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  1. I watch sports to try to forget about these things now I have to hear political opinions from Alejandro Bedoya after a goal? No wonder why nobody watches the MLS!

  2. I guess he means shackle more of the law abiding citizens…2nd amendment! You can't end gun violence like you can't stop a person from stealing lying cheating or being addicted to the love of $! More laws DON'T prevent that…it starts at home when their young with morality and values! Would be nice to have every law abiding citizen to arm themsleves-the shooter(s) would of been ended quickly! Notice these shooting are done where guns aren't allowed by law abiding U.S. CITIZENS! Also, ppl usually say there were multiple shooters! Hmmm! Pre-meditated and alot more deeper than some ppl see and THINK!

  3. Alex,
    Keep politics out of sports. I watch football to get a break from all of the bullshit. You're kapernicking. There's a time and a place to say what you want to. I believe you do interviews after the game, you can say no comment a million times and then when they ask what's wrong, you speak. Seriously there's a time and a place for things like this. So next time think before you do the typical American thing. It's embarrassing.

  4. Thanks for telling us what he said instead of letting us hear him say it himself. MUCH better that way. Thank you.

  5. So the real question is why didn't he ask Congress to end all violence? I mean if Congress can end gun violence, they can surely end all other forms of violence too right?

  6. Alejandro Bedoya just became my favorite soccer player in the world! FUCK YEAH, tell 'em Alejandro! This gun violence shit is ridiculous!

  7. People shitting on him are so for 2nd Amendment that they are against him using freedom of speech and expression (in a philosophical sense, NOT legal) to speak his mind.

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