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Ask Reddit what’s the biggest bachelor slash bachelorette party all wedding night duck up you have seen My old boss cheated on his bachelor party night Swirl his friends to secrecy went through with the wedding then told her on the first night of their honeymoon out of guilt Married and split up within one week. Ok telling my wife is the right thing to do But is there a less appropriate time? There must be a worse time? No the first night of the honeymoon Eaters I mean the three weeks between doing the deed of the actual wedding would have been better lul They were stuck together for two weeks in the Maldives after he told her although I can think of worse places to be stuck with a new angry ex-wife a Friend of mine worked as a bartender and told me that this 26 year old girl was Celebrating her bachelorette party when she saw a video of her fiance having sex with another woman at his bachelor party For almost two now He had to act as this girl’s therapist until she stumbled off into the night still depressed at the way things turned out. Oh Well, in fact, I’ll look at it this way I mean technically their marriage is saved this calls for a toast pour the champagne pour the champagne. I Charmed in with haven’t you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door My GF went on one where they got a party bus Everyone was drunk before getting on they just drove around the town we live in After picking up all the guests about a 20 minute drive gets you from one side to the other on a slow day the toilet on the bus Broke early on then started overflowing as people kept using it even after being told not to two people had asthma Attacks as they were allowed smoke on the bus but windows didn’t open enough to ventilate for 15-plus people smoking like trains one person passed out and woke up early to projectile vomit all over the place Fights broke out after onboard alcohol supply ran out GF demanded to be dropped home as due to all the smoke her chest became heavily irritated and she cold and ignore the smell of the busted toilet any longer she got dropped off and To people off the bus came to our door with her demanding I give them extra alcohol then trying to guilt me by saying it’s a gift for the happy couple I planned their entire wedding for free and paid for the dj as a gift So I just laughed and said no a month later they got married the couple got a lot of praise for having such a Wonderful wedding on such a budget four months later filed for divorce after one’s drug habit came to light along with both Realizing they were cheating rings around each other. I Worked in a small family restaurant slash pub in my small college town while I was in undergrad We will thr classiest bar in town So we had a surprising number of bachelor bachelorette parties come through in one particularly bad incident I remember we were the last stop at the end of the daytime bachelorette party They had turned a bunch of whinnery breweries And most of the participants were trashed by the time they got there around 4:00 p.m As soon as they walked in the bride-to-be disappeared to the bathroom a few minutes later We noticed a lot of water begin streaming out under the door She had puked everywhere and somehow in the process ripped the sink out of the wall The icing on the cake her mother-in-law had to carry her vomit covered ass out of the restaurant We ended up having to shut down for a few days in order to repair the damage at dog Ping security at a pretty popular and wild bar It was the trashy party bar in a pretty upscale town on a Saturday of long weekend a combined bachelor Bachelorette party comes in. I have no idea why people think this is a good idea I’ve never actually seen one go well, but maybe it’s the only time everyone is available Anyway at some point two guys start fighting so a couple of the bouncers come over to break it up Fights were pretty common where I worked and the bouncers were all pretty chill about it We break it up everyone gets this courted out a different door happens no harm. No foul. Everyone goes home Instead the gentlemen decided that whatever their differences were They now had some common ground and proceeded to start swinging on the bouncers One of them was unlucky enough to actually connect and they were both restrained until police arrived instead of going home They are being charged with assault and disorderly Conduct possibly a couple other things as they were getting cuffed and put in the back of a cop car I overheard the mother of the bride talking to the officers. Yes. She knew the gentleman It was the groom and his brother. The ceremony was supposed to be the next morning, unfortunately The judge wouldn’t be until Tuesday due to the holiday I was supposedly the co best man for my best friend’s wedding I proposed several dates to the other best man But we agreed to postpone the bachelor party as the precise date of the wedding was not yet set We agreed that the bull was now in his court and he would contact me again To finalize details at a later date We knew a year in advance that they would marry but legal constraints prevent an earlier wedding Two weeks before the wedding the groom’s mother asks me how I enjoyed the bachelor party It was apparently a grand thing the day after I talked with the groom for a separate reason and he was surprised to find out that I was not present for the bachelor party Oh, and I never received an invitation to attend the wedding His mother kept asking me what was going on family friends since before either of us were born and I kept replying That I won’t attend a wedding to which I’m not invited. I don’t need anything fancy or expensive But I do expect something text email phone call something a fossil book Cigna is not a wedding invitation Especially not when I don’t use FAFSA book, it was not until three days before the wedding that I was actually invited I never received an apology from the other best man, and I’d spent the last two years distancing myself from my best friend My buddies bucks weekend was after the wedding we partied in a hotel room for the night then met the bride and her party the next day to stay and party at a house for a few nights first night We got super hammered at the hotel place got totally destroyed tried to order a stripper to the room instead a hooker showed up No one wanted to have sex with her and she didn’t speak much English. So we had to pay her $400 to leave Groom fell over on the hotel room floor that was covered in Broken glass in the morning the groom disappears to a brothel at the house all the strip joints that we called It was a lot to try and get a stripper We are calling back new wife finds out takes off the room and gives it back to the groom. Very awkward They are still married with two kids I was at my uncle’s fine case bachelorette party the next morning we wake up and her engagement ring is missing Her drunk brain reasoned it was safer to take her in off to wash her hands in the club But she never put it back on after her we tried calling the place, but they never found it Probably made worse by the fact the ring was the groom’s mother’s engagement ring And she had picked him out of her seven sons to take the ring for his fee on kay The groom was very cool about it, and she felt really bad But they ended up having to get a look-alike for the wedding a few weeks later. They’re still married years later with kids So it’s a happy ending at my aunt’s bachelorette party I got so drunk that then found me asleep in the bathroom with the contents of mine and the bride’s purses on the ground I had been put in charge of the purses because it was assumed I’d be the most sober I was used to being about to do a shot per bar in college But didn’t realize how much faster we were changing bears and I ended up having four to five more than my limit My mom was out with us and took me home I threw up in the uber twice Mom had to pay her $300 cleaning fee. Despite most of it getting on my lap She showered me changed me and out me Tabard worst hangover of my life I couldn’t move the next day without getting nauseated And vomiting and I had to drive four hours home to catch a plane for finals week. Then the next week was the wedding I flew back learned my lesson and pace myself better But this time the best man’s wife got to duck top We had an after wedding party at a bar and the bride stayed in her dress for it She was on a platform dancing with her bridesmaids who were pretending to pour champagne on her Best man’s wife didn’t real as they were pretending and goes over and pause an entire beer on the bride’s face and dress trying to make her drink it bride is obviously pissed but trying not to let it kill the mood groom asks her what the king and tells best man she needs to leave best man tries to take his wife home as she starts crying and Apologizing, but also arguing that it wasn’t her fault I say tries because she kept running away and hiding to not have to go home. This woman is in her 30s Apparently it’s a common thing for her to get wasted and devolve into a toddler when drunk like some alcohol induced split personality So that was a topic of family gossip for a while. They have twins now Went to a strip club in New York City for a bachelor party Groomed to be disappeared upstairs with a stripper while the rest of us hung out He came downstairs with her hit the ATM and went back upstairs Next morning in the hotel his fiancee called screaming at him because her card got declined at Whole Foods Then one of the other guys had to bail on us because a stripper gave him scabies and he infected his wife I immediately called my wife to tell her what happened. We hadn’t laughed that hard in a while Best one I can remember is when I was working as a hotel about ten to twelve years ago The wedding was off property, but they used our meeting space for their reception They had their dinner and drinks and then the wedding party and some of their friends Family went up to a balcony patio that connected the two sides of the hotel We get a call from a frantic member of their party to call 9 double one for an ambulance and police We didn’t have security on property just yet. So we weren’t quite sure what the hell was going on well You see the groom got all nice and liquored up and proceeded to make out with one of his newly minted wife’s cousins Her dad happened to catch them in the act and body slammed him through a glass table shredding one of his the groom’s Arms, pretty sure that was a quick annulment Went to a bachelorettes party where the backquote strippers had to look up their moves on YouTube Turned out the real strippers couldn’t come so the restaurant manager made simple waiters do it After their show was over they made us do the musical chairs game We thought it was weird but assumed there was a funny or embarrassing price for the winner But no it was just that just the game We shared the strippers with another Bachelorettes party who were sitting next to us the food we got was terrible and there was dish soap in our pitcher of wine I peed myself laughing. It was the worst. I peed myself laughing the true measure of a good time hat Not the bride and groom that the maid of honor and her date. A bus was taking everyone back to the hotel We left a few minutes before got to our room to get changed the bus showed up a few minutes later The bride and groom weren’t on it Suddenly we hear screaming you ducking halt. Why didn’t you bring him things are getting slammed around? Men had to step in and remove him from the room He starts smoking butts while storming up and down the hallway screaming all kinds of names for loose women at her he leaves But we arouse from home and the two hotels in town are booked solid So he slept in his car as a rest stop I believe Turns out his date the more was texting another guy about how she wished he was there Apparently this was the second time she took this guy to a wedding only to spend the night Texting this other guy about how she’d rather be with him. The guy did about dollar-sign 2k worth of damage to the room TL DR maid of honor spent entire night talking to another guy which sent her date into a drunken rage at 1:00 a.m So he trashed the hotel and this was the second time they’d done it Went to a bachelor party for a friend of a friend maybe five or So years ago to a pretty high-end strip club in Philly that has rumored Mayfair connections. Let’s say Everything went fine We had a private area spent a lot of money and had a good time When we were all getting ready to leave the rather cocky loudmouth best, man apparently talked to months’s at the door crossed a line and one of them hit him in the back of the head with a Collapsible baton and chucked him out a side door He was taken to the hospital In an ambulance with a fractured skull and lesions on his brain was in a coma for a few days Spent at least a couple weeks I think in the hospital along with months of rehab he wasn’t even able to attend the wedding from what I heard He still isn’t 100% right mentally since then and probably will never quite be the same Was bartending and one of our regulars had a bachelorette party at the bar during the festivities names changed and Casually referenced a trip to see a concert out of town with Betty and Jeff who were a couple and Betty was the bride’s sister In front of Jane who was not too drunk to remember that she and Jeff were still married when he went to see that show she put two and two together from Ann’s description of events and Surmised that Jeff and Betty had gone to the show as a couple and shared a room So Jeff had been cheating on Jane with Betty and Ann had known about it and not told Jane He’ll a screaming match which Tom the owner of the bar overheard Which he wasn’t happy about because he and Betty had been living together at that time It was like a chain reaction of drunken drama Fortunately my buddy Tom The bars owner was mature about it and worked to calm things down instead of adding to the drama himself We got the competent separated figured out who was going home and who was staying and tried to salvage the night But the bride ended up crying and wondering aloud if getting married was even worth it good times. I Ruined both my wedding and a funeral I got absolutely Hammered a night before what I thought was my wedding day point the absolute drunkest I’ve ever been Woke up late as hell and rushed to what I thought in my hangover was the wedding venue an old church next to the hotel Half dressed shut off pants half undone and barged through the front doors Screamed. Sorry, I’m late and drunk Stopped halfway down the aisle and saw that I had interrupted a funeral. I quickly ran back out and saw the actual church I was to be married in was on the other side of my hotel I ran over there to find my wife sitting outside dressed in her everyday clothes when I explained what happened She laughed and reminded me that the wedding was later that evening. I Was best man for one of my best college butts We are not big party people but he has some lifelong friends that are they are good people But damn they go hard the groom’s one request to me was that we do not go crazy for his bachelor party Because the party people will use any excuse to go nuts, and he didn’t want to deal with it at his bachelor party His idea was to rent a house in the middle of nowhere. So no one could cause any trouble I told him even if we are in a cabin in the woods These folks could uh get trashed and wander off as a Boy Scout I know there are animals and other hazards in the woods and B if there’s an address these guys are gone or order strippers and The bride was insistent like threatened to give me a second circumcision insistent that there can be no strippers anywhere The groom also does not like strippers I Nix his idea of a cabin in the woods and suggest the most wholesome place on earth Disney World But Disney, we’d all be under supervision by Park staff If something crazy went down it likely will be controlled or and not get out of hand They also have drinking around the world at Epcot So loose check rides check food check and safety check We all end up getting trashed by the time we got from Mexico to Canada But whatever we had fun we were ready to call an uber and leave the park for the evening and Go back to the hotel to sleep it off on the way out of the park The two guys that were the most likely to get in trouble get into a fight with some random family and we get thrown out I don’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure we’re all banned for life now When my wife was planning her bachelorette party one of her three sisters offered the use of a hotel room She had gotten for free with her frequent flyer miles on the other side of the country My wife accepted even though the implication was that she have to pay for a plane ticket and none of her friends would be invited Her two other sisters didn’t want to meet up at any of the times my wife had free Even though both of them live within driving distance of the hotel So my wife decided to call it off I offered to plan her Bachelorette weekend in our state on one of the dates She had offered the sister with the frequent flyer miles said she could come but had to leave right before any of the actual festivities started One of my wife’s friends had to skip the beginning of the party to drive my wife’s sister to the airport and ten minutes After they walked out the door My wife’s brother called he thought my wife was on the way across the country and Wanted to know how much she was willing to chip in for the spa weekend that the sister who was headed to the airport was Headed to across the country To the hotel with the two sisters who said they couldn’t make it either to the hotel or to my wife’s Bachelorette party my sisters-in-law are cunts My own first party was about us young guys checking off boxes upscale strip club $20 dances bottle service mandatory et Cie steak dinner drunkenness here I witnessed one of my very good friends drink himself into a red-faced frenzy and begin ranting loudly about how much he loved his GF Whom everyone adores but that he’s sick of El with note. It’s an instant Uncomfortable, hush fell over us his GF now wife is beautiful and as flat chested as a 10 yo boy he yelled on About how he doesn’t even know how she’d feed any babies They might have how he hated looking up at her when she rode him in bed really awful stuff He then found himself as thick big to Ted Braun skinned tattooed Asian dancer the total opposite of his GF Dragged her upstairs to the VIP and stayed there for an unreasonably looong time We had to basically drag him out of he was angry to have to leave Apparently he blew an entire month of pay and then some in that room Continually hitting the club ATM or buying club cash with his card racking up fees We found all this out the next day when he panicked and insisted. He had been robbed He openly wept and swore that because he was so hungover and saw that he had to have been drugged and attacked We had no words for him. We all kicked in a bit Not me the fellas covered my share since I was the groom so my guy could pay his rent the following week His wife never found out but gatherings involving her have always been uncomfortable for us after that Really he dragged everything down from then on when it came time for my second party. I hosted a poker game for family and friends Catering snacks desserts keg loose cigars my curated music playlist playing great time Filter tables went all afternoon and night till 4:00 a.m People crashed comfortably till they could drive safely. I Went to my cousin’s Bachelorette party and her and two friends snuck away from the rest of us in a big club to go see strippers and find dudes She invited me as she saw me as a coolie on alternative cousin But I elected to stay with my sister’s and indulged heavily in the provided booze They were gone for most of the night the next morning Everyone went to get breakfast and I stayed in bed nursing the kind of hangover you get when you’re a Responsible and loved fun and there’s a bar tab funded by family who you don’t really know Her fiance and three of his friends all total strangers and at least 10 years older than me let themselves into the room I was sleeping him and tried to manipulate me into telling them all about what she had done the night before I ain’t no snitch I kept saying it was just a standard night and I drank too much to remember much anyway They started off nice and then got aggressive when I wasn’t forthcoming with all the dirty details until I told them I’ll call my cousin and they can just ask her about it. The wedding was huge I cannot fathom the amount of time and money that went into that thing so much fun Anyway, they didn’t last the honeymoon. They had to wait a whole year to get a divorce. They are both pretty crappy people

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