me? I don’t know? Let’s get outta here! I’m gonna get you! Hey, I want one too! [Man] All right! So cool, thanks!
[Man] Your welcome! She’s after me! Gotcha. Pause! [Remote clicks twice] Wait, if this remote is magic, then maybe I could wish Ninja Kids here! Let me see. I wish for Ninja Kidz here! [Chime] What? I can’t believe the remote
actually brought you guys here. Where are we? We’re at the “Polynesian Culture Center!” No way, that’s so cool! What village is this? New Zealand! Just watch out for Jasmine,
she keeps pausing me! [Paxton] Let’s get out of here! [Playful music] Whoa! What the are you guys doing here? Jasmine wished me here,
and I just showed up! Cool! Can I do it too? Yeah! [Payton] Pause!
[Jasmine] Pause! [Remotes click] Ha-ha, gotcha! Unpause!
[Remotes click] That sneaky Jasmine! We got to figure out
how to get that remote! Let’s come up with a plan! [Playful music] [Remote clicks] So Jazzy, where are we? I wished us to the PCC! Look at those drinks! Let’s go grab one. Hi! One Pina Colada, enjoy! It’s huge! [Ukuele playing] [Both girls] Mmm! That’s good! Now let’s go pause those boys! Pause! [Remote clicks] What? Why are we paused?
Ashton, what? Kyler! [Ashton] Why are you doing this to us? You paused us, Kyler! Oh, it’s Kyler!
Unpause me! [Remote clicks] Pause! Pause! [Remote clicks] Come on! Kyler! Pause!
[Remote clicks] Hey, Payton! Let’s see if the boys
are over here. Come on! Hey guys! Let’s see who can throw the sticks the highest! There are the boys! Three, two, one. Pause. [Remote clicks] [Girls laugh] They’re so funny! Unpause! [Remote clicks] Hey, they paused us
again. We got to get ’em. Hey Payton, let’s check out Tahiti. Ok, let’s go! [Fun playful music] [Woman] Hands on hips. Move side to side. [Mysterious music] Hey, the remote’s gone! Did those stinky boys take it? Hey girls! Guess who took the remote?
Pause! [Remote clicks] Unpause!
[Remote clicks] You can’t get me! Let’s get outta here! Hey Ashton, there’s cool
drumming here at Tonga! Awesome! [Rhythmic drumming and clapping] [Sings in native language] Let’s pause the drummers.
It’ll be so funny! [Music continues] Pause. [Remote clicks]
[Music stops] [Boys laugh] [Remote clicks]
[Music resumes] Hey, can I have it for a sec? Let’s go fishing in Tonga! [Adventure music] [Remote clicks twice] Kyler, what are you doing here? Ah! Pause!
[Remote clicks] Unpause!
[Remote clicks] Kyler, this is how you do it. [Playful music] [Singing in native language] Pause! [Remote clicks]
[Singing stops] Unpause! [Singing resumes] Thank you! I’m gonna get Cayson! Pause!
[Remote clicks] Help!
Unpause! [Remote clicks] Pause! [Remote clicks] Unpause!
[Remote clicks] Pause!
[Remote clicks] Unpause! [Remote clicks] Jazzy, let’s try to do the hula! [Hula music] Look! There’s the girls. They’re dancing the hula? [Fun dance music] [Both girls singing]
Doo doo-doo doo-doo doo! [Singing] Do you like the hula? Pause!
[Remote clicks] Those silly boys, they paused
us and took the remote. What are we gonna do? [Boys laugh] Unpause!
[Remote clicks] Run! Let’s go get them! [Girls laughing] We need to climb the wall to escape! Oh shoot, they’ve cornered us! Give me that!
What? [Remote clicks] Hurry, unpause me!
I’m stuck! Pause!
[Remote clicks] Woo! Pause! [Remote clicks] Hey! I got you! Unpause! [Remote clicks] Woo! Pause!
[Remote clicks] [Dad] What are you doing?
Pause! [Dad] I’m gonna get you! Ahh!
[Boy laugh happily] Pause!
[Remote clicks] I think it’s time we all go back home. Yeah the “Polynesian Culture
Center” has been awesome, but yeah it’s time to go home! [Remote clicks] Aloha! Don’t forget to like and subscribe below! Thanks so much to the
“Polynesian Culture Center” for letting us come and film
at their awesome location! Check out their website in the link in the description below!

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