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I’m Penelope
and this is my PAW0 Patrol story. ♪ Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol ♪ The pups are hanging out
in Adventure Bay, playing soccer when Ryder calls out to tell them, “A hamster is stuck in a tree
and it needs help!” “Ryder needs us!” They say,
and they all head out to the Lookout. They line up. “PAW Patrol ready for action!”
Says Chase. They ride down the slide
to help the hamster! This seems like a pretty easy task
for the PAW Patrol… but wait and see! They get to the tree and Marshall
climbs up his ladder to grab the hamster. But the hamster shoots the ladder
with lasers from her eyes. Pew!
Pew! And Marshall falls off of it. The pups are like, “What in the world, did that hamster
just shoot lasers at us?” “This is going to be
harder than we thought.” Then the hamster flies out of the tree,
across the park. That’s right, it’s a flying hamster
with laser eyes! Rubble asks, “Is that a space hamster?
Why is it here? What does it want?” Skye says, “That hamster
could be trouble, we should follow it.” “Follow that hamster!” The hamster leads them to her spaceship,
it’s a giant pancake, so awesome! At the spaceship, they see that there
is tons of hamsters, hundreds of hamsters doing little cute hamster things. Chase is like, “Aww, they’re so cute!” The space hamsters were on their way
to a super fun dance party when their spaceship ran out of fuel
and crashed here on earth. They wanna get home
and they don’t wanna miss the party. They’re not bad hamsters,
they’re just lost! Luckily, pancake spaceships
run on maple syrup. Marshall uses his fire hose
to get some syrup from a nearby tree and they fuel up! The space hamsters and PAW Patrol jump into the pancake ship
and blast off! [blasting] Space Hamster Dance Party, here we come! Space is really pretty. They ooh and aww
at all the stars and planets, but no one knows where they are going,
not even the hamsters. No wonder they got lost! The first planet they land on
is made of mac and cheese! Skye says, “We should all get
some mac and cheese and eat it as a good snack!” They say, “OK.” [munching] Next they land on a bounce house planet. It’s the wrong planet again! They take a few minutes to bounce because, come on,
it’s a bounce house planet! Then Chase remembers his spy goggles. He pulls them out and uses them
to locate the hamster planet. They found it! And boy, these hamsters
know how to throw a party! The pups stay and dance. They even learn how to do
the hamster shuffle. They say goodbye and catch
a space taxi back to Adventure Bay. The hamsters all wave goodbye
with their tiny little hamster paws. Hamsters are so cute. It’s time for Junior Dress Up
Mighty Pup style! – Whoa!
– Pawsome! Time to heat things up! I’m Mighty Ryder. Mighty Pups are on a roll! Mighty Pups are on a roll! I’m Mighty Skye! This Mighty Pup is going for a spin! This Mighty Puppy is going for a spin! I’m Mighty Marshall. I’m ready for a red hot rescue. I’m ready for a red hot rescue! I’m Mighty Rubble! Mighty Rubble on the double! Mighty Rubble on the double! I’m Mighty Chase. Mighty Chase is ready to race. Mighty Chase is ready to race. Whoa, I’m Mighty Everest. I’m one chill pup. Ice or snow, I’m ready to go! I’m Mighty Rocky. Green means glow! Green means glow! I’m Mighty Zuma! Ready, set, get mighty! Time to do the wave. [barking] – Whoa!
– Pawsome! Hey Marshall,
who are your new pup pals? Their twins, Ryder.
Isn’t that cool? Cool. [barking] But what will our special powers be? Whoa! Everything’s shrinking. No, you’re growing. Mighty Pups are on a roll! I’ve always wanted to say that. We always have each other’s back. [groaning] Gotha, little bro! I knew you’d have my back. [music playing] Need a paw? Missed me!
Missed me again! [gasping] Whoa! Time to heat things up! Super cool. Wow! One mighty whirlwind coming up! Cool. Mighty chill. Whoa! Time to think big! Whoa! Whoa. Chase can go super fast, but how are the rest of us
going to get there in time? In your new mighty vehicles. [music playing] This is so cool! I’m going in! Coming up. Rubble on the double! Time to do the wave. Mighty Pups are ready to go, go, go! Mighty Pups are ready to go, go, go! You can ask your parents to subscribe
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