Perfect DIY Christmas & Birthday Gifts For Every Caffeine Addict / Coffee Lover In Your Life ☕

– Hey, guys. In today’s video I’m going to show you five super easy DIY gift
ideas for coffee lovers. We have everything from wall decor, room decor, and jewelry. The first idea is a handmade
coffee-scented candle. For this DIY, you will need a white mug and either porcelain paint or pen. Now you can paint any design you like. I wanted to paint something that is simple but still looks cute. That’s why I simply applied
short lines like that until I was happy with the amount. But you can, of course,
create any design you like. While the paint is drying, we can move on to melting the candle wax. Here, I will be using three
white colored candles. These candles I melt in a heat-safe pot that I place into hot water on the stove. This way the wax can
carefully and slowly melt. While the wax is melting, we
can prepare the candle wick. To make sure that the wick
will stay in the center of the mug, I would
recommend to glue the end to the bottom using some strong glue. Here, I will be using hot glue. The excess wick we can
wrap around a pencil and place it on top of the mug. Let the melted wax cool
down for a few minutes or otherwise it will be too hot and melt the glue. Then, you can carefully pour
the melted wax inside the mug. All we need to do is add a
little bit of ground coffee inside the liquid wax. The coffee might sink down a little bit. That’s why I would
recommend you mix everything from time to time while the wax is cooling down. If you want, you can also
add a few coffee beans on top, just not too much or the candle will have difficulties burning. Once the wax has cooled down, cut off the excess candle wick
and the candle is finished. I think this candle looks so cute and cozy and it smells really nice. The next idea is to
create a tea candle holder with coffee beans. Here, we’ll need a porcelain bowl and either porcelain paint or pen again. You can get creative again
and paint any design you like. I wanted to keep it rather simple again. That’s why I painted a
few branches with leaves all around the bowl. Now, we just need to let the paint dry, pour in some coffee beans inside, and place small tea
candle inside the coffee. When the tea candle heats up, you will be able to smell
the coffee even more. The next idea you might have already seen but it’s a fun way to gift coffee for any coffee junkie. For this project, you will
need a deep picture frame. I got mine from IKEA. Remove the backside of the frame and pour the coffee
beans inside the frame. If your friend doesn’t have a
machine for grinding coffee, you can also use already ground
coffee, if that’s easier. Once we fill up the frame with coffee, add the backside of the frame
and turn the frame around. Now, it’s time to add the text on top. Here, I’ll be using a silver-colored waterproof pen that holds well on glass but you can also use a white pen instead. Now, you can write a funny message on top. For example, you can write, “In case of emergency, break glass.” If you’re a coffee addict as I am, you know how awful it is to wake up in the morning and to realize you have not enough coffee for a cup
of coffee in the morning. But now, your amazing gift
will prevent any disasters. If you’re obsessed with resin projects, the next idea is perfect for you because now you’re going
to create coffee jewelry. For this DIY, you’re going
to need resin with hardener. The ratio here is one to two. So, we need a little bit of resin and a double amount of the hardener. But, be sure to read the instructions of the resin you’re using first, as the ratio might be different. Mix the liquids together very well and then we can prepare the molds. Here, I will be using the same molds you might have already
seen in my other videos. But resin is so versatile, I just love it. Pour in a little bit of
resin inside the mold in the shape of your choice and start placing a few
coffee beans inside. The great thing about this project is that you can really play
around with it and experiment. You can either place the
beans inside the mold so the bottom side will
be facing towards you or you can place the beans so the side that is facing towards you
will be already the front side. Both ways will create different results and both will look amazing. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, let the resin harden. This is how the pieces look once they have completely hardened. Depending on the mold you were using, you can either attach a glued on bail with a little bit of resin again. The same way as I showed you
in one of the previous videos that I will link here and in the info box. Or you might only have to add a jump ring to the hole and then attach a necklace. But, of course, you can
also make small pendants for smaller necklaces, earrings, or something else you might have in mind. The last idea, is a 3D coffee wall art that is shaped like a heart. You can either glue the
coffee beans one by one onto a piece of paper that you can frame or you can also create a template first by folding the paper in
half and drawing a heart. When you cut it out,
you get a perfect heart you can use for the 3D art. Now, we need to prepare the coffee beans so we can glue them to the paper. For this step, add some
coffee beans into a cup and add some liquid glue
on top that dries clear. Mix everything very well
and then you can start adding the coffee to the
template we cut out earlier. You need to do that rather quickly or the glue will become
more and more sticky and it will be more
difficult to distribute it. Apply the coffee beans to the template until everything is covered
and then you can let it dry. If you want, you can
leave out a little gap on the right corner to
imitate the light reflection, but this is optional. Once everything is dried,
we can glue the template with the coffee beans onto the paper that is already framed. And the gift is done. Now you have a coffee-scented 3D wall art you can hang up in the
kitchen or wherever you want. If you need more inspiration
on what you should make as a gift, be sure to
check out my playlist full of gift ideas right here. If you like this video,
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