Planning her 10th Birthday Party! It’s a SLEEPOVER!

(piano music) – Hi, my name is Bailey and I’m nine, and in a few days, I’ll be 10. I’m gonna share with you how I’m planning my 10th birthday. The theme of my birthday
is going to be Christmas. I’m doing a Christmas-themed birthday because I’ve been planning it for months. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I don’t know about you, I’m
pretty sure it is yours too. This is my birthday holiday journal. This isn’t just for birthdays. It’s like, this was Jacob’s birthday. So this is my birthday party,
and this is the grocery list. This is my plan for my birthday. First we’re going to have game time until all of the friends arrive. Then we’re gonna have dinner. Then we’re gonna watch a movie. The movie’s going to be Elf. – I just like to smile,
smiling’s my favorite. – Then we’re gonna have ice cream. Then we’re gonna have present time. I’m gonna actually have
goodie bags for everyone, like I did last year. You can go down below and in the box, then there’s gonna be a link for watching my ninth birthday party. Then we’re gonna have more movie time. We’re gonna watch my, one
of my favorite movies, Neverending Story. – Aah ha ha ha. – Then it’s gonna be bedtime. Then we’re gonna wake up and
have chocolate chip pancakes. So this is my birthday list of things I want to get for my birthday. There’s one Lego set, then
there’s Wentworth Wooden Puzzles, ’cause I really love those,
and then there’s other Legos. And there’s like tons and tons of Legos, but I still haven’t
finished my birthday list, but it goes for two pages. This is my brother Duncan,
and he’s five months old. On my birthday, I get to
feed him his first real food, besides mommy milk and he’s
super excited about that, aren’t you, Duncan? It’s gonna be avocadoes. I think you’re gonna like it. I’ve been looking forward to this since before he was even born. I love him so much. (vibrates lips) (Bailey laughs) My brother Jacob, who is
eight years old, and I, are decorating his room already, because his room is going
to be where the tree is. It’s going to be kind of the main part, except we’re going to be
sleeping down here probably. I’ve never been double digits
before, and I’m turning 10. I’m just really excited about this. Tell us about your experience
of your 10th birthday in the comments section down below. I think being 10 is gonna be
like really fun and awesome. When I was nine, I got
out of my booster seat and I had Duncan get born,
and I had my birthday, which was really fun. It was a great experience,
and it inspired me to do this birthday party. And I got my ears pierced,
and I’m tall enough now for a lot of very big rides. So nine was a really good year
and I can’t wait to be 10. I’m hoping that’s good too. Do you see my new earrings? This is my first time wearing them. Do you like them? Tell us in the comments
section down below, and make sure to watch my video with JoJo when I got my ears pierced. Today is October 21st;
it’s very, very close to my birthday, but you
wouldn’t call it that. ‘Cause my birthday’s in November. I’ve been working on this. I’m late a few days; I was
supposed to start on the 18th. This is an advent calendar; it
leads up to my 10th birthday. I made this just a while ago in the early, really early October,
probably like the 3rd or 4th, something like that. Everyday, we turn the
page to what day it is. So, let’s say it’s October 21st. We’re supposed to draw
presents, cut them out, and hang them on the
pretend Christmas tree. I’m planning on this being
decorations and ornaments, because all of our ornaments are packed up for our Christmas tree. It’s going to be really fun. So far, this is my October 18th. I hope you liked my birthday plans. I’m so excited for my actual birthday. Make sure to watch that when it comes out. It’ll be a big deal, I’m super excited. Please make sure to subscribe
and like our videos. Thank you. (mellow guitar music)

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