Planning Jacob’s 10th Birthday Party!

– [Christopher] Jake
with the birthday style! (laughing) (upbeat music) (bouncy music) – Good morning, everyone! So tomorrow Jacob is throwing
a birthday party for himself. How old are you gonna be? – 10. – Jacob’s turning 10.
Can you believe that? I can’t believe it.
(sliding up whistle) I feel like you were like five yesterday. – I wasn’t.
– Maybe even four. – [Bailey] I remember when he was three. – Bailey even remembers when he was three.
(sliding up whistle) – [Bailey] I remember when he was born. (sliding up whistle) – So we went to the store
and we bought a few things for decorations.
(sliding up whistle) And today were kind of
just decorating, planning, doing a little extra
shopping so that his friends can come over. Oh, hi Bailey! – Hi. – We’re gonna throw Jacob a party. (sliding up whistle) – Yay!
– Yay! Yay! Okay, so I noticed that
you have a gold hat. You made that very clear. (sliding up whistle) Why do you have a gold hat? – ‘Cause I’m the birthday boy? – Okay, that works for me. – And then my little buddy, we
just found him a little hat. Where did it go? It was… right here, right here. This little tiny hat for him. – [Christopher] For who? – Duncan. – [Christopher] Duncan
gets a matching hat? – Yeah. I have gold balloons. – [Christopher] So I’m
sensing a gold theme? – Silver.
– [Christopher] Oh, silver. I’m sensing a precious metals theme. (Bailey laughs) – This color. – [Christopher] Oo oo! Light up balloons! – Light up gold. And then I have black. – [Christopher] Black. So what is the theme? I don’t understand, what’s
the theme of your party? – It’s like “Harry Potter”
mixed with “Star Wars.” – So it’s a wizard from
a galaxy far, far away? (kids laugh) – And then… – [Bailey] Those are the party favors. – [Christopher] Oo oo.
– Like party favors and stuff. That’s cool. – Party bags. – “Star Wars” themed bags and
“Harry Potter” themed toys. So I’m starting to see how
this is going together. Looks like you got something else you’re pretty excited about. – Oh, wait. There now, yeah. Wait, no. – Some chocolate numbers. Hey Parker! – It’s chocolate numbers
and I’m gonna eat ’em! I got some gold spoons for my ice cream. Wristbands for the bags. Chocolate frog. Wait, it’s not actually chocolate. Is that chocolate? – [Christopher] Yeah, it’s chocolate. – Oh yeah, so chocolate frog. – I just don’t think it’s enchanted. It probably won’t like
fly out of the train car or anything.
– [Bailey] Well, it doesn’t do that in the books. – [Christopher] What? It only does that in the movies, I think. – [Christopher] It doesn’t
move like a frog in the book? – Maybe it does. – [Christopher] Bailey’s
gotta go back and read the first book. Bailey just finished
the last book last night so she is completely up to date with the “Harry Potter” business. – [Bailey] But they don’t
go to Hogwarts in that book. – [Christopher] They don’t
go to Hogwarts in that book? – And, it’s right here.
– They’re supposed to,– but they don’t. – No spoilers.
– [Bailey] I was so– disappointed.
– No spoilers. – [Parker] And it’s right here. – Oh, there it is. She read that whole thing. – So this is what I’m gonna be like. – [Christopher] Jake,
with the birthday style! (laughing) – A window marker. – [Christopher] A window marker? – Bouncy balls because… Plates. – [Christopher] Oo oo, a sign. We’ve got a sign here. – A sign and then this
you put on your ceiling. And here we’ve got streamers. We’ve got this gold. We’ve got this black that
says “Happy Birthday” in gold writing. “Harry Potter” tablecloth. Napkins. Cups. And sprinkles for sprinkles. – So we do have some
errands we have to run this morning. We’ve got a doctor’s
appointment for the baby and… – Wait. We’re doing another? – Yeah. There’s a lot of
doctors appointments right now. We’re going through ’em. They get more frequent as
they pregnancy goes along. Did you know that, Parker? – No.
– Yeah, as you go– with the pregnancy, you
would have more and more appointments with the doctor. So anyway, after the doctor’s appointment, we will put up these decorations and we’ve just got a real full day today, getting ready for Jacob’s birthday party which will be tomorrow! (light guitar music) – I’m 32 weeks pregnant and now I go to the doctor every two
weeks to my regular doctor and then I’m seeing other doctors so I’m going to the doctor frequently. How are you doin’?
– Good. – [Jessica] You so excited
about your new baby? – And for my birthday. – [Jessica] And for your birthday. – I can not believe Jacob
is turning 10 this weekend! 10 years old, double digits! It’s a big deal! Going every two weeks at
this point in the pregnancy is routine, it’s very typical. And the huge, amazing news is
that we are in September now so I’m having a baby next month. Like I can start saying that
because I’m due in October. It could end up being November. It could end up being September. It probably won’t be September. Probably won’t be November
so I can say October! I am due in October! And it’s weird having a due date so close to the end of the month too,
I’ve never had that before. I’ve always had beginning of the month or middle of the month so it’s kinda weird being like right at the
edge of October, November. Yay, havin’ a baby! I can’t believe it’s so soon,
this is happened all so fast. I’ve just been busy with a
bunch of other kids, I guess. It’s wild to me how fast
this pregnancy has gone. I know it’s going to feel like the longest like next month and a half of my life, but so far it’s been fast! You guys are so good! – And I… – [Jessica] Uh huh. – am… the… Statue of Liberty! – [Jessica] Oh, fancy! – I feel like we did a good
job distracting the kids at the doctors office today. – [Jessica] Yes, they packed well. – They packed well. We’ve got the Water Wow going here. We’ve got the reading going over there. We’ve got the art and then Jacob just
likes to sit patiently… – [Jessica] Yeah. – And listen to the doctor. – Jacob was going to bring the
second “Harry Potter” book, but he promised his best
buddy that he’s not going to read it until he’s
reading it or something? They’ve got some plans. – [Jacob] No, I’m gonna stop
reading it until my birthday. – [Jessica] Why does he not
want you to read it right now? – ‘Cause he wants to catch up. – [Jessica] Ahhh. (light guitar music) – Okay, so the doctor
appointment went well. I’ve scheduled to go again in two weeks. I found out yesterday that for
sure I have something called polyhydramnios which means
too much amniotic fluid. I had this with Duncan and
it ended up that I was one of the people that just has it and there wasn’t really a
’cause or a reason for it. I’m hopeful that that’s
why I have it again and that’s probably why
I feel a little bit more like lightheaded and I
get really bad heartburn. Having too much of that
fluid in there contributes to those things and it
means that this little guy has more wiggle room. So he has actually flipped
back into a breech position which means that his bottom is facing down and his head is facing up. My doctor does not deliver breech babies, he performs C-sections
when you have a breech baby so we kinda talked about that
today just like a little bit. Not so much that he’s like
rushing to a C-section, but we talked about possibly
trying to move the baby. He said that if the baby’s
still breeched at 36 weeks then we would try to help move him so he’s not breech anymore. So then he gets in the proper
position for a vaginal birth and doesn’t need a C-section. But right now at 32 weeks,
it’s fairly common for babies still to be in a breech position or just to be moving around
a lot, switching positions, especially since I have
this polyhydramnios. So I’m hoping he’ll move back down, but he is kind of a funny little guy. He moves around a lot
which is really reassuring with all the things
that have been going on. The one thing I’ve been able to rely on is really feeling him move a lot and that’s nice, it’s comforting. – We are back home now and
we’re gonna start making this room into a “Harry
Potter,” “Star Wars,” galaxy far away wizard, the
best that it could possibly be room for a birthday sleepover party. How you feelin’ about it Bailey? – Great.
– [Christopher] Oo oo,– you gotta little… What is that called again? A snitch, a golden snitch?
– Yeah. – [Christopher] Oh my goodness. It’s a snitchet-fidger. A fidget-snitcher. Fidget… I don’t know, one of those. – Let’s start with the table. (upbeat music) – [Christopher] Oh, this looks great! You like it?
– Yeah. – Harry Potter. – [Christopher] Harry Potter? What’s on your finger? Why do you have a little
rollerskate on your finger? – [Jacob] ‘Cause he likes it. – [Christopher] Oh, for tricks. Now I get it. Now it get it, it’s for tricks. (upbeat music) – [Duncan] Look at this. – [Christopher] Oo oo,
that’s cool, Duncan. (Duncan mumbles) – There’s my hat! – [Christopher] You found a hat? – Yep, it’s for me! – [Christopher] You ready for a party? (upbeat music) – [Christopher] Put two fingers in. And then put it between
the holes in your fingers, try and stretch your fingers out. (upbeat music) – Yay! – [Christopher] Did you do it? Ooo, ooo! (laughing) – [Duncan] Help me. Help me with this one. – [Christopher] Okay, I’ll
help you with that one. (laughing) – We’re taking a little
break from decorating to go to the store and get some supplies. Jacob wants a lot of snacks
so we’re gettin’ some snacks and, I think, some ice cream
which I like ice cream. (energetic music) – I am getting… candy! (energetic music) – Bailey and Jacob have spent
the afternoon designing a list of things that Jacob
wants for his birthday. – Basically, unlimited candy. Look it’s like massive.
– It’s just all the candy. It’s all candy so he’s gotta… We’re in the process of
narrowing it down right now. (energetic music) – It’s dark chocolate orange jewels, dark chocolate honeycomb, mini peanut butter cups. – [Jessica] Duncan, Duncan,
what do think we should get? – Watermelon. – Me too! – [Christopher] Watermelon? – No. We have two watermelons on our home. – [Christopher] We do have
two watermelons at home, that’s right! – [Jessica] Do you wanna
do watermelons for snack at Jacob’s birthday party? – Yep! – [Jessica] Okay. – All right, I’ve been up on a ladder getting all of this set up. Oo oo, Harry Potter. Harry Potter. “Hunger Games?” What’s this doing in here? That’s not “Harry Potter.” – Sorry. – [Christopher] Are you enjoying it? – Yeah. I’m just at the beginning, though. – [Christopher] Oo oo, you
guys got the goody bags all set up! Nice! Oop, Harry Potter. There’s Harry Potter! – [Parker] And this… (energetic music) – [Christopher] Oo oo, do you have a “Harry Potter” watch on? That’s cool. Is it a game too? – Yep.
– [Bailey] Yeah, it is. – [Christopher] Oh, you try
and get the little balls into the little holes, there? Look what they did to
the stairs over here. Look at this. – That was me. And tomorrow I’m gonna put these up. – The light up ones only
last a certain amount of time so we’re gonna wait ’til
tomorrow to do that, but look what Jake did to the door here, lots of streamers. We’ve got this up. It’s lookin’ like a
birthday party in here. (energetic music) All the party decorations are
up and I’m in the garage now and I’m gonna wrap the presents for Jacob. I got all my wrapping supplies here. This nice table which is
actually where I build guitars. If you haven’t seen it yet,
I just started a new channel called “Gifted Guitars,”
it’s here on YouTube and I’m really excited about it. Basically what I do is I
build guitars for people, custom guitars that fit their personality and then I give it to
them as a gift at the end of each series. And I just posted, there’s
like barely any videos on it right now, but if
you can go check it out, I would really appreciate it. I’ll put a link up in
the places and the stuff. It’s been really, really
fun and I love guitars. I love building stuff. I love doing art and
filmmaking and giving gifts and so it all kinda came together and I’m really proud of it,
so be sure and check that out if you have a second. It’s a lot of fun. But for now, I’ve gotta
wrap presents for Jacob, for him to open them tomorrow. Be sure to tune in in our next vlog because we will be giving Jacob his gifts, he’ll be having his birthday party, and we’re so excited for Jacob! He’s turning 10, that’s so cool. Thanks for watching today and
we will see you next time. (Parker laughs)

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