Penthouse Party

So I was supposed to leave for the airport three minutes ago… I’m doing great :/ Sup man You ready for an adventure? Ready! Are you ready for an adventure Ryan? Always ready! 😀 Welcome to the Hard Rock, also I love your hat. If you need anything just let us know Also this is for you. (hands a 500 dollar Monopoly cash because yes) Oh thank you so much! Thank you! :)) I took it really well! Amari. (idk) Sup! Have you seen my first kiss video? Yep. You know what happened here right? So her dad was standing (points) right there. YOU BETTER KISS HER Right around this corner.. They’ve changed up this place a little bit. This is where the magic happened, come this way used to be all here!!! These are all phone booths. It says it right there! Phone, ATM, this used to be a room guys. What is that? It’s for you! You got me underwear? So.. my little cousin just wants to know what this (shows like a true gentleman) is. That’s for washing your face, boo! (wat -._.-)I know what it is! You wash your face in it! It’s for washing your butthole. (huuuuh) I wash my face in there all the time! (yeah! oh, it’s a urinal) meeting lots of fans 😀 So apparently this is the best Connect Four player in the world! Let’s go, you ready? Any last words Laura? You’re going down! IM GOING DOWN? What just happened? What’s going on Here? I like your shoes George! Thank you! I like yours too! Mine are kinda cool. It’s not as cool as yours though bro! You need to get some rips in your jeans Gran Siga has some rips like mine. See where we at? The movie theaters. What we just see cuz? Imma give you guys a little context, I rented out The Penthouse at Hard Rock Hotel I probably look like crap; I shouldn’t be showing this on the internet I look like booty. The shower’s kind of bomb. There is a computer in the shower. This is actually on my bucket list I used to work here and I’d be sitting on the guard stand and be like one of these days, dat’s gonna be me. 😉 Harry uh Later today just so you know, we’re going to build a fort. I’m still working on the blueprints but, we got some professionals coming in to help us. The permit’s cleared so I think, we’re good to go. Swoozie come on down (Cheering) So that just happened hung out with the director of Balerion Fifth Element The Professional Aka Lyon can, we just take a minute? Can we take a minute? Thanks Alex because I’m pretty sure you’re the one that hooked that up. Got to hang out with Luke! Very cool, this dude told me like so many secrets Wow okay? Alright Guys Need to have a talk real Quick There’s A lot of New People Here I started my YouTube Channel When I was working? As a lifeguard at hard Rock Thing Was A cast for a TV Show when I was Traveling all the Time so I made my YouTube so my friends and my Family Could Keep up with what I’m doing When I started a, channel Made Myself a promise Treat every subscriber Like They’re my inner Circle of Friends no Matter how big the Channel got you Guys Are getting Behind the Scenes Guy Talk I share A lot of personal Stuff on Here You Guys Are me your Time you guys are not my fans you’re my friends I need to slow things Down a little bit and Make This very Clear I haven’t Really Seen Any other Youtubers Filling the Tea and Sharing Gossip About Themselves the way I do if it ever Starts Leaning toward Video games too much or being Toward Girls too Much Or Whatever the case that’s Because Guys Getting Behind the Scenes Alright I’m Done Talking cut it just a wrap They Say that You’re not supposed to wash your face in This Thing in Here I’m Pretty sure This was for? Actually A good Drink

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