Pio’s Expensive $1,000 Steak Dinner At Celebrity Favorite: Old Homestead | Excess w/ Pio

Hi, it’s your boy Pio. I’m out
here Old Homestead Estate House. Today, I’m gonna try the most
expensive steak in New York. Good evening, my name
is Marc Sherry, I’m co-owner and chef here at
Old Homestead in New York City, and yes, you are in
the meat packing district. Old Homestead was established
in 1868, so this is our 150th year
in business. The prize Wagyu is the best
in the world, it’s the highest grade
that’s possible. It’s the most tender,
sought-after beef in the world. This is beef heaven. As you can see, every steak
that we cut here at Old Homestead is perfect.
No gristle. No fat. Look at the threads, marbling,
going through it. It’s the best in the world,
only for you. Is there a secret
to how you make it? Because the beef is so rich,
so creamy, so delicious, we stay on the simple side.
A little salt, a little pepper. We never, never,
overcook the beef. Our ovens go to 1600 degrees. We give it a char, a sear,
locking in the juices. And that’s the procedure. How long does it take to cook? It takes five to six minutes. We like to go to a rare,
medium rare. Pio, let’s go to the dining room
and try this product. Let’s go. I’m hungry. Let’s go! Enjoy. Before we start, why this steak so expensive? So Pio, what you have here
is the highest-grade, prized Wagyu Japanese beef.
We always bought USDA Prime, but we wanted to take
the steak to another level. The highest level,
excess, best, always. So we flew to Japan,
did the research and brought it to the plate. The amount of marbling
in this steak is what gives it the flavor.
It’s bursting in your mouth, it’s like the July 4th
in your mouth, boom, boom, boom. Boom, boom. And when you think it’s over,
it’s not over. Boom, boom, boom,
boom Boom, boom, boom. Okay, what happened when you
go to Japan to buy the meat? Well, the first thing,
I land and I make sure that I have
the biggest stretch limo they can find in Japan
to pick me up, because I got a big suitcase
of money with me, ready to go. I go straight
to the auctions. $2000, $3000, $4000, $5000.
Doesn’t matter. You can go to $10,000.
I have to buy the beef. Can I go with you next time? Sure, I’ll put you
in my suitcase man. What else do you get
when you order this steak? Great steak, no matter
how great, and you have
the greatest right here, you’ve gotta drink
the right thing. No cerveza. Opus wine.
$650 a bottle. Beautiful, blended cabernet. No cerveza? No cerveza. How much is it for the wine? This is $650. I want the cerveza. Do celebrities come by
to eat this steak? Are you kidding me?
Everybody wants this steak. Sylvester Stallone.
Jerry Seinfeld. Axl Rose from Guns’N’Roses.
Billy Joel. You name it. This is a very, very exclusive
dish, it’s not discounted. It’s for the rich, famous, and people who appreciate
the best beef in the world. Like me! Alright. Can we eat? I’m hungry let’s go. Let’s go. I know, Pio, I like my steak
a little rarer than you do. But I tell you, it’s so tender
man, it’s cutting like butter. And the flavor, the juices that
are coming out of this steak. I go, look at that. Shit. Oh, shit. Wow. You tell me,
how d’you like it? Wheen, the plane, wheen. It’s very good beef. I like the sauce. $350 for other people,
and free for me. I’m the boss. You think I should raise the
price to $400? Mm-hmm. I do too. Oh my god. The vegetables help me grow. Hi, it’s Pio. If you like what you saw,
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  1. Kid : why the food and the meat is expensive 😲

    Gorden ramasy : dont order it if you dont like food 🤫

  2. This man was on inside edition for selling fake ass Kobe beef 🥩 that shit is probably fake to 😂

  3. Chef:Listen your the one hung up on the name
    Lisa (inside edition): no I’m not your the one who’s getting hung upon it

  4. Invites special ed kid to taste some meat*

    Starts eating steak that costs 350 dolllars and imitating that its a plane

  5. This chef acting like he ain’t get exposed and he acting like Kobe beef is better then Japanese wagyu

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