Hello friends, it’s me your favorite messy hair YouTuber back at it again for another video. So today we’re gonna be checking out people who celebrated too early. Okay. I remember this Cup tournament thing, they had this at my school and I used to be a master at this so they had tournaments for this where they would time you and this you did it so fast I was like Mmmm, I definitely won I beat my record and then he forgets to press stop So after you’re done stacking and unstacking your cups You’re supposed to hit the stop button and he didn’t do it. He was just like Mmm, yeah! (Default Dance) Oh, wait! You only get one chance I mean he did it so fast he thought he was winning today Oh, he put a whole point nine seconds of celebrating. Was it worth it? So this next one is at a fighting game tournament and the dude thought he won and just gets up and start celebrating And then realizes like oh no the game isn’t over tries to salvage his final attempt. That whole time when he thought he was celebrating his win his opponent got some free blows in and ooh, it’s over, it’s over. Aw man, I would’ve felt so good if I was that guy like, oh man some people just get way too cocky like I’m gonna win I already know I won and then that’s like bish think again So this was at the Miss America pageant where Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner. “Our new Miss Universe, if for any reason she is unable to fulfill her duties, the first runner-up will take her place Miss Universe 2015 is… Columbia.” So he was supposed to say the first runner-up is and then announced the winner He accidently did the first runner-up as the winner. So Miss Colombia over here. She got crowned Miss Universe Like hello, friends. Yes. We did it her BFF joins her on stage. They start dancing, hugging celebrating and then “Ok folks I have to apologize” Gosh she’s laughing like good joke Steve Harvey. You’re so funny I wonder what he has to apologize for “the first runner-up is Colombia” She’s like wait does that mean I’m the winner? Me? How could this be? This is so incredibly awkward like okay, you know what? I’m really Sorry about this, honey yoink puts it on her like oh I’m suing for the months of therapy I’m gonna need after this nah but for real though that really Sucks like getting someone’s hopes up like that and then just being like, oh no, we’ve made a mistake I feel like that’s literally me though Like my whole life just like getting my hopes up and then nothing but failure. Where are the frog’s legs? in the eggs Congratulations… THANK YOUUUUUU On the worst dish in this competition so far Oh no. This is so sad she started celebrating like “oh my god. They like my food. I won” I knew Mama’s cooking was good. And then oh, I mean, did you not see the man spit out your food? You know I really wonder how bad the food has got to be on these shows for them to spit it out. Come on, man I don’t even go to like McDonald’s and spit out the food Run it through the finish line like oh, yeah. I want this you can’t do this like that girl behind her She wanted it more than anybody a girl in the blue just like slowed down right before finishing the race I then just the last fraction of a second humble Queen ball gonna run through I’m not gonna lie. This is so embarrassing like you don’t even know if you won yet and you’re just gonna cut through like Yes victory wait Can I get a replay? So the goalie was like nah I block that ooh Ooh, there is no way that is going to go through and then just runs away. You know goalie you’re supposed to protect the goal! You’ve literally had one job to make sure no balls go through he’s like ya it went up its gonna come down There’s no way it’s going in that goal. I can’t believe they gave it to this dude. Nice So ashley applied to a college and finally got her letter. Hey Open it. Congrats. I’m, so proud of you. I didn’t get in. What really? What does it say? Yes, I got denied. DENIED! That sucks. I mean to be fair. She said she just got the letter. I mean ya’ll are like, congrats I’m so proud of you before even knowing if she got in or not, oof big Yikes Man, I was gonna be like okay what could possibly go wrong? And then that pole comes out of nowhere Like hello, I mean somebody needed to humble him sit down be humble This dude has gotta be the fastest damn runner I have ever seen runnin out of area 51 like Why does he look like an alien? Oh my god, he’s running so fast he Actually beat. Oh my God, look at that. He got a head start A head start. Oh my God Look how much of a head start he got and this dude actually caught up with him and beat him. No way No way. Somebody is this fast you got that new new? Technology, whatever they hide in an area 51 make a home run that quick Oh. This is so painful to watch like he didn’t even bother looking back behind him. They’re like, oh, yeah It’s your boy coming through the finish line and that is like not today and fell off his bike While the other dude humble legend over here beat him He just looked like a fool. He wasn’t even close to the finish line Like I already got his hands up like it’s me winner comin through Oh no. This kid started clapping for himself like, “yes I went down my first set of stairs” and then on the very last one big fat oof *fart* onto the ground No, he tried so hard he got so far in the end. He got a face full of floor Ooh, so they made the basket. Oh no See, I don’t watch basketball. But okay see they were tied. This was very last second There’s two seconds left in the game. They made the basket. They thought they want and this dude threw it across the entire Court and made the last basket for them to win. This is wild I can’t believe this like they thought they won. They thought they had it and this dude made the shot of a lifetime To save his team and win the whole game for them What you’ve done and the ambitions? You do seriously surprise me. Thank You chef I was hoping you’d see that I mean I’d given it all I got give you 110 You surprised me of how S#!T you are! OOOH! Sick burn. I mean Gordon Ramsay’s pretty good at getting people’s hopes up and then completely crushing them Maybe you shouldn’t have quit your [email protected]$#ING day job so early! That’s really sad. I know I would be upset It’s like when I was in school, this guy came up to me. He was like, hey, you’re pretty and then I was like Really and he was like pretty ugly Literally traumatizing. I was so upset. That’s what Gordon Ramsay’s like. That’s what he does to your self-esteem So this dude threw the basketball thought for sure he was getting it He was like, oh, yeah, that’s gonna fall right in. Gotta do my little victory dance. It didn’t even go with the basket He’s gonna turn around like so dang confident that it went through the hoop. Like, yep. That’s it That’s a victory royale. No, it wasn’t That ball just made its way to the goal like this dude ran across the field rubbing it in This guy’s face. Like oh I won, you lost. You can’t get no balls past me, but he did complacency at its finest Yet another example of somebody being way too cocky for their own good There’s so many people right behind you you’re meters away from the finish line You’re just gonna like slide in like yes, it’s me the winner. No, look at this, dude You don’t see this dude coming up right behind you. You basically let him win. He’s trying so hard He didn’t even notice this guy. He was so confident in himself Like he was gonna win for sure Like you just end up looking like a fool and in one of my videos So the camera was on this woman who wanted her team to win so bad. She was rooting for them Oh my god, they won hol’ up. Aha her face Just how it goes from victory to, what?You mean, they didn’t win. But anyways, that’s all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video comment below which one of these was the worst and if you guys enjoyed this video Make sure to hit that like button in the face and make sure you turn on notifications click, click and subscribe and join the wolf pack. Awoo I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching. Bye guys

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  1. OMG ITS PIA WURTHZBACK THE WINNER IN 2015!! IK HER! Because Im A Filipino! (I Think I Spelled "Wurthzback" Wrong ;-;)
    And F xD

  2. My crush said hey your so cute wanna go out and I’m like REALLy!!! He said no.. i felt so embarrassed cus I yelled REALLY out loud at the end of class when everybody was in there >.<

  3. Me the whole time β€œaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” one time I thought i won but nope

    Like if something happened to u one

  4. Me:sit silently
    Sssniperwolf:look at him running out of Area 51
    Sssniperwolf:why he look like a alien

  5. πŸ’‡πŸ’‹πŸ’‹β€β€β€πŸ‘ΈπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ‘°πŸ’πŸ‘«πŸ‘ͺ

  6. One time my Uncle was playing Mario kart, he was 1st and was almost at the finish line, he stood up and celebrated only to realise that his character was driving to the wall not passing the finish line yet while everyone else was happily going through the finish line

    -it was funny tho

  7. A few days ago I asked my crush if he liked me but he didn't reply. I was was alking to English class and saw him in there early putting a note on my desk. I went into the class and read it, and it said I like u. For the whole day I thought he liked me, until the next day he came to my desk while I was working on an assignment and said " April fools." I an still crying to this day.

  8. This reminds me ages ago when I was in year/grade 6
    So we did attendance(on which class came everyday)and it was assembly,then our class and year5 was left and this boy(in my class) had his hand in the middle of him if that makes sense.And when the teacher said β€œyear5!” He started to cheer because he thought it was us then realised

  9. My cousin was a goalkeeper in a match and it hit the crossbar and it went over but it hit the crossbar again and went into the goals

  10. I was just playing fortnite while watching ur video,this kid was the last person he was 55hp I hit home once with my scar so then I went for the Picaxe so I was celebrating early and then the kid killed me and I was kinda mad but not raging

  11. Man:congratulations……

    Woman:ThAnK yOuuuUUuU!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜„


    Savage πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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