Pete Fry, “Housing” | Green Party of Vancouver

My name’s Pete Fry and I’m running for city council I first ran for city council back in 2014 and mostly on housing issues I ran with the Green Party because we’re the only elected party that refused to take donations from the developer industry Back then I was often attacked for trying to talk about issues that were affecting local housing global capital, short-term rentals, speculation and flipping, land-use decisions and the inappropriate relationship between certain developers and the political establishment Of course today, just four years later we recognize that those were all factors that were impacting our ability to preserve affordable homes for people who live and work in our city there’s no free-market silver bullet there’s no clever hashtag that will solve our housing issues there’s no zoning magic wand that we can wave that will fix things either It’ll take a measured, thoughtful approach and all of us working together to solve our housing issues that’s why I’m running to be your city councillor Please vote for me, Pete Fry Vote Green

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