Planning a Bridal Shower : Bridal Shower: Filling Balloons

Today I’m going to show you some different
options when you’re blowing up your balloons for your party. First you need to decide if
you want your balloons to float, if you do, you’ll need helium. Sometimes you can just
use air, which you can fill up with your mouth, or with a balloon pump. Today though, I’m
going to show you how to blow up a helium balloon. If you need your balloon to last
more than eight to ten hours, then you’ll need to coat it with Hi-Float, which is just
a latex substance that fills the balloon. So, you just put your balloon on, squirt a
pump in and mix it around. If you don’t want Hi-Float, you can just take the balloon without
the Hi-Float, either way, you put it on the helium nozzle, and just twist it a little,
or push it to the side and fill it to a good shape. You don’t want it to be a pear shape.
Sometimes balloons, if you fill them too full, you’ll know when it gets about to there, you
can see it, you can almost get a pear shape there, you want to let a little out if it’s
too big, and then just tie it around your fingers, and then just tie a balloon ribbon
to match.

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