People Made Fun Of My Body In A Bikini

I have never been okay with my body. I had stretch marks on me, well, I still do
because I was super skinny and then I added a lot of weight and I just have stretch marks
everywhere. I avoid being insecure. I normally wear jeans. I never was shorts or if I do wear shorts
they’re 3/4 length and if I wear dresses, they’re just above my knee. My friends drove somewhere and I went with
them I was like, “Oh my god where you guys going?” And they were like, “Oh we’re going to beach
house.” I was like “I don’t have a swimming suit I
don’t have a towel I don’t have goggles.” So my friend was “Calm down they’re gonna
buy some at the store.” “How about you and Trina go to the supermarket
and get drinks and salads and foods.” We came back and some of them were in their
bathing suits or some of them were laying in the sun. And we’re like, “Oh you didn’t buy anything
for us?” and they were like, “oh yeah we totally did.” So she threw a bathing suit at my friend Trina
and then she threw one at me. But this was not what I wanted. It was a super tiny bikini and I was already
very insecure about my body. And I was like, “uhm you know what you guys?…I
don’t want to swim.” And I had to lie that I was in my period. And she said, “It’s Okay”. And she brought tampons and I was like “Oh
my God, they really gonna force me to do this.” So I went into the stall and I put it on and
I was just looking at the stretch marks and just saying “My God, what am I gonna do?” I just covered myself with the towel. I put it over my shoulders and my friend was
like, “oh my God, just take off the towel and swim.” I was like like, “yeah, yeah sure.” So I took off the towel and this girl from
high school came over. Her name was Peaches. And she was like, “Oh my God you are disgusting. You cannot go into water.” And I was just like, “Why? She said “look at you.” And so my friend Trina came up and pushed
her into the sand. The girl got sand in her eyes and she just
started screaming and crying and everything. And then the boys came over to see what was
going on and they just looked at me and then looked at Trina then looked like Peaches on the floor. And people were staring at me. Staring at my thighs and I was just, “oh
my God!” So I ran back to the stall and I put my clothes
back on. When I came back out Trina was outside the
booth she said, “Do you want me to take you home?” I was like “yeah!” So she just took me home. I told my mom about what happened she’s like,
“Don’t worry. You do what you want to do and you’d be comfortable
in what you’re comfortable in. You don’t have to be perfect for anybody.” And now I’m comfortable with my stretch marks
and I don’t go around wearing short shorts or short dresses or skirts. I wear what’s comfortable and I’m happy with that.

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  1. This is relatable because my thighs are covers in stretch marks because of me gaining and losing weight so constantly and I never whore bikinis or bathing suits but now I’m happy with me because of my friends and they are very nice about it.

  2. I'm kinda the same i have a birthmark on my leg and I don't show it I get it it's hard it's not that easy cause there's so much peeps that judges and that's why when I'm in my bathing suit I cover it but they all say "do u need to go to the bathroom??" 😅😬😔

  3. My friend has stretched markings on her stomach and you should have seen the black eye she gave to the girl when she bullied her because of them. Lesson for the day; you're beautiful no matter what you look like, and if anyone says other wise, they're either jealous, heartless, or secretly hate themselves.

  4. Find the pretty face


    Can't find it?

    It's because y'all the pretty face 😄😄😄❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. I have stretch marks too on my legs I have them because I’m way too tall and I go to school with skirts because I don’t really care what people think of me and my friend saw my stretch and he is like What are those and I said those are just stretch marks from being too tall and he said they look like tiger scratches and said cool

  6. We have to keep in mind that stretch marks don’t mean anything bad. I’m a 13 year old boy, and I have some stretch marks in between my legs. Part of the reason why we get these is because when you’re growing and going through puberty, your body is constantly changing so it sometimes give you stretch marks. It is true that you can also get them losing weight and adding it and losing and adding it again, but it’s out of out control. It doesn’t mean anything bad. Be happy with yourself because you are perfect just the way you are ❤️

  7. I have stretch marks on my hips and some on my inner thighs and arms since I grew really fast. I’m so self conscious and I’m so embarrassed and I really feel like I’m not beautiful. I hate it

  8. Wha-

    Stretch marks are beautiful.
    don’t @ me.
    You either got them by going from skinny to big or big to skinny, either way we fuckin’
    I have stretch marks and in my opinion I love them.

  9. I never wear crop tops, like I have never in my life and never will because I have one stretch mark on my belly because like her I added on a bit of weight, not too much, but I lost the weight and I feel okay now, but still have the one stretch mark which is understandable.

  10. “Omg you can not go in that water you are disgusting”
    Yeah it’s not like the ocean isn’t filled with fish poop and bacteria or anything 🤦‍♀️

  11. Hey I had the same problem I just used lotion and A alevara. Plant and used that fro a while feel comfortable in ur own skin and peaches I’m surprised she ain’t gone rotten yet

  12. People should stop making fun of stretch marks, like no one chooses to have them but it's something completely normal and no one should be ashamed for having them
    But just know that people who do already have insecurities about having them you don't have to make it worse put your self in their position see how you would feel and stfu, also congrats to her friend she's a real one 👏🏼

  13. Use Shea butter and coconut oil to get rid of stretch marks my mom had really bad marks from being pregnant and she used that and got rude if them

  14. I have stretch marks, too, for the same reason (gained, then lost a considerable amount of kilos). There is not much you can do, but the good news is that over the years they become nearly invisible.

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