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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys. It’s Ashley, your Quince beauty guru. In today’s video, I’m going
to be showing you guys how to transform yourself into a
princess, and from a princess into a garden fairy using a few
of my favorite COVERGIRL products. OK, so you want to first start off by
prepping your face with foundation. I’ve already done so. I did want something that was
still natural looking but also very lightweight and gave me a
decent amount of coverage. So I decided to go in with the COVERGIRL
truBLEND foundation in the shade 425. Now, I do have some dark circles. So I decided to go in with the
COVERGIRL FixStick Concealer. And I really like this,
because it’s in a crayon form. It’s very, very easy to use. And you just pop the cap off right here. And you conceal any
dark circles you have or blemishes by just simply dragging
it over any hyperpigmentation areas or acne scarring. And then you just blend it
in with your ring finger. After concealer and foundation, we
want to set our makeup with a powder. So I’m going in with COVERGIRL’s
truBLEND Pressed Powder with the brush. And I’m just dabbing it right in there. And I’m applying it directly
into my T-zone area. Because this is where I get the
mostly oily throughout the night. And now moving on to the eyes. I’m going in with COVERGIRL’s
Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in the shade Hot-Pink Flame. And I’m just taking this, and
I’m dragging it all over my eyes. And basically, this is just going to
act as a base for all of our shadows to adhere to. And now we want to keep the eyeshadow
pretty minimal for this princess look. And we’re going to focus on the lashes. Because you want to have very
nice and long, voluminous lashes. So I’m going in with
COVERGIRL’s Flamed Out Mascara. And I’m just using the shade black. And this has a
curved-brush feature to it. So it’s going to ignite
every single eyelash. As for the lips, I want something
that’s a little bit more sheer that’s not going to take away from the eyes. So I’m going in with COVERGIRL’s
Lipslicks Smoochies Sizzle Gloss. And I am in the shade
of Turn Up the Heat. I’m just going to apply this right here
to my lips for a little bit of shine. So we got the basics down. Now we’re just going to
layer on some more shadows. And I’m going in with
COVERGIRL’s Flamed Out Shadow Pot in the shade of Gold Flame. With a tapered blending brush, I’m
just going to take some of the shadow. And I’m going to rock it
into the depths of my crease to create a little bit more definition. After that, I’m going in
with COVERGIRL’s Shadow Pot in the shade Lime Light. And I’m just dipping a
flat shader brush in there. And I’m just going to take the shadow. And I’m just going to drag
it onto my lower lash line for a little bit more pop of color. And that just about wrapped
up this garden fairy look. Hopefully, you guys
enjoyed both makeup looks. And until next time, I’ll be sure
to see you guys in the next video. Bye.

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