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hey guys it’s Bella and welcome to my
channel so today I’m going to be doing my plan with me for the past week which
is the 13th to the 19th of January and I’m using the celebrate kit from Regina
Laughs because it was my birthday this past week so here is the kit and I
really really love this layout I did pull in some date covers from mockeri for
the oh my god I keep saying date covers I mean to say date dots for the date covers
because I was going to use foiled ones but I didn’t have the numbers that I
needed and then I also did again pull in these foiled headers from Simply
Beautiful Plans to use over the like decorative headers in the kit because
the decorative header was a little bit plain and then I also did also pull in
some additional stickers on a separate sheet of paper that I’m going to use in
the spread so this is another one where I put the base down on camera although I
did this a little off again because I technically should have lined this up a
little lower but oh well I know for the next time I think I just keep forgetting
like where this needs to be lined up correctly but I still made it work
anyways and again let me know if you prefer to see me actually like put the
base down on camera or like start with the plans I guess so
what I mean by that is like do you want to see me put the washi and the side bar
or would you prefer to have that already done so that I can just go into sort of
like the day by day and the day covers and that sort of thing so let me know if
you know which way you prefer because I probably will do the next plan with me
the same way like by putting the base down and then I’m thinking maybe the one
after that I’ll already have the base down I don’t know I haven’t decided yet
cuz like sometimes I like get in this mood where like I want to plan so like
but I don’t want to do it all off camera so I’m like okay I can put the base down
and do that like you know set it up that kind of thing so I don’t know let me
know um so I put the girl full box into the like sort of quote area and then for
this week I was tracking my duolingo and my reading which I did pretty well for
both of those reading I sort of like slacked a little bit but I did finish
the book that I was reading so that also kind of
like affected that I put in a little like third box to mark in that it was my
birthday week with a piece of deco and then I put in the meals header with the
checklist…no not checklist.. the like weekly sidebar to track my dinners because
this kit doesn’t come with any like little things or anything like that and
then I also did like a next week section because I did have a couple of reminder for the next week like I have a job application that I need to submit
it’s also Chinese New Year the week that I am recording this voiceover the
Planner Boss Collective sale is also on this upcoming weekend
and I also marked in that the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3 or like
part three whatever they want to call it is also coming on to Netflix which I
wanted to mark that down in my reminders because um that’s like one of my mom’s
favorite shows so she would definitely watch it and here I struggled to like
trim this box I think I just wasn’t pressing hard enough with my slice tool
or my slice tool might be dull I don’t know but I just covered the rest of the
checklist with a piece of washi and then I did actually end up covering that with
deco just so it didn’t look so like jagged and whatnot so yeah here I’m just
trying to work out how when I put my full boxes I have no idea if this stays
like somewhat out of frame so I do apologize for that but yes here I just
put in the full box and then here I was about to go and put like the rest of the
glitter headers down and then I realized I was like what am i doing I was like
yeah I don’t know I think I did that so I could line up the next one and then I
realized what I was doing and I was like oh I need to take those off but yeah so
I decided to use the black glitter headers for this spread because there
was already a lot of the pink in the sort of full boxes and whatnot and also
I felt like there was enough gold accents as well so I thought the black
would be nice to pull in plus that way I could use the pink glitter headers for
any other kits that I use because pink is quite a common color for sticker
kits and then the gold as well because a lot of kits tend to have gold accents
so anyways on to Monday I marked in that I woke up early so here’s that coffee
cup which is from Pretty Sticker Co and then I marked in that I actually
filmed last week’s plan with the final part of last week’s plan with me
and then here I wanted to mark in that I went to my light therapy session and I
originally wanted to use those like sort of circle scallop stickers but I just
didn’t leave enough space which is totally my bad and I think something
that I might try in future spreads is to do more of like a “Planning Peep” type
layout where I sort of just put the full boxes like as I go rather than sort of
setting them out setting them down first if that makes sense so I ended up using
a quarter label for my light therapy session with the heart icon from the kit
there were a couple other things that I like wanted to mark down on Monday that
I couldn’t like I had a bill due but I technically had already paid it so that
was fine and then here in this half box I used the the deco from the freebie to
mark in that I went out to lunch with my dad for my birthday like an
early birthday lunch type thing we went to the Epicurean which is like this
really fancy like buffet like near the casino like it’s in the same complex as
the casino my dad also got me an Apple watch so I did actually spend the
afternoon setting that up although I didn’t mark that down and then I went to
yoga that night so I used the yoga mat sticker which is from Purple Bunny Prints
then on to Tuesday my plan with me went live at 10:00 a.m. because I did pre
schedule it this video that you’re watching probably went up a little later
just because I wasn’t able to edit and pre-scheduled it yesterday like I had
hoped so I do apologize for that but I am gonna try and stick to a schedule of
like filming editing and uploading on Monday so that it’s scheduled to
actually be live on Tuesday if that makes sense anyway so then Tuesday was
my birthday so I actually woke up early like opened presents that kind of thing my
friend Meg sent me like a box of like a box for my birthday like a parcel and
she sent me like a really gorgeous Hello Kitty plush it’s so cute and then
she also sent me some other like Sanrio goods which is really nice one of my
mom’s co-workers got me like a nice handbag and then I ended up going out to
the city and I bought myself Super M’s album which
ended up getting a Taemin photo card which was kind of cool I also went to
the cinema so I went and saw Parasite which was amazing I actually kinda want
to go and watch it again so that movie marquee was from from Fantasy Designs
Store and then later that day I actually got happy mail from Plan It Beautiful
that was my boxing day sale order so yes I just added in a little like mail icon
for that which they shop that I got the mail icons from is shimmers and sparkles
plans I think they have changed the name of their shop but I don’t know if
they’re still open or not so then on Wednesday I went to yoga in the morning
so that yoga sticker is from a GP Sticker Studio I’ve actually been really loving
morning yoga on Wednesdays and this class was a lot different class to the class
previously [meaning last week’s class.. not monday’s class] even though it’s the same instructor so I really liked that when
the instructors sort of like switch it up a little bit so it’s not always the
same like poses and so that you don’t like memorize I guess what you’re doing
if that makes sense then I used a little mail icon because I did get like a card
and a gift card from a family friend because she sends me like a present
every year for my birthday which tends to be Ilike a gift card which I like
to use at Officeworks because I love stationery and Officeworks is you know
a stationery store like office supply stationery store and that day we had our
rental inspection so I ended up using one of those circle scallops with the
little house icon from GP Sticker Studio I believe that was a leftover sticker
and then I didn’t actually end up doing much the rest of the afternoon because I
had a nap I was like exhausted I don’t know I think yoga like wore me out so I
did end up having a nap and then later on my dad called so I just used the
phone icon over a piece of washi to mark in it that I spoke to my dad I can’t
remember we spoke about I think we were talking about the like the Apple watch
and I think he was asking me about the movie because he actually wanted to like
watch it as well so he was like oh like how was the movie? how was your day? blah blah blah.. because originally he was supposed to call me on my birthday but I think he
just got busy so yeah and I’m just filling everything in and I’m using my
Shooky pen which is from the Line Store that my friend Meg
sent me I love it it’s such a nice pen and it writes really nicely and it works
really nice on this paper so yeah I’m just filling everything in and then I’m
also filling in my sidebar and then I think that’s it for this clip and then
it’ll switch to the next clip and then here I’m actually putting in
the date covers I totally forgot that I put in the day covers as well and I
think I did actually add the deco although I don’t think you can see me
doing that but I did add deco at the top and then I also off-camera ended up
putting the rest of the deco at the bottom just to cover the jaggedness of
my like cutting abilities so yeah so now moving on to the second half of the week
let’s see what I start I think I started off with my full boxes because that’s
sort of what I like to do just to help me like work out how I’m gonna lay my
stickers down which I do use like a digital planner to sort of like write
down the things that I did each day and that sort of helps me to work out I
guess again how I want to lay out my stickers I do sort of change out my
layout in my digital planner every now and then so some some spreads it’s
easier to work out how I’m gonna lay things out and other spreads aren’t it
just depends on how I do my layout in my digital planner but for this one because I
did it sort of in like a weekly layout I sort of already knew like what I wanted
to put where… if that makes sense so anyway so I put in my full boxes and I sort of
stuck with the pattern I had on the first side and now I just put in a today header for Thursday and I think here I was just gonna work out what I wanted
to do so I used this pillow sticker which is from Print Petticoat Bandit
to mark in that I slept in then I used this half box which I do end up switching
it because I didn’t want gold on gold so I ended up using a different half box and
the little camera icon from the kit and here I don’t know I was struggling I
like kept putting things crooked but yeah I put the camera icon from the kit
because I filmed the first part of the this video and then I wanted to mark in
light therapy so here I ended up putting the header down first I think… is that what I
did?… no I put in the label first and then I put the header.. so yeah I put in the same sort of style label that I used on Monday and the heart icon to mark in my light
therapy also you can see my phone which is where I have my digital planner like
copy because I do my digital planning on Photoshop because I don’t have an
iPad or anything so I do it on Photoshop and then I explore it as like a PNG file
and send it to my phone so yeah I do have a video on that like on how I do my
digital planning so I definitely check that out I might do an updated version
because I am trying more of like a bujo style so yeah let me know if
you want to see that I used the Pella the cat Instagram icon which was from a
freebie from GP Sticker Studio to mark in that I posted these sneaks of my
new releases on Instagram I did some grocery shopping so that grocery label
is from Allycat’s Shop and then later that day I reopened my Etsy so I just
used the little sticker icon from the kit then on Friday I finished reading
the Lightning Thief which is the first Percy Jackson book.. I actually really
enjoyed it and I am going to continue reading the rest of the series but I
want to read a couple of other books that I have like hard copies for because
um I need to save money to buy some Kindle versions of things so that book
icon was from Planning Like A Pro it was from a freebie I got ages ago
then that day I didn’t feel very well I don’t know I was feeling kind of like
nauseous and disgusting which wasn’t fun um so I used the sick girl from Stick With Bonbon then at the bottom I marked in that I binge-watched basically all of
season two of Sex Education which is a British TV show on Netflix it’s really
really good I actually enjoyed season two more than
season one so yeah so I just used the TV icon from the kit then I used the
like music note because BTS released their single Black Swan which I actually
really really liked I do like the actual like single version more than the
version that was in the sort of like art dance video thing that they did I
don’t know so yeah really excited for the album which comes out in about a
month so yeah and then I marked in having a YouTube binge so that YouTube
binge icon is from Design Sticker Store and if I didn’t mention the music note
is from Harriet Wright Designs and then moving on to the weekend I don’t know the
weekend I did not do a lot because my attention span was just shot I couldn’t
focus on anything so Saturday I had a lazy day and then so that lazy day
sticker is from Paisley Prints Co I believe and then I
put the “uh nope” sticker which is from Sweet Bean Plans because like I said my my
attention span my focus was just shot I don’t know I like couldn’t do anything
then I used a laptop over a label because I did end up like getting some
work done I was working on some mini sheets and then I set up my digital bujo on Saturday night because I was like I don’t know I was like watching a lot
of Bujo videos and I was like ooh I really want to do like bullet journaling
but I’ve tried sort of like kpop journaling and all that kind of stuff
and I just never stick with it so I was like okay a way to make a functional but
still kind of fun let’s do it for my planning and I can do it on Photoshop
and like you know easy so I did that then on Sunday I slept in so I used this
sleeping girl from Fantasy Designs Store which I do put down later I had a
youtube binge that YouTube binge icon is from The Sticker Party… I finished
watching at The Bride of the Water God so that TV label is also from Design
Sticker Store then I used the balloon sticker which is actually left over from
a previous kit I used from Regina Laughs because my mom went to a birthday party
for one of her friends and then at the bottom I used the laptop from the kit
because I was designing more of the mini sheets which I’m hopefully like going to
finish those soon hopefully in the next week or so so I can have those up which
technically like the actual designs are done I’m just changing the colors and
adding more like color options if that makes sense
and if you didn’t know all of my mini sheets are I think two dollars I think
all of them are two dollars [the only ones that arent are the 15mm strips as they come in a set of four] and I try to do like different color schemes to sort of
match like seasonal things if that make sense so like yeah I don’t know when I
when I do post them I like try and explain it a little more on my Instagram
stories maybe if you want me to do that but again just filling everything in and
I must say this is one of the weeks where like the second half of the week
was more exciting than the first half even though like I didn’t get a lot done
I feel like it was more exciting if that makes sense I don’t know weird but it
was um so yeah I don’t really know what to say at this part I think for future
videos I’m going to write as I put stuff down just because I feel like
writing afterwards is great and all but then I don’t have anything to say while
I’m doing it because I don’t really have like a lot of like unless something
interesting happens I don’t have a lot of like stories to tell in these videos
so I don’t know um but yeah I really liked how the spread turned out I really
like my handwriting I’m gonna try and use this pen more often I did also get
like a gift from one of my mom’s like other co-workers she says like gave me
like a whole bag of like Kikki-K stuff and I got like a bunch of pens in there
so I might use a couple of those pens because there are a few gel pens in the
mix and then the rest of ballpoints which I don’t really like using
ballpoint pens just because I feel like I can’t write with them well enough so
yeah so yeah if you do see like a variety of different pens on my channel
that’s why but yes here is the finished spread and you can see the deco that I
put on the side I like I said I really really love how this turned out at first
like when I was first planning it I was kind of like mmm I don’t know about this
but I was actually really surprised that a lot of people actually enjoyed my like
midweek spread so there’s something interesting yeah here’s what I have left
on the kit which isn’t really too much and what I do have left I can definitely
pull into other spreads so yeah like I said I really really love how this
turned out so if you like this video give it a
thumbs up subscribe leave a comment down below if you’d like as always all the
links will be in the description so definitely check out Regina Laughs I
love her kits and there will also be a link to my shop so you can check out my
kits and things as well and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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