People Try Chrissy Teigen’s Dinner

– Chrissy Teigen recently
tweeted that she eats the same thing for dinner
every night which is crazy. I think she’s awesome, she is super fun. She’s hilarious, she’s great on twitter, she hosts lip sinc battle,
she has a cookbook, so I feel like she knows what she’s doing. I wanna see what she eats
for dinner every night, and I also want to learn
how to make it for myself. So this morning I’ve
decided I’m gunna go out, buy the ingredients, make her dinner, and then have my coworkers try it. The meal is really simple,
it’s a full fish Branzino cooked with garlic, olive
oil, rosemary, and lemon. She actually has her mom cook it. I think I’m a pretty good
cook, I’m definitely not a chef or a professional chef, but hey, I could be Chrissy Teigen’s mom. So I’m in a fish market now, and they have whole Branzino’s here. Seventy five dollars. I will say this is an expensive
thing to have every night, but if you’re Chrissy (beeps)
Teigen you can afford it and that’s dope for her. This might be a special
occasion thing for me, but let’s go make some fish. Okay this is grossing me out. It’s bloody, and I’ve never cooked anything like this before. There’s (beeps) eyeballs, and I’m gunna try to clean this. Oh god it’s so slimy, ew. So I’m just gunna cook it
the way she says she cooks it which is covered with garlic and olive oil and stuffed with lemon and rosemary. There it is yay. Once you get over the
slimy, slippery texture of that fish it’s totally fine. I’m excited. (jazz) – I don’t know who Chrissy Teigen is. – I like Chrissy Teigen
I think she’s funny. – Amazing clap-backs on twitter. – What kind of monster
can eat the same thing for dinner every night,
like it just seems like something only serial killers do. – I think I could do
it with a cheeseburger. – Mine would be ice cream. – Oh no. – Ew. – It’s fish. – No thanks. Hard pass. – Oh wow.
– Oh. – This looks really incredible. – Disgusting. – Disgusting this looks amazing. – It’s a full blown fish.
– You made this? Wow well done Ali I’m impressed. – So if you push shouldn’t
be weirded out by this, because like that’s
what a fish looks like. – I eat Mahara a lot, I love it, so I’m all about the whole fish. – Yup. – No, I’m not gunna do this probably. That’s nasty as hell. – This smells awesome. This is little bits of garlic, and lemon, and this is what rosemary? – I hate you Ali. – I’m gunna (talks while eating). – Mhmm. – Pretty good. I hate
that I could see its face. – It’s incredible. – His eyes. – Here. We’ll just put that over his head. – That actually helps. – I enjoy it. I just don’t know if I
would eat it every day, but I love it. – I’ll eat this once a
year if I’m dating someone, and we go to their parents house and I have to pretend to be polite. – Wow. – Oh sh (beeps). – She eats a hundred dollars
worth of fish a week? (laughs) (beeps) – Goals. – I’m gunna go. You
don’t need me for this. My final thought nah.
– you don’t want anymore? – I think we’re gunna stick
with our initial mentality of variety is the spice of life. – I wish I could eat this every day. – She don’t know how good she got it. Bones. – I haven’t tried it yet
so I’m gunna try it now. I’m excited. Mmm. Oh it’s so good. I’m really happy, I’m gunna
make this for dinner tonight. (groovy music) (wooshing) (squeaking)

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  1. To me it’s rude to say ew to food, it’s disrespectful and just say oh no I dislike fish or something like that don’t say ew no I’m not gonna try it

  2. I eat the whole grilled fish. I don't know what makes them think it's so disgusting without even trying, and I think it's really disrespectful.

  3. If it were butchered and disfigured (until it didnt look anything like a fish) battered and fried I'm sure they wouldn't have had a problem. 😕 You eat the flesh from a carcass…at least know what it looks like…(I'm an omnivore).

  4. The girl in like the red shirt is so picky here in the Philippines that's a big no no if you lived here we love to eat fish here

  5. If you strongly dislike a food that much… be mature and say no thanks. I can't imagine the cook's face when she flat out screamed "EWWWW". How old are you i mean come on. Appreciate the food and maybe try to act more your age? Thank god for those guys (especially Garett) for being positive, it kinda shut the girls up.

  6. Ok do people not eat the entire fish 🐟 that's so wasteful. Come on guys eat meat that comes from an animal with a head. Side not I was stumped that she went to a fish market and didn't ask for it to be cleaned for her and cut. No hate nor shade it just bothered me that they were closed minded to eating something as simple as a fish. Is it normal for people to only eat the fish tail?

  7. I love how they're grossed out by the fish's eyeballs. Imagine them eating chicken or beef and while they're looking at a chicken head or cow's head. That's the reason why some people go vegetarian.

  8. I'm really surprised that the girls were disgusted by the whole fish. Why? Americans really are disconnected with their food. Kudos to the guys for being open-minded. Garret was appreciatin' the hell out of that dish.

  9. WHERE DO THEY LIVE?! Never before have they seen a fish on a plate? Literally any restaurant that serves fish will have a similar plate in their menu. It IS trickier to eat and I personally don't like the cleaning process, but to act as if there's a monster on a plate is ridicolous.

  10. It's sad how they are so detached from their food and forget that they're from animals. Yes, that is what a fish looks like.

  11. I'm not disgusted by fish because my parents have live by the beach almost all their lives so I go fishing every summer to mexico because I'm also Latina btw that fish looks amazing

  12. No wonder why americans are the fattest and unhealthiest country, they don't eat fish ans fish is healthy asf… Shoutout to Garret for being so nice and open minded about the expensive fish Ally bought and cooked for them! I'm very disappointed because I always thought Buzzfeed was the most open minded site, you know, LGBTQ supporters and always trying new things… But these people are just too selfish and disrespectful, they don't fit in Buzzfeed. I thought everyone in Buzzfeed was like Ally and Garret but I guess ignorance will always rule in this god damn planet.

  13. People are so weird when they see the whole animal lol and yet they eat meat all the time but it’s not gross because they don’t see the animals face? I’m confused.

  14. Why american so amused with whole fish with its head and eyeballs still intact??? The best meat of fish is on its cheeks. Believe me

  15. That's what some people eat everyday all around the world, especially in Indonesia where I live. It's a delicacy and a treat! And for ordinary people, sometimes we don't have the time nor the money to what, sautee it, cut it into fillets, buy the extra virgin olive oil or rosemary to season it so stop whining or complaining or saying it's "disgusting" you privileged people. That's demeaning. Stop.

  16. Geez, what’s so gross a whole fish you eating. It way better and healthier eating hot dog or fast food burger you don’t even know what the heck is inside does process food. I watch a video of how hot dog is made and it just gross the heck out of me made me and I make sure that my family never eat any disgusting process meat. So how is a fresh fish disgusting and gross! No wonder obesity is an big issue in US.

  17. I mean I myself don’t eat fish but Im Caribbean so seeing a whole fish prepared isn’t abnormal to me, however I do understand how it could be weird to these people. You can’t really be mad at someone for being weirded out by something that isn’t normal to them. That’s human nature. Usually in America they eat their fish filleted. I think the lady in the red was rude though

  18. I don't understand their fuss over the fish. Lol. I'd get it that they're not to used to it.. but that is just similar to eating prawns and crabs whole. Calling it nasty and not even wanting to try it is pretty overdramatic.

  19. Defending them for being grossed out or weirded out by a whole fish is totally fine, but the mannerisms and rude reactions? You can’t really defend that besides acknowledging they had poor home training growing up.

  20. It's funny how they freaked out over a whole fish, but they eat meat from other animals which is basically body parts and flesh anyway…

  21. There is nothing to be so grossed out for. Baked/steamed/grilled fish as dinner each night helps you to lose weight, at least a pound every 1 or 2 weeks. Looks like Garret was the only one here who had some respect for Ali. Hats off man!

  22. Why were they so grossed out? Just try it before you make a judgment! That is extremely rude to the cook too! I would love to eat that fish and be thankful for it

  23. Still can’t wrap my head around how freaked out some people were over a whole fish, where do they think fillets come from?!? Try some Mexican seafood, whole fish is normal 😁

  24. How do you not know who she is? Do you live in a box? I bet your a Kardashian person which is depressing. Teigen is way more entertaining than those washed up hags. Also plenty of people eat the same dishes every night and or frequent. That was a pretty weird statement and you guys must be extremely young. I keep hearing people complain about Millennials but and never gave it much thought but now I see what they ate talking about 😂😂😂

  25. They don't even know what a real fish looks like!? Like hell, what are y'all been eating? Processed fish that doesn't even taste real fish.

  26. I love how they're grossed out yet me being Vietnamese only eat whole fish. I even have an aunt who eats the eyeballs.😂😂😂

  27. I don't get why americans are so gross out by fish…in Italy is really normal to eat the whole fish and baked branzino is considered a super tasty dish….

  28. I'm korean so a whole fish is pretty normal, I don't know about other countries but I know for sure that japanese and chinese people eat whole fish too

  29. It's a surprise that people don't know how to eat a fish!!
    People are used to eating a piece of meat rather than a whole body.

    You eat steak with a head of cow right next to you, that is looked weired.

  30. Why are Americans disgusted by seafood ? What is different ? Back when I was a foreign exchange student in China, we had a chinese cooking class with a chinese chef. He made a dish with squid and veggies, and none of the American foreign exchange students tasted it. It didn’t have eyes or anything, it was just white meat, but they avoided the meat as if they were going to get sick. Is seafood very unpopular in the states ?

  31. I'm honestly offended at the girls saying how gross and nasty it is… It's a fish dude, that's what a fish looks like. People annoy me.

  32. This fish is available for $10 a pound so the price isn't sooo bad. I tried the dish with fresh oregano along with really good olive oil and it is insanely good….If i made 6 figures a year i would be so down for eating this every night.

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