Penn Center for Innovation’s Celebration of Innovation 2019

[Dr. Vijay Kumar] Penn historically has always been about the science. But as we think about the 21st century, what the world really needs, Penn has also fostered this culture of going from science to applied science and to engineering to technology development and on to commercialization. And we need to celebrate this. It’s not just about papers – it’s about patents. It’s not just about ideas, it’s about taking
ideas from the lab to the marketplace. And this event celebrates that. [Andrei Iancu] Having a strong IP system is the key. And look where we are now. On the cusp of the 4th industrial revolution. For us to participate globally in this incredibly competitive world, we must increase innovation in the United States demographically, geographically, and economically. The good news is though is that the potential is unbelievable. [Dr. John Swartley] We had a very productive year. Over a dozen startup companies collectively raised a bit over a quarter of a billion dollars in venture capital. Over 700 commercialization agreements across the spectrum of different business development activities, which was a new high. [Dr. Melpo Christofidou-Solomidou] Philadelphia is growing. I think Philadelphia will be the next hub for startups – comparable to what you see in the Bay Area and Boston. [Matt Cabrey] This was an amazing event tonight. The subtitle actually captured it all – Innovate. Collaborate. Celebrate. The Penn Center for Innovation is doing that so well. [Swartley] I sincerely thank the staff at PCI. But again, most importantly, its the people in this room – the innovators, the inventors, the researchers, and folks that are pushing back the boundaries of science.

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