Pete Davidson Got Stuck Paying for Kid Cudi’s Birthday Dinner When Kanye West Crashed

-Welcome back to the show,
buddy. -Thank you.
-I want to show a picture, because Kim Kardashian was on
our show a couple weeks ago. -Yeah.
-And she showed us a photo. She showed me —
Explain this to me. So, you’re out to dinner
with Kanye? Is that Timothée Chalamet
and Kid Cudi? -Yes.
[ Laughter ] -What was —
-And I am — that is really me. I’m not superimposed at all. [ Laughter ] -That’s an actual,
real photo, yeah. -So, yeah,
it was Cudi’s birthday. -Okay.
-And he was like, “Hey, let’s go to Nobu,” and
I was like, “That’s awesome.” “I’m going with, like,
my manager and producer.” I was like,
“Cool. That’d be great.” So, I got there a little early so I could, like,
give him my card. You know, so it could be — You know, I thought it was just,
like, us three, you know? -You were gonna treat
with your credit card. -Yeah, you know.
-Sure. -Buy my boy a birthday dinner,
you know? -That’s nice.
-You know, ’cause he’s, like — He’s the best musician
that’s ever lived, and, yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] And it’s like an honor, right?
-That’s nice. -So, I get there,
and we’re outside, and, you know,
we order a couple things. I’m like,
“All right, this is cool.” Everybody’s like, you know,
skinny and whatever. It’s all fun.
[ Laughter ] -“Everyone’s skinny.”
-Yeah. -It’s like,
“I can treat for these people.” -Yeah.
I was like, “This is chill.” -Yeah.
-Then, Timothée Chalamet shows up, and I’m like,
“All right, also skinny. Gonna be fine.”
[ Laughter ] No problem.” And then, Cudi goes, “Hey,
Kim and Kanye might come by.” And I was like,
“That would be awesome.” And then, I was like, “Oh, no.” [ Laughter ] So they come by,
and we’re outside, right? And then, Kanye goes, “Let’s get
the special room in the back.” And I was like, “Oh, no!” [ Laughter ] I was like, “Yeah!
All right! Cool, sick.” So, we’re sitting in there,
and I’m, like, texting my touring agent, I’m like, “Yo,
you gotta book more shows.” [ Laughter ] “[Bleep] getting real
over here.” [ Laughter ] So, then, you know,
the waiter comes, and Kanye’s like — “What would
you like to order, Kanye?” and he goes, “I want that stuff
that’s not even on the menu, that crazy stuff.” I was like, “Oh, my God.
The crazy stuff?” -“Crazy stuff”?
What does that mean? -I just want to say, like,
Kim and Kanye, the cutest couple ever.
Very, very sweet people. I had a really good
time with them. -Yeah, they’re great.
Yeah. But you still don’t want to pay. Like, “Dude, you’re Kanye.
You should treat.” -No! Like, it was fine.
It was just, like — It actually wasn’t as bad
as you would think. But, you know, it’s not like
it’s Applebee’s, you know? [ Laughter ] It’s Nobu, you know?
-It’s Nobu, yeah. -Which is like 77 Applebee’s-es. [ Laughter ] -Dude… Did you just pluralize
“Applebee’s”? -Yeah, yeah.
-Applebee’s-es. -Applebee’s-es.
[ Laughter ] -Tell me about
what you’re doing. I’m so excited about this. What are you doing
with the new “Mortal Kombat”? How are you involved with this? -“Mortal Kombat 11” —
it’s my favorite number. -I love “Mortal Kombat.”
-Yeah. Also, well, they are paying me
to be here to talk about it. -Oh, wow.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah. Yeah, and I —
Yeah, that’s why. [ Cheers and applause ]
That’s really — -Thank you for being honest.
-Yeah, no, yeah. You know, I’m trying to get
a helicopter to Coachella. [ Laughter ] They were like,
“Do you like this game?” I was like, “Sure.”
No. [ Laughter ]
It’s actually really sick. There’s this guy that
I really like to kill in it. [ Laughter ] ‘Cause he looks like
a real douchebag. [ Laughter ] So, there’s this guy,
Johnny Cage. -Oh, yeah, Johnny Cage.
-Yeah. So, he does splits
and punches you in the [bleep] is his special move.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, so it’s one of his moves,
yeah. -And he just looks like
everybody I grew up with in Staten Island,
so I just kill that dude. [ Laughter ]
I enjoy killing him. Also, he has, like,
a hot daughter, which is, like, weird,
because I’m lonely and she’s, like, not real. [ Laughter ] So there’s that
in the video game, as well — sexual confusion.
-Sexual confusion! With the new “Mortal Kombat 11.”
-Yeah. The effects are,
like, really good. I’m actually wearing — I have to shout-out,
“Mortal Kombat” sneakers. [ Cheers and applause ]
Yeah, they exist. -Wow.
-Yeah. They are real things. -I like —
My dude I like is Scorpion. -You like Scorpion.
Oh, I got you — -That’s my dude.
-I heard you like Scorpion, so I got this for you…
-“Get over here!” -…in case you want
to have fun with your wife over the Easter break. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -I don’t know if this
is gonna fit, but we’ll see. -No, I mean —
Yeah. [ Laughter ] -Oh, me! Oh, I see.
-Yeah. I mean, wear it for sex. [ Laughter ] -Thank you. I understood —
I understand the first time. Yeah. Thank you.
Yeah. But you do love video games. I heard you’re building
an arcade at your house. -I am.
So, I live with my mom. Well, we bought
a house together, but nobody believes that.
[ Laughter ] So, I live with my mom, kind of, so I have, like,
a basement that’s, uh, mine. [ Laughter ] It’s like —
But that’s like an apartment, so I live underneath her. [ Laughter ] -Yeah.
-Yeah. So, like, I’m getting, like, a
little arcade setup down there, try to make it —
try to make it a little mine. [ Laughter ] -What do you have?
What does that mean, an arcade? Do you have, like,
a bunch of pinball machines? -Well, no, you know,
I’m gonna get, like, a “Mortal Kombat” machine. [ Laughter ]
-No, no, no, you’re good. ♪♪ No, the check has cleared. The check has cleared.
You’re good. Yeah.
You can have “Mortal Kombat.” But, yeah, we’re good.
-Okay, cool. -So you’ll get one
“Mortal Kombat” machine, but what else?
-Well, I’m redoing my whole entire — So, I was calling it
The Man Cave, but the Mulaneys told me
that if I call it that, they will no longer
be my friend. [ Laughter ]
I didn’t know. Do you not call the basement
the man-cave? Is that weird? -Some people do,
but, no, you can’t. -Yeah, so now I call it
“The Basement,” like The Ohio State University. [ Laughter and applause ] Yeah, it means something. -“The.”
-Oh, I don’t like that college. I just — You know.
[ Laughter ] It’s the “The”
that’s the important — -Go, CSI!
Division III. Whoo!
-Oh, my gosh! Division III.
D-III, man. -D-III, baby.
-That’s the real deal. Are you gonna charge people
when they play the video games? -Hell yeah. Absolutely.
[ Laughter ] One of my many schemes
I’m working on, Jimmy. -Pete, we always love
when you come here, and I’ll let you know what
happens with this guy, yeah. -Oh, yeah, sure.
Thanks for having me. -Pete Davidson, everybody.
-Thank you very much. “Saturday Night Live”
returns May 4th. And “Mortal Kombat 11”
is available April 23rd. -Go get it!
And get Machine Gun Kelly’s “Hotel Diablo” album coming out.
-There you go. -My boy MGK’s album coming out.

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