Picking Ideal Portrait Photography Locations

– Are you struggling to find the right portrait location for your clients? In today’s video, I’m gonna share with you three tips that will leave
your clients thrilled and happy with the location
you picked for their portraits. (dreamy music) My name is Meredith
Ryncarz and I’m a wedding and a portrait photographer, and on this channel we help brides with tips for a more
stress-free wedding day and photographers to provide
a better client experience. So, it is prime portrait season, and you are trying to
pick the perfect location, say that three times
fast, for your clients. – That is correct. – And you’re not sure where to even start. The first thing you
really have to consider is are your clients
introverts or extroverts? The biggest thing that we struggle with when we are picking a
location for our clients is how crowded or how
populated that space is. It may be a prime portrait location that they really wanna
have, but in the end they turn out to be introverts making them feel very uncomfortable in front of a ton of people. (crickets chirping)
– I’m uncomfortable. – Verses an extrovert
who couldn’t care less how crowded the space is and they are gonna rock their session no matter where you put them. (“Bet I” by B.o.B featuring
T.I. & Playboy Tre) So, that is the biggest
thing you have to decide before ever picking any location is are they an introvert, do they get really shy around a lot of people? Or are they an extrovert?
Do they rock it out? Are they the life of the
party no matter where they go? The next thing to consider
when you’re trying to pick the perfect location for
your portrait clients is is it safe? We live in a metropolitan
city, and what that means is that there may be a really
cool location downtown, but it is not safe for our clients, especially as it gets darker
later and later at night. – [Narrator] It’s one of those places you don’t wanna be when the sun goes down. It’s something like
Riddick, The Walking Dead, and your parents’ room
all mashed into one. – And so that is
definitely a consideration for not only you with your camera gear but also for your client’s safety. The last thing that you have to consider, please don’t forget this,
is do you have access to the location that your clients
want you to photograph in? A lot of times clients may say things like oh, don’t worry, I already
called, we’re good to go. When in reality, you have to have a permit and have paid to photograph there. Or, it’s private property, and you’re not allowed there at all. So, before ever going to the session, make sure that you have the
ability to photograph there, and if you don’t, go
ahead and get a permit. Don’t risk not getting caught, because nothing looks worse to a client than being asked to leave a location because you didn’t do the proper paperwork or pay for a permit. – I don’t care who you
are, that’s funny right? – I hope that this has helped you plan your next portrait session,
leaving your clients happy and thrilled with where they’re at. If you want more content like this, make sure that you hit the playlist above and, of course, subscribe below because we have content
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