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(doorbell ringing) (door squeaking) – Oh, hi. Yeah, come this way. The girls are having so much fun. (upbeat instrumental music) (smooching) If you like this video,
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amazing tip that I’m going to give to have a wonderful
celebration on a budget. Liah wanted an Alice in Wonderland theme, so the first step was
to do that iconic sign. So, this was pretty easy. I used a pallet, and I had it at home, and all I did was paint it white before. It was like a base, and then
I used whatever paint color I had it at home. And I think it looks pretty cute. And then, you use lettering
like Up There, Down There, Liah’s Way, whatever you like. And what is a celebration
without a photo booth, right? Photo booths can be expensive, but this one was actually really cheap. So, I got the fabric at Joann’s and some white curtains
that I had at home. And then, I just glued the
paper flower here and there. The idea is to let your imagination fly and make it really pretty. (camera shutter clicking) (lively instrumental music) And, of course, you need props. I actually paid for
this like $4.00 at Etsy. I downloaded to my computer. I printed out and this was
pretty much it. (laughs) (camera shutter clicking) And I even used some of those
props for my decoration. Pretty neat, huh? Also, at Etsy I got this
pretty custom-made shirt. The water bottle and
straw labels I downloaded from a website, and I’m
going to leave that link in the description box down below as well. So, the party’s over. That was a lot of fun. – That was really fun. Thanks for coming to my party. – Yeah, thank you for watching, guys. That’s it for today video. If you want to see yesterday video, just click right here. If you want to see more
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