Pizza for dinner? (Bad idea!)

Hey, what do you want for dinner? I don’t know, you decide. I’m not a picky eater like you
I’m fine with eating what so ever Fried chicken? Look at the oil, don’t you think it’s a little
bit too greasy? How about salad? Nah, not a huge fan of eating grass I’m not a Moooooo
Cow! You want ribs? You know I’ve been trying to avoid red meat
lately? Red meat is evil Red meat is bad for you Sushi? I don’t eat raw fish
I’m not a barbarian Pizza then? Oh yeah, pizza! Let’s go! (heavy punch) (You can’t stop me,
once I’m flying so high)

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  1. Oof ya I deal with people like this allll the time
    Also that punch was hilarious for some reason

    edit: spelling

  2. Bro your animations are seriously underatted you deserve way more subscribers than I do I love these shorts keep up the good work

  3. basically me and my friends when we want something to eat
    "I'm fine with whatever"
    "Ok Sooubway then."
    "What do you not want Sooubway?"
    "Yeah whatever it's fine."
    "Fine then we'll get sushi."
    "Oh okay."
    "BOI what do you want."
    "Sushi I just said."
    "Yeah but by the tone of your voice it sounds like you don't want it."
    "Yeah, if you say so."
    "Ok nothing, let's just starve."

    Jesus that took long to write, btw i made a 10/10 face reveal totally legit no clickbait

  4. 👍 I respect your great video.🌹🍅I am a YouTube drawing cartoon in Korea. ❤ my friend. ❤like + 👍👍👍

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