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– Hi guys welcome back to – That YouTub3Family!
– That YouTub3Family! – and we’re the Adventurers – and today we are going to be doing the pause, fast-forward challenge! – Ah!
– Woo! – but before we get started
make sure you subscribe. – Alrighty guys whoever
has control of the remote – Pause.
– gets to– – Fast forward. – That’s right for anybody
out there who really wants to do anything can have (quickly mumbling) – Okay pause and – [Jordan] Normal speed, normal speed. – Okay so whoever has the
controller gets control. Give me the remote!
– Uh huh uh. – [Mom] I want the remote.
– I want the remote! – [Ty] Gimme the remote! – My remote, whoo! – Dance party. Fast forward, fast forward, fast forward! (screaming) – Play. Pause. Fast forward! (whirring) Press pause! – [Ty] Play. – I took cover. – Okay, I found the remote. Everybody has just scattered. I gotta find my first
victim to fast forward. Here we go, ready? – [Jordan] Are we talking the line? – [Audrey] It’s far way from the house so they aren’t gonna jump on in. (mumbling) – [Dad] Pause (mumbling) and fast forward! (running footsteps) – [Dad] Pause! (laughing) Pause! Fast forward! (yelling) – [Dad] Pause! (laughing) – I don’t like this game! – [Dad] Rewind! – [Jordan] I’ve been paused too. – There’s a rewind option? (laughing) – When was this- – [Dad] Mute! Keep rewinding! Unmute! – What the heck? (laughing) – [Dad] Pause! Play! – Oh finally, it’s not funny! – [Dad] Let’s see if
Jordan’s still paused. – Huh? – [Dad] Oh, you moved!
– I’m still paused. Fast forward! – Oh you’re such a good boy, oh yeah! – [Dad] Okay, I still have the remote. Ready? Here we go. Logan fast forward. Fast forward! Pause! (light electronic music) And fast forward! Pause! Jordan, pause! Fast forward! Pause! Rewind! (laughing) Pause! Fast forward! – Oh! – [Mom] Hey, it’s Ty. Pause! – Oh no. – [Jake] That kid needs some puppy kisses. – [Mom] Fast forward! (yelling) – [Jake] Oh look it’s like “I wanna play.” – Tickle that side! (yelling) – [Mom] Hey freeze, pause! Rewind! (barking) – [Mom] Pause! Fast forward! (running footsteps) (grunting) (growling) – [Mom] Pause! (growling) Mute, Logan. (bark) Logan, mute! Not working on the dog. All right fast forward. and there they go. – Mooom! – What? – Can you help me with homework? I don’t get this. – What? – I don’t understand my homework. Can you help me? It’s math. – I don’t like math! Seriously you can’t do it? – I can’t do it, I don’t understand and I’m doing it in pen
so this needs to be like– – Alrighty. – correct answers. – What is it? – This. – Oh no problem, Fast forward! – Mom! Mom! – Stop! – Oh it’s done! – Yeah I got it done! – Nice, homework’s done for the day. – Thanks Mom! – No problem. (laughing) – Okay bye! – Alrighty it’s chore day it’s Saturday, it’s Saturday night chores
have not got done yet. Time to get the kids up here to do chores. Jake! Ty! – [Jake] What? C’mere! (vacuuming) – [Mom] Jordan, bring
it close to the vacuum. Hey fast forward! (screaming) – I can’t slow down! (screaming) – She’s gettinn things clean! Hey boys! Come on. – What? (screaming) – And pause Jordan, pause! and mute, mute! (laughing) – [Mom] Jake, chores! Jake, pause! Rewind! – Why? – Pause! Go clean your chores. Go, go normal play. Fast forward! Fast forward! Faster boy! Fast forward, fast forward, fast forward! One more time fast forward, faster boy! – I can’t go anymore faster! – I think it’s time to go check on dinner. (light electronic music)) – [Mom] Oy David! – [Dad] What? – How much more time is dinner? – About an hour. – Um I don’t think so. Fast forward! – [Mom] I need to get stuff done so I can watch movies tonight and relax! All right let’s got get Jordan unpaused. Unpause! – Oh wow. – Fast forward! (vacuuming) (screaming) (laughing) Time to check on the boys! (screaming) – It’s so forward, I have to go back! – Alrighty, pause! Rewind! – Well help me in it. – [Mom] Go backwards! Rewind! I think that looks pretty good. Okay pause and play. You’re done! – Oh yay! – [Mom] Good job, Ty! (banging) We can go ahead and throw
that in the garbage. (vacuuming) Unpause Jake. (vacuuming) (laughing) and play! (laughing) (vacuuming) (vacuuming) – I love chore day! – Okay and stop! – Pause? – Good job guys! (mumbling) – Chores are done! – House is clean. I want you guys to all put that back. Pause Jordan! Rewind! – [Jake] Did you rewind me? – I have to unplug the vacuum now. – [Ty] I’m done, I’m done. – Take the vacuum with you And go! – What? You made me redo it! – Stop! This remote’s broken! – Come on is the battery live? Hey I want you to take the vacuum with you and go unplug it and put the vacuum away, and play! Jake! – I’m still frozen on the floor! – Play!
– How am I supposed to move? – I need you to just play normal speed (laughing) and give me your cleaning supplies. – Okay.
– Good job. – Ah Jordan’s taking me with the cord. – Okay let’s see if
Dad’s done with dinner. David, you all done? (laughing) – [Mom] He’s almost done. Okay good, good. Okay and stop! – Ah! – [Mom] Oh you’ve gotta stop and freeze and play normal speed. – About three minutes and I’ll be done. – [Mom] Help Dad wash some pans. – Okay I saw that somebody
else had done this and I wanted to see if we can do it turning cream into butter. You guys think we can do it? – Yeah!
– Uh– – How fast do you think it’ll take us or how long do you think it’ll take us? – Probably a long time! – A long time? We’ve never done it before. – Yeah. – All right so let’s each take 30 seconds. Jake you’ll start and go! The person who can make it turn into– – Oh, it’s leaking! – No that’s water.
– Oh. – The person who turn–
– Pause! – Fast forward! – The person who can turn it into butter wins one hundred dollars. – What?!
– Yeah! – Wait, no way really?
– I call being last! – I already called! – Oh bye! – He has to run to get the momentum. – Pause! – Fast forward! – [Mom] How long’s this gonna take? (laughing) – I don’t know! – I don’t know but I call going last that way I can win the $100. – I already did say that! – What?
– Pause! – Play. – Okay Jordan, your turn. – What me? – Your turn.
– Oh no. – Hey Jordan Pause. Fast forward! (laughing) – Why are you doing that? It’s doing nothing! – Well if I can’t win
I’m gonna sabotage it for everybody else. – [Mom] Cha, cha, cha
do your dance with it. – Oh my. – Do do do do, do do do do. – Pause! – Audrey take it. – Hey! – Resume! – Audrey. – Do do do do, do do do do. – Fast forward Audrey! – I’m going as fast as I can! – Do do do do, do do do do hey! – I’m afraid it’s gonna like leak on me! (light electronic music) – Oh it’s like, it feels
a little bit thick. – Pause! – Oh! – That could have been you Mom. – Resume! Ready and fast forward! – Fast forward! – Go Ty go!
– Pause! – Rewind! (lauging) – That got changed. (laughing) – Da da da da da. (laughing) – Pause! – Fast wow.
– Pause! – Thank you! – What? – Okay I feel that this is not gonna work. – Unpause. – Can I see that? – No let’s pause for our viewers. – Pause! We’ll be back. Okay so I’ve been working
this for like an hour but check this out! Look what we’ve got! We have butter! It works! That’s awesome! and see now I did it, I get the $100! Cha-ching! – [Mom] Wait what? Yep, it’s all mine! (upbeat electronic music)

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